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  • shanghailongfeng
  • Monday, March 27th, 2017


    The world’s first Tibetan search engine was born in August next year on the line

    With the popularity of the Internet, the search engine is becoming more and more important. Information from the provincial Commission by letter Information Development Department: the world’s first Tibetan search engine cloud search engine has been born in the province, is currently in the internal testing phase, will be formally launched in August next year. After the completion of the cloud search engine, the Tibetan information security, domestic and foreign public opinion monitoring and analysis of important public opinion to provide reliable parameters and basis to speed up the improvementRead More

    Xining total housing provident fund 336 million yuan coverage rate of up to 70%

    last year, a total of 336 million Xining housing accumulation fund, so that the city’s housing accumulation fund imputation rate of up to 61%, coverage of up to 70%. , a reporter from the Xining city housing provident fund management center to understand, in order to improve the housing conditions of the masses, the city housing system reform, accelerate the construction of urban housing, the city launched a housing provident fund system since 1995, and the provident fund as the main line, and actively carry out the loan business, continueRead More