Why smoke Hotel really bad to do

once the cigarette and liquor vendor can bring great wealth for us, but now the cigarette and liquor vendor but many shopkeepers worried, do not know to should give up or so laborious. In fact, in the current business environment, smoke Hotel is really bad to do ah. So, why smoke Hotel really bad to do?

is a group of cigarette and liquor vendor purchase, retail, distribution, display, promotion of the five functions in one, a liquor brand to compete for the channel. But in recent years, the depth of the liquor industry reform and strategic adjustment also prompted the smoke Hotel shuffle". Take the cigarette and liquor vendor ranked the first in the country in Henan, nearly 1/3 or more of the cigarette and liquor vendor have continued to shut down. Now do not ah, but also across the country with emotion. read more

Xining municipal government asked the candidates to create a good learning environment

May 21st, the Xining municipal government issued a notice requiring the county government and relevant departments to ensure the city entrance examination work safely and smoothly, to create a good learning environment for the majority of candidates exam.

During the college entrance examination,

senior high school entrance examination, the county government and urban management, environmental protection, construction, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments of the school, the noise disturbance, interference test construction and produce noise pollution, commercial outlets, catering and entertainment, and other places to carry out law enforcement inspection of motor vehicle maintenance and focus on remediation. It is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers, industrial noise, construction noise, cultural entertainment noise, market noise and so on. June 1st to June 21st period, the municipal government public telephone (12345) for 24 hours to accept, investigate and deal with the problem of noise pollution complaints from parents and candidates. In the college entrance examination (June 7th to 9) and the mid-term exam (from June to 23, 21), the school around the test site to prevent sticking, to eliminate all kinds of noise pollution, the candidates to create a quiet pro forma and test environment. read more