The city’s ten most beautiful workers released yesterday

  they use the practical action to the most essential, the most simple, work on their own due diligence, dedication, made extraordinary achievements, interpretation of "labor is the most glorious" pyramid creed with sweat, has taken a solid step in the sunny road. The evening of June 14th, sponsored by the Federation of trade unions of the first "Chinese dream labor beauty – · find the most beautiful laborers" TV awards in the center square "big stage people", Qian Xiuying 10 people were named Xining’s first best workers". Municipal Committee, publicity minister, Wang Haihong, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, attended the awarding ceremony, Ma Ning, vice chairman of the Municipal People’s congress. Liu Huafang, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, was invited to the party.
in mid April this year, the Municipal Federation of trade unions in the city workers initiative named "Chinese dream labor beauty – · find the most beautiful laborers" theme campaign. Since the campaign, has been widespread concern in the community, the city’s broad masses of people and workers actively participate in the selection. The Organizing Committee of the final recommendation from a number of personnel in the list, the initial determination of the 30 front-line workers to get this event, the most beautiful workers candidate qualifications. As of the awards, a total of 28001 people through the network, the 2490 people on the phone, the most beautiful workers for their minds cast a solemn vote. After careful verification summary of the organizing committee, consult together the wishes of the masses, finally produced the first Chinese dream · is determined according to the voting results; labor workers find the most beautiful beauty contest of the 10 finalists, they are: Qian Xiuying, Zhang Dongling, Hou Li Xiuying, this, Wang Haiyan, Yin Wanjun, Ma Fengying, Shen Dewei, Zhao Liangyong, He Qin. They pay a hundredfold efforts to obtain the dignity of human dignity, industry honor and social respect, passing the positive energy of health! At the party, the first batch of 10 most beautiful workers accepted the trophy and Certificate in the warm applause. read more

The villagers’ income selling vegetables dabuzi agricultural play rhythmical singing

characteristics of flowers throughout the year selling, fresh vegetables are exported to both inside and outside the province, the first "agricultural super docking" direct marketing direct new model…… In recent years, efforts to build the town Baoziwan Xining city and the province in modern agricultural demonstration base, enriching income, and greatly enriched the Xining people’s food basket.

August 22nd, Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining City, a more than 50 acres of vegetables base, farmers are quickly out of the sink out of a red carrot. Roadside, a number of carrot dealers are selected and packaged carrots…… "Don’t go out, farmers at home will be able to put the dishes sold." Sheng Qing highland vegetables Postharvest Storage Manager Xu Zhengguang told reporters that Qinghai carrot is very popular in the field, especially in some large supermarkets in Xi’an, Chengdu and Chongqing have been put here as a direct supply base, their purchase price was more than the purchase price of Xining city. read more