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  • March, 2017


    Six major cultural industry projects to promote

    In August 14th, the 2015 Qinghai cultural tourism festival culture, radio and television, sports industry special promotion project, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication to the guests to promote cultural industries with the silk road project, to promote the cultural industry gathering area south of Xining Silk Road Creative Industry Park, beautiful green jade cultural industry Park, Qinghai mutual construction of Tu cultural exchange platform 6 most representative key projects of cultural industries. South of Xining cultural industry gathering area along the Silk Road Project creative industry parkRead More

    Xining was selected as the coolest ten cities

    recently, by the Chinese and foreign summer tourism reputation survey evaluation and Study on the composition of the Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Association, Chinese Institute of city competitiveness, the World Cultural Geography Research Institute of the joint research group, announced the ten Chinese cool cool Xining City, was selected as "2013 Chinese ten summer tourist city". Other selected cities are: Kunming, Guiyang, Harbin, Heilongjiang reclamation area, Yantai City, Lijiang City, Qingdao City, Yuxi city. in recent years, Xining tourism around the plateau tourism construction and completion of the plateau tourismRead More

    West District, the establishment of a report call two leading cadres have style problems can complai

    snake during the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, Xining City West District to develop the "six prohibitions", leading cadres at all levels and Party members do self-discipline, austerity work, and published two report telephone: 0971 – 6339218 and 0971 – 6339138, specializes in "two" period of Party cadres in violation of the provisions of self-discipline behavior report. asked all units in the west area within the principles of best effort, activities arranged during the holiday season, all kinds of tea, to streamline the party, resolutely prevent extravagance and waste,Read More

    Transporting passengers 30600 passengers may day Xining airport passenger flow in full swing

    April 28th, Xining airport transport flights 86 sorties, the completion of passenger throughput of 10094 passengers. With the May day long fake arrival, the airport passenger flow in full swing.

    The city through the provincial health inspection review

    Xining National Health City provincial review passed! This is the reporter from June 24th held in Xining to consolidate the National Health City, provincial review of feedback was informed that this shows that the city to meet the National Health City review work has taken an important step. it is understood that the provincial review, provincial patriotic sanitation assessment group into Xining, community units respectively on the high streets and back lanes, health education, environmental sanitation, environmental protection, pest control, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, public places and drinkingRead More

    Xining West District, long system to promote the refinement of urban management

    In accordance with the Xining municipal government put the city into the work of the implementation of the inspection system, so that the daily management of fine, solve the problem of the scene, to create a normalization of work requirements. Xining City, a city to act quickly, West Street Office of the west area in accordance with the principle of "one street, a long segment management, enhance the overall", took the lead in the implementation of the "Long Street" for the city, the initial formation of the grid, normalization andRead More

    Sanjiang, China, the Yellow River, the source of the source area of pre job training held in Xining

    December 6th to December 16th, China Sanjiang source Park, the Yellow River source area of temporary staff training in Xining. for the preliminary work and carry out the source of the Sanjiang China pilot national park system construction, according to the "China source of Sanjiang national park system pilot program", Maduo County National Park staff to carry out pre service training, training is the main content of ecological environment protection, National Park related knowledge, wild animal protection, ecological tourism, folk culture, safety security, laws and regulations, tour guide services, dividedRead More

    The mascot of Xining seven Games emblem

    Tens of thousands of visitors to the Xining ice sculpture screaming fun

    , in February 2nd 3, the people’s Park weekend unusually lively, is being held here in the eighth Chinese summer ice art garden and the first temple by tens of thousands of tourists, skating ladder, ice, ice, ice and snow to see a maze, so that the majority of visitors hooked. 2 evening, the reporter saw in the people’s Park, the red lantern racket, twelve zodiac sculpture pedestal, a lot of tourists looking for their own Zodiac photo, the west gate corridor "national beauty and heavenly fragrance" is to letRead More

    Shandong audience praised Qinghai cultural products

    6 months late, the provincial press and publication department led people, province of the United States in our province to organize 12 cultural enterprises to participate in the seventh session of China (Shandong) exposition of Chinese innovation design culture exhibition of Arts and crafts. The audience was attracted by Shandong province rich and colorful folk culture art, hand-painted Thangka, Thangka Duixiu, silver filigree, bronze, jade, Kunlun folk embroidery, painting, jewelry and other Tibetan villi of different types and characteristics of the fine arts and crafts won the Shandong audience praise.Read More