Evaluation of a venture capital investors generally from four aspects

Internet business has become a trend, many Internet entrepreneurs will encounter financing problems. Entrepreneurs want to succeed in financing, investors must first grasp the psychological. Then the general investors are how to evaluate the venture? Mainly from the following four dimensions.

A, team strength

indexThis is the strength of
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Beginners start the entry of the project inventory

for many novice entrepreneurs who, there are many at the beginning when you need to pay attention to things at the same time, at the beginning of the process, the choice of the project is also a very important thing, let’s look at the beginning of what items can be selected.

20 novice entrepreneurs the easiest entry project: Women’s clothing store

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Look at what location skills Jiangquan road – net

joined in many Korean restaurant projects, there are many well-known brands of Korean food items, which belongs to the distinctive features of Korean restaurant jiangquan. After the franchise headquarters Jiangquan road after years of operating experience, summed up the final, because business is the Korean food items, so the store location of road stores Jiangquan days after the operation has a pivotal position, in relation to whether they can quickly obtain actual profits, so a good location is half of success, it directly determines the business confidence and success. So, how to effectively choose the shop golden treasure it? We have summed up the experience of the four years of good policy". read more

Chongqing human resources and social Bureau set up a public service center for college students empl

every year a new batch of college graduates to join the community, many of the employment problem is a matter of concern to all levels of government. In order to help college students start employment, Chongqing set up a public service center for college students’ employment and entrepreneurship, to build a platform for the employment of College students.

for college students to provide comprehensive, high-quality and efficient employment services, to help its self employment and full employment, Chongqing People Club Bureau set up innovation of College Students’ employment public service center. The center area of 3800 square meters, is located in the city of Chongqing University, the surrounding colleges and universities, about 200 thousand students, more than 5 graduates a year, more than 16 people. Service center to integrate the city’s college students employment and entrepreneurship policy, college students employment and entrepreneurship services platform and demonstration window. read more

Do the national marketing only three measures

once to all the holidays to a variety of consumer products, but now the number of shops selling huge, therefore, only do the marketing work, will make the national marketing more successful. The National Day is coming, I teach you three do national marketing.

brand portfolio. During the national day, the brand portfolio to meet the target consumer’s buying habits. Large package of goods and large packaging with gifts is a good choice, because the majority of household consumption behavior during this period. At this point, for the promotion of new products, the market is also a good time. During the holidays, customers have relatively abundant time to absorb commodity information, listen to the introduction and recommendation of sales staff. The old products and short shelf life of goods through the holiday sales occasion to do some special offer and gifts. In short, in the product mix, it is appropriate to use the new with the old, highlighting the new strategy. read more