Friday, April 28th, 2017


2013 the most profitable of the 6 major business projects do not look at your absolute regret

why small series will be issued "do not look at your absolute regret," the voice of it? Because the small series of this project is based on the recommendation of the market demand, and really have the potential to make money, is one of the best investment projects in 2013, will help you achieve your goal of making money!

Cooked food to join the brand selection of taste

Before joining the project cooked in small series to recommend the flavor of Zhi Ya cooked, the collection of information channels but many investors on the limited franchise brand is still poorly understood, so small for everyone to do a more detailed introduction as follows. Wei Zhi Ya founded in October 2008, headquartered in Shanghai, mainly engaged in the production of cooked meat, stewed bean products; aquatic products, sales of pre packaged food contains (refrigerated) bulk food (including food, cooked lo). company production of "Zhi Ya taste" series of productsRead More

Create a good ecological cultivation of flowers

Hefei hi tech Zone in recent years, the development of very fast, but also to become the first choice for customers. Anhui Province in 2016 to pay more attention to innovation and entrepreneurship, to create a good ecological economic development in Anhui.   The

Chinese fast food restaurant tips to help quickly make money

is now in the social life, the catering industry began to hot up, at the same time, there have been more and more people in the business of food and beverage industry, at the same time, more intense competition in the market also began to appear, let’s take a look at it.