How to join the qianbaiwei maiduo pie

Chinese traditional food – pie, in the major pastry shop can see such a feature of food, of course, specialized in the operation of the pie restaurant. Pie franchise brand editorial recommendation qianbaiwei maiduo pie for you. Then the qianbaiwei pie with what?

qianbaiwei maiduo pie, based in many creative Clay oven rolls and characteristics, to retain the original pastry on the basis of the principle of using innovative thinking to develop more diverse distinctive flavor, crisp outside soft, filling variety, suitable for different tastes of customers. read more

Skin care stores to enhance the performance of skills which have

beauty has always been very attention, with people’s living standard improved, also let the beauty industry is more popular, now the women about their beauty is concerned, many entrepreneurs see skin care products market business is hot, have chosen to open their own cosmetics stores, but many skin care products on the market entrepreneurs, how to improve the skin care products store performance?

"can apply" skin care stores must first understand the related products, secondly, we are selling high priced products, you need to know the price and equivalent products are what? With our brand than what are the advantages and disadvantages, we fortunately? What better than others why do better than others. read more

Luban car car beauty franchise business good impress

In fact,

, which has been recognized by consumers of the brand, is always a choice for the development of the market space. Car Luban car beauty? Not only has a high popularity, but also joined the car Luban automotive beauty project, is still very wise choice!

we all know, car beauty in the Chinese market has been a long time, and now the way the car is constantly changing beauty. Many owners want their own car to choose a comprehensive, intimate good service, so come to the car Luban automotive beauty brand, where the star of the service, you can make the franchisee more reliable investment. read more

Remember, investment Chuanchuan Xiang lead new wealth – a of delicacy

as everyone knows, string of fragrant taste tempting, has been well received by their praise, chowhound, note Chuanchuan Xiang is many consumers love the special snack, remember today, yuan Chuanchuan Xiang headquarter strong, so many entrepreneurs are aimed at the business opportunities note Chuanchuan Xiang yuan. Then, the taste characteristics of the Yuan Ji Xiang Xiang, why can win the favor of consumers?

Yuan Ji chain joined the advantages of

(Yuan Ji string incense)

Yuan Ji string incense join advantages: read more

Taste spicy hot pot to join action details

hot pot why is popular, not only because it tastes special, there is a very important reason is that it is a quick meal. That’s why we can always see a long queue in the pan. Consumers within the scope of the provision of consumer food and beverage, which is the key to the success of spicy pot.

taste spicy hot pot action guest chef and delicacy experts, formed a huge R & D team, two years of painstaking research, successy invented the pot formula of thirty-one kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs and spices and unique cooking techniques, to ensure strong product competitiveness; action taste spicy hot pot is to wash the dishes well, cut, set, dinner guests directly fry, each pot from the kitchen to the guest table in 4 minutes, so lots of gold over Taiwan express business, Ete high, this is the other catering incomparable advantages. read more

Customer business more fire – a of friends

by virtue of their business, and customers to become friends, which will undoubtedly have a very big help for the development of the business, so that the shop business is more popular. As the saying goes, at home by their parents, go out on a friend. In order to improve the management, we must take the customer as a friend, heart to heart, so in order to win more customers.

last year, I found a young man every week will come to my shop to buy milk and meat, he often talk about bill and said: "my mother is old, I have to buy some more food, for her elderly bubu." read more

Shanxi Apple began to take the road of internationalization

in the life of apple is a favorite, Shanxi as China’s production of Apple’s big province, with the development of Apple began to go out of the country, to the international consumer market! In the twelfth lunar month, Shanxi fruit industry in Yuncheng re transmission of news, Huarong company 450 tons of fruit quality of Wanrong Apple will once again export to Australia, this is the Wanrong County for six consecutive years apple exports to Australia, exports accounted for 48% of total exports. Shanxi Apple began to take the international road, the local farmers to increase revenue! read more

Hunter hero – how chicken joined the

Hunter hero chicken joined? What are the unique features of this brand? As a chicken project is currently the most popular domestic food market, strong product advantages and provide a solid impetus for the development of the brand, get rich open Hunter hero chicken shop, choose the most valuable business, let the rich become a worry and effort.

Hunter hero chicken has very strict requirements in the production of chicken products, and strive for consumers to bring more high-quality delicious. The headquarters has more prominent advantages and experience in food selection and production for many years, has a high popularity, business shop choose Hunter hero chicken franchise, greater wealth opportunities. read more

Eight kinds of fish Hot pot shop join worry

today’s food and beverage industry is very competitive, many people want to start, have chosen to invest in the ranks of food and beverage. So, to choose to join the eight taste pot fish hot pot? Small business, the best choice to trust. Join the eight taste pot hot pot, good market opportunities!

of eight kinds of fish Hot pot original half self-help management mode, to feature selection with superior product pot Shabu dipping pot to eat 8 thousand million taste plus half self-help desserts, drinks and snack break through the traditional drawbacks of the industry to create a new dining experience. Can you do it now? The answer is yes, eight pot of hot pot fish easy to join, is your choice to start a business. read more

Against the threat of dogs, dog nuisance this dog to carry out remediation activities in Xining

July 16th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a meeting to carry out inventory remediation remediation dog activities. Remediation activities from the beginning of July 18th, in 20 days time to focus on inventory stray dogs, undocumented dogs, investigate Gou Raomin, dog dog dog, dogs do not go out with the dog chain. Do not apply for a dog license, illegal walking the dog, Xining Dog Management Office of the police will confiscate the dog, the punishment of dog owners.  
"dog management in accordance with the regulations of the Xining municipality, the public security organs in our city supervisor, responsible for illegal dog dog registration, processing, storing and handling of stray dogs work; to occupy the sidewalk and public places set up their stalls sold dog behavior and dogs out the impact of the city environment and health behavior, responsible for the city management department; community residents need to cooperate with the dog daily management work." When the owner of the dog for the dog, the dog to do the police have asked the owner of the dog in accordance with the law to ensure that the dog acts to sign the book to restrain the dog owner’s dog behavior. Guarantee of the contents of the annual inspection, including the annual plan, do not raise a strong dog, dog dog chain must be tied to the time to clean up dog feces, etc.. Unfortunately, a lack of guarantee of regulatory authorities, did not play a role in some of the constraints, not There are plenty of people who chain for dog dog when the dog, the dog dog owners also do not see the street defecation cleared up. One of the dogs suffering from dog pollution for six departments has become a regulatory problem, no one tube, there is no way to manage embarrassment. read more

9 pollution projects will be ordered to shut down

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Gan River Industrial Park garden for 12 years, as the environmental protection standard and the promotion of "resource-saving and environment-friendly park construction efforts" to increase the end of September, the park management committee decided to pollution project of western mining industry and lead, zinc, zinc and other Mount Everest Tianchen Chemical enterprises backward production capacity and "Jiuzhibuyu" to suspend production for rectification or shut down. It is reported that 60 thousand tons of zinc zinc mine west project was founded in 2004, after the completion of the provincial and municipal environmental protection departments through the acceptance of environmental protection. In recent years, with the promotion of environmental standards and the speed of the construction of "two type" Park, in May 2012, the environmental protection department requires companies to manage the project within a time limit. In the pollution control projects, more than two years overdue unfinished after acceptance, the day before, the park management committee submitted to the municipal government ordered to suspend business for rectification; West Mine lead industry 30 thousand tons, 55 thousand tons of crude lead project lead projects due to environmental standards, since 2008 has been discontinued, the equipment has serious aging, can not meet the current requirements of environmental protection, the park management committee report the municipal government shall be ordered to shut down. At the same time, was ordered to shut down the morning of the chemical 80 thousand tons of asphalt projects, the Western carbon pre baked anode project of 60 thousand tons, the Western lead smelting furnace smelting furnace line. In addition, the Mount Everest 10 thousand tons and 30 thousand tons of zinc Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide project was founded in 1986 and 2002, although the project is supporting the construction of desulphurization and sewage treatment facilities, but is still not up to the standard of environmental protection, was ordered to suspend rectification. At the same time be ordered to suspend business for rectification of the comprehensive utilization project as well as the Western fertilizer phosphate ammonia project and Qinghai Xinye electrolytic aluminum slag. Gan River Industrial Park, the relevant responsible person said, shutting down the 9 emissions exceed the standard, eliminated and serious pollution enterprises and projects, will greatly reduce the emissions of major pollutants in the park, after calculation, 2578 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 358 tons of dust smoke, heavy metal 12 tons of lead, promote the park of nonferrous metal and chemical industry upgrade.   read more

56 of the province’s courts all access to China’s open trial network


56 court public hearing China all access network, public broadcasting has 35 court cases to the public in public hearings Chinese online, this is achieved since three courts in our province to deepen the online handling performance.

reporter recently learned from the Qinghai Provincial Higher People’s court learned that at the beginning of this year, the Provincial Higher People’s court proposes to deepen the comprehensive online handling, in the province’s three courts carry out the implementation of the trial run online, by thinking of information and information technology, for the implementation of the trial work burden and judges and other judicial officers, build an open and transparent, the sun of justice mechanism and reduce the work target of judicial cost and the litigant’s people’s court. Objective to assess the implementation of online operation of the province’s court, focusing on in-depth research work in the next step, the Provincial Higher People’s court sent a working group, in-depth grassroots courts in the province, the implementation of the trial online standardized operation comprehensive supervision and inspection, and on-site application training and guidance. read more

New year’s Day holiday Xining no hair, no precipitation, sunny

reporter yesterday from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the New Year holiday, across the province to sunny weather. In the meantime, in addition to today, Xining will appear 3 to 4 westerly winds, the rest of the time period of Xining no hair, no precipitation, sunny.

weather experts, is expected from January 1, 2013 to 3, most of the province will be sunny or cloudy weather. Among them, 1 day to night, sunny or cloudy across the province, including Yushu, Tanggula Mountain has 5 to 6 level wind. 2 day to night: Southern Yushu have snow, sunny or cloudy the rest of the province. 3 day to night: Southern Golog south of Yushu and the rest of the province have snow, sunny or cloudy. read more

How to open a pharmacy chain stores

is our human flesh, so it is easy to get sick, sick to go to buy medicine to eat, minor can we buy in pharmacies, the life of the people, to have a lot of disease, often have some headache fever, if some small problems of the body, we choose are made pharmacy. If you open a pharmacy chain stores, but also has a broad market demand, and the population itself is a lot, it will provide a greater market. So, how to open pharmacy chain stores.

first joined the pharmacy, the first one is to join the industry must understand this, it is difficult to operate." In fact, the threshold is not high pharmacy, a pharmacy, including joining fees and renovation costs, pre invested about 300 thousand yuan, but the operator’s requirements are very high. Although everyone has to take medicine, but after all, unlike ordinary food, drug storage, purchase, etc., are a learning." Backed by a good shade tree, some franchisees choose one of the reasons for the franchisee. It is understood that the current Shenzhen pharmaceutical market, Zoomlion, consistent and beautiful letter brands such as pharmacies and launched the franchise business, franchise costs about 50 thousand yuan in the next. read more

City and Social Council actively preparing to adjust the treatment to ensure that corporate retirees

In the Spring Festival approaching, the City Council in accordance with the provincial human resources and Social Security Department of the unified arrangements, actively preparing for this year’s city retirees pension benefits adjustment work

in the Spring Festival approaching, the City Council in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial human resources and social security department, actively preparing for this year, the city’s pension insurance pension adjustment work. At present, Xining City, a total of 107 thousand retirees from enterprises, the province accounted for 55% of the number of retirement, the adjustment treatment work from the beginning of January 1, 2011, will be completed before the Spring Festival, is expected to increase 240 yuan per person per month. read more

Multi pronged approach to address the needs of public travel

reporter in February 18th from the city’s transportation work meeting was informed that the Provincial Communications Department in accordance with the development strategy of "four traffic", this year I will from the city Department of transportation taxi difficult to ease the focus on the black car, strongly promote transit city and other aspects, to promote the rapid development of the city transportation industry.

– Intelligent Transportation Construction: this year the City Transportation Bureau will earnestly carry out the intelligent information technology to enhance the level of traffic management, step by step stage to carry out the taxi management information platform, "call" the taxi dispatch center, two off a crisis management information platform, passenger and freight transport station service management information system and the intelligent parking lot induced service information query the system of intelligent information system construction. read more

25 cadres work supervisor posts

In November 13th, Xining City, second session of work supervisor cadre appointment meeting, 25 cadres work supervisor by accepting the municipal Party Committee Organization Department appointment, official posts. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Municipal organs Working Committee, the municipal Party committee and the county Party Committee Organization Department Heads attended the meeting.

is to supervise the work, to play a supervisory role, Bi Xiaoning requirements, cadres supervisor should assist the Department supervision of cadres, we must continue to strengthen their sense of responsibility and mission, always put the three strict three real as performance standards, and strive to enhance their theoretical attainment, working ability and sense of discipline; cadre work supervisor always three strict three as the benchmark, dare to bear responsibility, implement the role orientation, perform a good job. To be a good staff member of staff to play the role of a think tank, to be a good supervisor, play the supervision and guidance, to be a good propagandist, play the role of a bridge between cadres; supervisors undertake supervision duties for the selection and appointment of cadres, should always take the three three real strict working attitude, adhere to the principle of coordination, unity and enterprising, common to enhance the scientific level of cadres.It is reported that the read more

A group of Xining city colleges and universities attachment cadres exchange activities

Selected cadres to the County Communist Youth League in Colleges and universities attachment is a fundamental requirement for the implementation of "two of all youth political goals, is the effective way to strengthen the cadres team construction, it is an important measure to enrich the power of grass-roots work, to strengthen the group’s grassroots organizations and grass-roots work

from the selected group of cadres to the county League attachment is a fundamental requirement for the implementation of "two of all youth political goals, is the effective way to strengthen the league cadre team construction, is an important measure to enrich the power, grass-roots work to strengthen the group’s grassroots organizations and grass-roots work. To fully understand the cadres attachment for half life and work, as the group cadres at all levels to provide a platform for interaction, recently, the municipal Party committee organized the 7 Zhuhai sending cadres and municipal responsible person to carry out part of the Communist Youth League cadres interaction and the work of the Communist Youth League activities. read more

How to maximize the profit of Shaxian County snacks

Shaxian County snacks few people have not eaten it, which can be full of snacks full belly, of course, taste good. Young people are now ten minutes Estonia County snacks, which led to the continuous development of Shaxian County snacks market, many investors have taken the golden opportunities to get rich, want to have become the Shaxian County snack market stores, but to business success, rely on a good project is not enough, how can Shaxian County snacks to create greater profits?

Shaxian County snacks how to make profit maximization read more