Build a service contacts Minyou

Xining city in the party’s mass line of educational practice, to serve the grassroots, serving the people as the basis, make full use of information network technology, through flexible and diverse means to build a "liaison service station", do service forward, with the function of sinking, win the trust of the actual results, the implementation of the "heart to heart".

the traditional means of information technology services to achieve full coverage. Through the establishment of e-government platform, the hotline, SMS platform, QQ group, the business, the admissibility of complaints, charges standard, weather forecast service forward and sinking, to achieve convenient and efficient services to the public. Comprehensive information technology services show a new bright spot. Investment in the construction of information command platform, the use of video on demand, GPS and other information integration system, efforts to build the service of the masses frontline position to achieve seamless supply of services and the needs of the people. New information technology means service presents new trends. Part of the county, the unit of micro-blog, WeChat official public platform of digital library, the new information carrier, expand ties with the masses of the "bridge", to carry out online interaction with the masses, to provide service to meet the needs of the people, and pushing further enhance the level of service for the people.   read more

Green Xining garden — one of the series of reports of Datong forestry development

green waters, pleasant scenery, many tourists to travel in the chase, have lamented the blue water and sky, trees, livable tour.

from the geographical point of view, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County is located in the eastern agricultural area of Qinghai Province, is an important source of water in Xining. The town, with its richly endowed by nature geographical advantage, improving the modern integrated stereo system and high forest coverage, by creating a livable city, garden city, historical and cultural city and other carriers, now is of robust walking on the road of modern forestry construction, green development, for the people to build a "Datong Plateau Ecological Garden livable city. read more

Moment taut flood disaster this string mayor Wang Yubo flood prevention work

The rain

worry about the safety of the masses, the morning of June 8th, a large garden in the rain to East District mayor Wang Yubo kushuigou check flood prevention work. Wang Yubo stressed that the flood control work must not be careless, to increase the intensity, the combination of distance, treating the symptoms, promote the overall development of the large garden area of flood prevention work to ensure the safety of the local people’s life and property. Strict management, strict supervision, crack down on illegal construction, the implementation of green landscaping, with two to three years for large area have been effectively improved the overall appearance of the ground. read more

Ancient legend into 25 city tour

city article wide bureau that belongs to the Xining Art Theatre Company focus on deepening reform and promote development, to create excellent quality of the work of thinking, based on the market, the integration of their own resources, combined with the development of tourism and cultural integration needs, and actively expand the entertainment market, carefully adapted "road legend" 2015 annual national tour activities in May 17th Henan Grand Theatre in Sanmenxia successfully concluded. Since the
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Consolidate the results of the seminar to expand the use of good

11 month 16 to 18, the province’s leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of the party’s seminar held in Xining in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor of the province for guidance speech. Even the day, the province’s leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee seminar of the party has aroused strong repercussions in the province’s party members and cadres, we have said that the seminar further deepened to the general secretary of the six plenary session of the spirit and the spirit of Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech understanding and grasp, to further enhance the importance of managing party party by system and the necessity of understanding, to further clarify the responsibility of taking the lead. Must take the study results applied to the practical work, the seminar, expand and consolidate the achievement to good use, to promote the "four solid", the Qinghai air plant and building a more prosperous and civilized and harmonious beauty. read more

n the demonstration village Datong release effect of construction of military enterprises build a m

"military enterprises build a model village" activities to rural areas brings not only the appearance of change.

last year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County has 46 villages to carry out military enterprises build a model village "activities, this year added 31 village. Reporter recently walked into the village of Datong County interview: little wall between the green mountains and rivers red, clean and tidy village beside the bright red blossoms and green willows – these are the last year to carry out military enterprises to build a demonstration village; every family is busy with the new wall, Lixin door, building a new house, the busy roads built in the square – a busy scene, this year has just been included in the activities of the village. read more

Unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time aerial photography planning new DOPA

in order to protect the implementation of the new town of Huangzhong county planning and construction, the city of Surveying and Mapping Institute of the organization of the implementation of 1:1000 topographic mapping work, the first use of unmanned aerial vehicles to be taken into account to improve the mapping efficiency.

it is understood that the city of Surveying and Mapping Institute of Surveying and mapping of 20 mapping operations of a total of more than and 60 people, in November 17th into the test area. The survey area east of Wu Zhong Cun Chengbei District of Xining City, with Malone west of the village to Huangzhong County, North and south respectively to the foot of a hill, about an area of 70 square kilometers, time is 20 working days. In the implementation of the new town of 1:1000 scale topographic map topographic mapping project implementation, the city of Surveying and Mapping Institute of traditional surveying and mapping technology and advanced aerial photography technology combined with the first use of UAV aerial photograph. According to the surveying and Mapping Institute responsible person, the project field data collection work completed 80% tasks at the end of November, is expected to complete all field data collection work in about December 5th. (author: Fang Xu)
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West Sea metropolis newspaper New Year’s new event continued fiery

On the morning of December 14th, the public Zhang Xiaoling came to the West Sea metropolis newspaper, bringing 8 winter sweater, to the children in poor areas to offer a love of their own. "I saw the new year’s new clothes charity event in the newspaper and bought these clothes." Zhang Xiaoling said that although he is not rich, but for children in poor areas can offer a love, how much money is not important.

like Zhang Xiaoling enthusiastic people in the minority, Zhai Jie people also donated 13 pieces of fashionable hair dress for children. "I don’t know if the children put on these beautiful clothes, and they will not have a smile on their faces" Since I know the "new clothes" large-scale public welfare activities, Zhai Jie decided what to do for the children. "I know there are woven collar activities, but I’m not woven." Zhai Jie feel shy smile. When I heard that in addition to twitter can also donate new clothes for the children, Zhai Jie immediately went to the bank to withdraw money, to the mall to buy clothes. "Once bought a dozen pieces, they are shocked." Zhai Jie said, that is for the poor mountain children love the store, said nothing, at the lowest price to sell her. read more

Xining entrepreneurs for the first time to apply for business license to enjoy preferential

Xining City, the first entrepreneurs in the bid for the business license, apply for the establishment of partnerships, individual proprietorship enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, not limited to the amount of registered capital.

it is understood that, for the first time entrepreneurs bid for a limited liability company (the provisions of laws and regulations except for limited one-time payment of the minimum registered capital of 150 thousand yuan), the implementation of the registered capital in place in phases, all shareholders can be the initial contribution of registered capital of 20%, the rest by the shareholders since the establishment date of the company paid within 3 years, the investment company up to 5 years. The shareholders can be funded with money can also be used in kind, intellectual property, land use rights, currency estimation and non currency property as capital contribution (transferred in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations except the property shall not be funded), non monetary property investment accounted for 70% of the registered capital of the company. In addition to the provisions of the state laws and regulations must be funded by all shareholders, the limited liability company’s shareholders to reach 30% of the registered capital of the limited liability company. At the same time, for the first time entrepreneurs do not apply for property rights certificate business premises, can be submitted to the Housing Authority issued a certificate and the completion of the acceptance certificate, the purchase of housing sales and a copy of the license as a business premises registration. In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, procedures and conditions of the contract allows entrepreneurs to prove valid real estate real estate (housing units excepted), lease housing, commercial buildings and other temporary business premises as. After the county level above the city planning and urban management department approved the establishment of temporary commercial housing, business premises, etc., in the industrial and commercial registration to submit valid documents shall be deemed as an effective place of business. read more

Strengthen the province’s cities and counties to promote a comprehensive and strict inspection of th

"City State Party patrol patrol unit is to understand whether there are published and disseminated in violation of the party’s policy speech, the existence of abuse of power, corruption and bribery, corruption and other violations of discipline and problems……" The day before, the provincial Party committee issued "on the establishment of the county Party committee of inspection system of opinions", the scope of inspection work, and the main object of content, methods and organizational structure has made specific provisions, to further promote the comprehensive and strictly extends to the grassroots. read more

Qinghai province price supervision and inspection measures New Year’s Day officially implemented

December 21st, the provincial government legislative affairs office, the provincial development and Reform Commission jointly organized the "price supervision and inspection of Qinghai province" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") press conference. The "measures" will be formally promulgated and implemented in January 1, 2013, to improve the price legal system, promote the price supervision and inspection work, standardize the market price order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, to promote development of economy and society is of great significance to. read more

Xining City Tourism Bureau launched the rural tourist attractions invite you to taste

spring, rebirth season, it is a good time to go outing, sightseeing tour of the people. Xining City Tourism Bureau took over a hundred rural tourist attractions "feast", invite you to travel.

March 9th, the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, three counties and four district of Xining city have launched special rural tourism "menu", field development, horseback archery, ornamental vegetables promenade, fruit and vegetable picking, farming experience, planting adoption new farmhouse, let the public in the spring outing over, enjoy the new year dishes". Some of the customs and cultural characteristics of the park, farmhouse, as well as rural attractions will also launch a "signature dishes". People can go to the Forest Park, March kite ditch Chahansala River scenic landscape, from March to May to Zanpu linca scenic scenery; from May to June to the north area of Taonan village savor leisure picking, recognize adopt other farming culture and farming game. read more

Seismological Bureau of Qingdao city to investigate and study the construction of earthquake prevent

from September 27th to 28, Zhao Weibo, director of the Qingdao Seismological Bureau Director and his party to visit the city of 7 people to investigate the construction of earthquake disaster prevention and legal work, and with the Municipal Seismological Bureau held an exchange of views.
forum, since the Municipal Seismological Bureau on 1998 promulgated the "People’s Republic of China earthquake disaster prevention law" the legal construction of our city earthquake disaster mitigation and law enforcement work are introduced in detail, and listened carefully to the Qingdao Bureau of the "Qingdao city earthquake disaster mitigation management regulations", "seismic safety evaluation management measures" and the process of legal system construction the practical problems encountered in the construction of legal system and law enforcement team construction and execution of the work in the exchange of views.
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Xining Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau of the city’s outdoor advertising comprehensive facel

from the beginning of June, the Xining Municipal Administration of Law Enforcement Bureau of the city’s outdoor advertising comprehensive facelift, and now, after the specification of outdoor advertising has become a beautiful landscape in Xining.

Xining Urban Management Bureau of law enforcement agencies to carry out an outdoor advertising in the city to re standardize the audit, registration and inspection of the main contents of the clean-up as a comprehensive remediation. Not allowed to set and do not meet the approval requirements of large and medium-sized outdoor advertising applications, to return in case of reasons; to meet the outdoor advertising requirements to carry out technical guide, strengthen the overall beauty of the outdoor advertising and night effect, and the norms and unified street storefront decoration set. Focus on remediation of the part without approval, the approval period expires, overdue demolition and not bright outdoor advertising, instructed the establishment of units within the deadline for rectification or forced removal. The renovation of outdoor advertising not only improves the viewing of outdoor advertising, but also maintains the normal order of urban management. read more