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  • Tuesday, May 30th, 2017


    Shop location needs to analyze what problems

    shop, the site is a very important environment, in the location of the time we have to analyze the local business district, many aspects of the investigation is very important. Site is the beginning of the shop. Everyone would like to choose a prosperous business. Shop location need to analyze what problems? Let’s take a look. the family size and income level; prompt; family status are the main factors influencing consumer demand. Family characteristics include: population, family member age, income status, etc.. Distribution of

    Nanxian rural Taobao service center was opened

    the current city development space has been very small, both to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the Internet, Taobao began to become a large number of rural rural youth entrepreneurial choice, the practice of the common pursuit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

    The marketing product of toilet advertisement in the new era

    in our traditional marketing concept, how can not the toilet as a place for their own advertising. However, in the new era, the toilet advertising began to become more and more popular, becoming the choice of more businesses, so that the toilet has become an important place for advertising. "Audi TT amazing" brand on the top of the urinal, for the convenience of the head is exactly where. In the bathroom next to the pool, there is a similar brand, the above is a taxi company’s advertising, it is alsoRead More

    Suitable for rural entrepreneurship projects should not be missed

    The is now a great investment and market prospects of the region, and in the vast rural areas, has a very business opportunities and entrepreneurial projects, and some projects that in the vast rural areas of the market competitiveness is also very small, what are The low

    No need to worry about entrepreneurship

    a lot of people with entrepreneurial ideal, but because there is no money, no money, this dream can only give up, in fact, as long as they adhere to the business, no money, do not worry, they can make it easy for you to do business here, Xiaobian to you slowly analysis!

    Harmonious relationship between teachers and students to grasp the management skills of children Eng

    children’s English has gradually expanded from the classroom to the private training institutions, in an increasingly strong international atmosphere in China, the establishment of a children’s English training schools have a chain of investment prospects.

    Yu Xiaodong tell you what kind of products suitable for online sales

    with the development of the Internet, online business has become a choice for many people. Yu Xiaodong, who is a man of war in the Internet circles, the current self proclaimed as a leisure home farmers, operating a network store.   in the face of a wide range of goods, what kind of products suitable for online sales? How to conduct online investment? Yu Xiaodong a dozen years in the Internet industry has its own unique experience.