Do business on campus to open what shop can make money

many investors choose to do business, in each big university campus so doing business in the campus of the consumer groups is relatively fixed, so the choice of the project should be carefully considered to fuifil students demand project. The whole network Xiaobian today to recommend some to you.

campus business: opening a self-help jewelry store:

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College students to raise poultry on a rural road

college students entrepreneurship, select the breeding project is still relatively rare. But the hero of this article, through their own efforts, easily won the first pot of gold in life. On Thursday, Qian Weijie took the business license from the Fengxian District trade and industry bureau. The Shanghai Finance University advertising design professional senior female, then became the " professional farming cooperatives; dragon eggs " legal representative.

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Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics cosmetics how Heaven

Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics? The best choice of goddess. In fact, as long as the choice of consumers by the brand, is a very wise choice. Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics project, the first step in the successful business!

Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics, a so many women yearning, a SaSa in Hongkong, Watsons, Sephora and Wanning international cosmetics franchise development direction, a Gialen and other local cosmetics stores famous cosmetics chain stores, from the date of birth on their unique and superior people personality. read more

College students village officials need to get rid of the four major thinking errors

business is now a very popular thing in society, so there are a lot of young people will have some entrepreneurial ideas, at the same time in the business, people often need to do all the preparatory work, we now come to some business has always been that the college-graduate village official.

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Disinfection cabinet list of the top ten brands

now people pay more and more attention to health, especially the daily consumer goods, so the disinfection of the market will usher in a large demand, disinfection cabinet will come under such demand. By means of UV disinfection cabinet, far infrared, high temperature, ozone etc., to tableware, tableware, towels, clothes, hairdressing equipment, medical equipment and other items for drying, sterilization, heat preservation and dehumidification tool shape is generally box shaped, most of the cabinet body material for stainless steel. read more

Discipline inspection newspaper Party members and cadres banned open shop

in accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s party members and cadres ban open shop. For this issue, China’s discipline inspection and supervision of the newspaper specifically to answer questions and answers. Confirm the party and government officials and civil servants to open Taobao shop is a disciplinary act.

1 25, China newspaper published an inspection quiz, quiz pointed out that party members and cadres opened Taobao shops belonging to engage in or participate in profit-making activities, is a disciplinary offense, a serious warning light plot, the plot will be expelled from the party. read more

Children’s paradise business needs to pay attention to what issues

believe that we have seen the children’s market hot business opportunities, want to open a children’s paradise, the need to pay attention to many problems. Many friends are asking, what needs to pay attention to children’s paradise business? Open children’s paradise to make money? What are the purchase of recreational equipment to pay attention to? Today Xiaobian for you to answer one by one.

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Guangzhou day exchange entrepreneurship competition finals will be staged

last year, the country held a number of different levels of entrepreneurship contest, for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a stage for the show. Guangzhou Tianying Department of entrepreneurship competition will decide the final ten today, the ten entrepreneurial projects will be 6 selected in the championship final.

started since September this year, the Yangcheng Creative Industrial Park held a "day exchange" innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Southern China region has become the concern of business competition. After two months of the 22 layers of selection, the final project finalists will decide the top ten places in the finals tomorrow, and the final match in the 6 staged PK. By then, entrepreneurs from all over the country rookie, venture capital sector big coffee, Guangdong’s major industrial parks, incubators, public space and other representatives will be gathered together to share the dry business, witness the birth of the tournament champion. 4 days, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter went to the Yangcheng Creative Industry Park ahead of barracks, contest preparatory work has been carried out like a raging fire. read more

Crazy cool down the property market in Xiamen property market deserted

in the past few months, the frenzied growth in housing prices, so many small partners stunned, in order to curb the real estate market crazy behavior, the government adopted a series of policies. With the property market regulation overweight for more than a month, the impact of the policy gradually apparent power, silver ten market turnover fell significantly. According to E-House grams and Swiss data show that in October Xiamen commercial housing turnover 1010 units, closing an area of 117 thousand and 200 square meters, the transaction area fell by 24.4%. read more

Five platforms to promote the employment and Entrepreneurship of the 2016 graduates

entered in 2016, a new batch of college graduates is about to embark on the community, began to work. College of mechanical and electrical Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship, and actively build entrepreneurial platform to achieve scientific and convenient employment.

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Dry cleaning franchise stores need to pay attention to the details of the site

dry cleaning industry in recent years the development is very fast, also let a lot of people who want to start a business to feel such opportunities, is now a fast-paced society, most consumers have no extra time to personally wash clothes, so consumers demand for dry cleaners is becoming more and more. So entrepreneurs to open a dry cleaning chain stores is a very good choice to get rich, then open a dry cleaning chain stores, what are the details that need attention in the area of the site?

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College students to apply for full understanding of entrepreneurial loans

college students venture loans, banks and other financial institutions to college students (college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, etc.) issued unsecured unsecured credit loans to college students.

application conditions

1, graduating college students, as well as college graduates within two years of

2, college degree or above

3, 18 years of age

application data

1, identification

2, students need to provide student ID card, school transcript read more


华纳兄弟宣布死亡之光将公布的PlayStation 4、Xbox One和PC 2014。






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