What are the methods of Taobao brush

as long as the opening of the Taobao store, will certainly come into contact with the brush of such a noun, which for the development of the shop has a lot of influence. Although in recent years, the investigation and handling of Taobao single fraudulent behavior can be described as a lot of strict. The so-called policy, there are countermeasures, Taobao has accumulated for a long time to brush the single phenomenon, how can the official introduction of a measure or policy can put an end to.

however, in view of the buyer’s attention to store credit and sales and Taobao search ranking rules, even if the risk of being discovered by Taobao, many sellers will be desperate. But with the rise of current online shopping army, the wide variety of goods, the increase of competition, sellers want to break the siege, open sales, in addition to the quality related to good products, some short cut or not free. So, Taobao brush what are the methods? read more

Inventory of several large projects suitable for men

men have always been the main business of the crowd, then what are the current projects for men? What is the most profitable thing to do in 2013? Today Xiaobian for you to pick up a few large projects suitable for you, as long as the exact direction of entrepreneurship, you will find business opportunities, so hurry to look at it!

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What are the operating skills of children’s clothing stores

in the market, there are many children’s clothing store. Businesses to invest in children’s clothing stores, to quickly understand the store’s business, to avoid business mistakes, to bring better development. Join the children’s clothing store, we want to learn more about the store management skills, so that they get more business security. So, what are the children’s clothing business skills?


health factors of children’s clothing store in the textile fabric is the primary consideration in choosing clothes, because the children are in a critical period of growth and development, all aspects of the poor immunity, many children’s physical qualities are relatively weak, especially the need for care and care. Therefore, the shop owner should be particularly stressed that the fabric of the children’s clothing sales are healthy, does not harm the child’s body. The shop owner can print the health promotion leaflets and distribute them to the consumers. read more