No record of reflection after the disappearance of the website webmaster the dance survival of the f

this year, the website filing in the IDC industry is undoubtedly top priority. Policy implementation for nearly a year, how many sites have not been closed because of the record,


in October 28th, the Ministry of communication development division, informed the third quarter of the communications industry operating situation revealed a group of important data, as of September 2010, the three operators closed without the filing of the site reached more than 3000, 22 thousand overseas jurisprudence site blocked information to verify the authenticity and the domain name is CNNIC 4 million 686 thousand, stop parsing without the filing of the domain name to 636 thousand, stop 5200 domain name analytic jurisprudence. read more

Why did Ali lose a lot of money in public praise Traffic logic and sharing logic behind the red war

xiaonianye, Alipay red official debut, never thought, not good and good things, instead of triggering the pursuit, but triggered netizens have Tucao, sarcasm. Today, WeChat official red envelopes to grab, and micro-blog is a piece of complaints. Why did the businessman pay a big price without winning a good reputation? Instead, last year, the WeChat red packets from each other were popular today,


in my opinion, the victory of red envelopes last year was a victory of "sharing logic". This year, the official red envelope came to a 180 degree turn and went back to the "flow" logic. read more

Website operation refinement is not perfection

as a webmaster, the operation of the website will have some unique patterns and methods, no matter what kind of model, can make money model is good mode. The strategy of warfare is strategy and the strategy of "doing station" is strategy and method. A good strategy will make your stand stand out from the crowd. Webmasters often pay attention to the topic "× × ×"; "website fire"; × × × website and 200W". Indeed, every webmaster hopes such a good thing happen to himself, and feel the taste of overnight fame. If you want to become a successful webmaster one day, then spend more time to take care of your own "love station". Not to mention a few million, can melt hundreds of thousands of good Oh, read more

The movie site was Baidu K to see how I provided traffic

my station does not know is bad luck or what, oh, from the beginning of the application to now, nearly half a year’s time, it has not been included in Baidu. According to my estimate, it was because of my corn: may have been dropped by Baidu K in the past. I didn’t pay attention to it when I registered. Depressed! I made it myself. It’s a movie station.

to now, my station daily traffic is still about 2000. Need to declare is that I did not join any traffic alliance, so I still feel that my promotion experience can still share with you. read more

Youth the most delicate retail, the most demanding electricity supplier

electricity supplier needs to be more delicate in order to become the best


, creative director of Hua Gao network, sweetmalt recently published an article on how to start a Taobao store with an annual sales volume of 60 million in 18 months. Before, I heard a business director of electricity supplier, talk about how to do fine management of clothing electricity supplier speech. And sweetmalt this article content is more abundant, involving the electricity supplier in the operation of the supply chain, brand and so on. The article has eight thousand words and has not been written yet. It’s really worth recommending. When Ali and Sina marriage, many market participants will be excited. However, e-commerce has now expanded from the five dimensions of platform, supply chain, brand, traffic and retail, and is becoming more and more difficult. Sweetmalt article touched some deep-seated problems of electricity supplier management. read more

What is the goal of website construction

What is the goal of

website construction, what kind of website is needed, of course, it needs reasonable planning and clear goal. Personally, the goal of making website includes three aspects:

1, get more target customers,

design believes that this is the goal most companies expect. However, a considerable number of enterprises do not have such a "high" requirement, they believe that it is good to achieve such goals, it does not matter, and not enough attention. Feeling they do a website more like a face project, print a business card, print point brochures, all on the enterprise website construction site – very fashionable, very good grades ah, this is a considerable part of the psychological of smes. read more