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  • July, 2017


    A grassroots experience sharing optimization

    engaged in SEO also has three months, dozens of days and nights in the twinkling of an eye, so knock the keyboard, slip away from the fingertips, looking back yesterday, as if yesterday. I remember when I first came into contact with SEO, I heard a lot of SEO who have done this industry. SEOER is a very simple job, and the most important thing is to be patient. It’s good for a patient man to do this door. At that time I heard these, 32, thought, it seems reallyRead More

    Be changed after Baidu K domain name or do not change

    owners are basically concerned about this issue, sometimes on their own SEO station over or do not know why suddenly on Baidu can not find their own station, that is the first to reflect the "K", there are many online articles to teach us how to. Now, tell me what happened to my little station after being "K". my station is on January this year on the line, used.Com domain name, on-line 13 days later by Baidu income, as shown in figure   You can see the in January 27thRead More

    Lower the head, concentrate on doing the station, let the new station go further

    has been busy on the website for a month, and has been following SEO all the time. It’s almost forgotten. The beginning is busy included, every day but stick it, BBS writing, as if a turn from doing stand into a professional writer, and finally in line 10 after included. So the first thing every day is to go to Baidu site:www.lchhr.com, to see if the collection has increased. Although are updated every day, although the page are integrated into div+css, but Baidu’s collection is still very slow, especially recentlyRead More

    Female stationmaster do station experience do a website, insist to insist

    my site is 09 years in April, at that time I only know on the website, thanks to the help of her husband, I have a basic website, but her husband is a novice, and not how the Internet work is busy, I had to try. Because of the impact of the financial crisis, beauty salons have become increasingly difficult to do, network marketing is even more difficult to do, I have to work hard. Found A5 very accidental, and then need a statistical software, accidentally discovered, just here, feelRead More

    How to optimize the website structure

    The physical structure of a site refers to the structure of the actual directory of the web site and the location at which the document is stored. generally speaking, the better physical structure can have two kinds, one is flat type, that is, all web pages exist under the website root directory. Like this: http://www.domain.com/pageA.html http://www.domain.com/pageB.html http://www.domain.com/pageC.html …… . all of these pages are formed at a level in the root directory to form a flat physical structure. this is more suitable for small sites, because if too many filesRead More

    From vertical to integration, explore the development trend of sharing websites

    with the development of the Internet, sharing websites appear in the life of Internet users, and gradually occupy the focus of their online life. So what is the sharing website? I think that sharing website is the first resource that has a variety of value to users or documents or pictures or video or music or IT software and other resources; secondly sharing websites most prominently feature is interactive, and upload resources sharing and interaction, interactive resources, or the two has a real-time interaction; sharing website profit pattern mainly hasRead More

    How can I become a new webmaster in the future

    so-called webmaster refers to what? I’m not very understanding, maybe we want to stand of people should know a little bit. My view is that the webmaster is to manage a web site. There are many websites, including website management, website design, and so on. There are many more, so don’t say so much more. do not have to say so many, I say, my webmaster up! I am a computer, what do not understand people. No, what’s the Three Musketeers?. None of them will work. It won’t work untilRead More

    How to be a webmaster — theoretical chapter

    Adsense is not a new thing, but the webmaster industry will develop better, with ah mother’s support, may be better, because we have been Ma heavy sees, Ma Yun will take us to walk bright road. I believe that everybody refuels, , do not blindly blame, see many websites and forums, the column is complete, a screen to pull a few pages is not over, can not wait to search the Internet, you can think of all the columns is put up, users entered into the information ocean, don’t knowRead More

    Master micro store four features, help you play micro shop

    today, the rapid development of mobile Internet, constantly changing times people enjoy the goods and services more portable, while the micro shop is with more powerful, attractive advantages will be a large number of entrepreneurs, businesses and products of the general consumer groups attracted to her face. At the same time, the emergence of micro stores also to some extent, the status of the traditional online shop poses a threat. domestic e-commerce has developed to a mature stage, and while its heyday, micro shop is quietly rising, its development speedRead More

    How do you find spider crawling rules through web logs

    for you webmaster, Baidu included is concerned about the most important. Understanding Baidu spider crawling law, so as to better improve the collection of the situation is also must master. Many websites are currently using virtual space and can provide logs. Log refers to the root folder in the web site under the logfiles folder, which dates.Txt text file, there are a lot of introduction, through the HTTP view, return the command that way to view spiders, here is not introduced. More websites now do not provide a log formatRead More