Local news network mass collection, it is better to do special features

recently gave the company a few new station with the purchase of the many Links, in the A5 forum also see a lot of bulk sale link friends, a closer look at the situation, there are a lot of batch Links under the banner of local news network. From the registered domain name, the release of information, relevance is still OK, the site is also included in the high, but that is almost no weight. In the search engine rankings are basically 0. Such a news network in order to sell links and do stand, I’m afraid the value of the purchase is not large. Why today think to write local news topic, because a friend is his area of Wuhan news network in the heart, is called the heart, in addition to good traffic and popularity, the monthly income is whizzing upwards, it is the envy ah. read more

Personal views on the promotion of soft text

as a newly graduated student, it is important to give yourself a precise orientation. As far as I am concerned, it has been a year since I joined the job. I was confused by the time when I graduated, and now I have experienced a painful process.

our new website on the line after the first big problem we face is the promotion, is everyone in some way over basic is: forums, QQ information group, some blog propaganda and so on, there is a big problem is: as long as your posts are believed to contain the contents of advertisements will be ruthless to delete, maybe a lot of people and I had the same confusion: now the network promotion is no way to go read more

Must do accounts don’t make a blind Daoye e-commerce before

is now a lot of people, especially the grassroots webmaster, see acquisition station downturn, saw the rise of electronic commerce, have pure network defection, start network profitter. Look at each station network, said in the profiteers benefits, experience the profiteer.

of course, if you have already poured into a month of tens of thousands, naturally do not see this article.

because I am sure this article is useful, I dare to put the source in the middle address: Thank you,

here, I’d like to say a few points: read more

Talking about the reasons why a lot of websites have stayed at No. 29 recently

more recent snapshot site stays at No. 29, this is every webmaster forum almost all questions, so various answers followed, the most "classic" is Baidu database error. For such problems, we do not study, I think the most important thing is to find the reasons from their own. Personally, I think the general situation of such problems is:

first: the site itself is not high weight, less external links, and do not adhere to update

second: the website often changes, such as changing the title description, keyword, etc., or in a short time to do a lot of links read more

New line O2O observation Xiamen small fish net local community O2O business opportunities

generally believe that the key to O2O is to build a closed loop of consumption, through the realization of the construction of closed-loop consumption, data accumulation and marketing accuracy, and then realize the value of O2O platform. In the "new line" in Xiamen City, with small net as the representative of the local community is through the original accumulation of users, play the advantages of localization, to build consumer with closed-loop marketing, the mining of local mass consumption opportunities. read more

The tomato garden event has a profound impact on personal websites

tomato garden incident is only one of Microsoft’s actions against piracy, only for individual users. I believe that in the days to come, Microsoft’s anti piracy tentacles will extend to enterprise users.

believes you’ll ask, "I’m an individual webmaster. What’s the matter with me?" yes, you’re an individual webmaster. But your website is on the server, but the server is in the computer room. If Microsoft’s next step on the domestic IDC computer room to check, I believe that the installation of windows server will basically be closed. If you don’t shut down, buy Microsoft’s proprietary operating system and database software. Do you know how much the genuine operating system, +sql server, is based on ZOL’s latest product?. The windows 2003 Server Standard Edition is 8000. The SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition is 30000. That’s 30 thousand. No mistake. This is the standard version of the price, the enterprise version of 240 thousand?. read more

Website promotion operation needs to have marketing thinking

marketing is the fundamental way to realize enterprise value. Through a series of means, it can achieve the purpose of enterprise product promotion and sales. In the actual operation of the site, we often because we can not find a good marketing ideas and distress. So, how can we have good marketing ideas, so that the site better growth and development,


system learning marketing basic knowledge

when we go to school, we often throw aside the knowledge of books, can not apply their knowledge, many people say that mathematics is enough to learn primary school. I want to say, all this idea just because you stand height is not high enough. Books, a large number of experts on the actual market behavior highly summarized, refining, can not apply their knowledge, can only say that your understanding is not thorough enough. To achieve customer satisfaction, create value for users and promote a good user experience, these solutions can be found in the answers and detailed marketing knowledge, if you haven’t read Philip · Kotler’s professional books, then take some time, on the site of operation and market operation benefit. read more

Q O2O (four) flow of O2O mode really not worth it

said the word flow, the webmaster’s feeling, a few years ago but also by the massive PV put some advertising alliance can be tens of thousands of monthly income, but the arrival of the mobile Internet allows website profit predicament, only by the amount of earnings obviously does not apply to the now open hand machine is a variety of applications today, who will use the browser to access your site? The intelligent terminal so that the original is not the Internet people can easily access to the mobile Internet, the increase in the number of people use, forcing the BAT and other Internet giants including various businesses are consistent with the mobile Internet, while O2O mode because when the mobile Internet more and more hot, but a voice O2O the flow has fallen, is it true? read more

The road to profit for local talent recruitment (advanced articles)

in the previous article, I have analyzed the profit pattern of general local talent website, finally set a suspense, so today I run "Yulin talent network" as an example, to advanced road local talent website to share the profit.

or it goes: poor and literary, focusing on thinking, also please correct civilization.

in local talent website on the road to profitability in the primary (http://www.yl-rc.com/News/1200899195859.html), I said the ultimate Shazhao local talent station with the local Personnel Bureau, the talent market, now on this topic I talk about in practice some operational experience. read more

The key words and layout of the website determine the key to success or failure

to do in advance, a person’s character, good or bad, determines the style of doing things. Similarly, a website is also a lot of stress, types and architecture of each site is different, but the same is the site before the line must have planning steps and will give a good impression of the search engine, the search engine on your new website to give high marks, not included, and ranking play a decisive role, saying education should start.

many new owners feel that a website step is to find a template or imitation of a stand over, change into their own needs of industry or style can be online, waiting for your search engine, online content filling and update. But it’s easy to lose your site at the starting line without a chance to show it to everyone. Why do you say so? We analyze from the following aspects. read more

The advantages and disadvantages of Baidu stick model

I applied for a

account recently in Baidu, mainly to see Baidu Post Bar have functions that are relatively flashy, because Baidu Post Bar is one of Baidu’s most successful products, has great influence in the community, want to dig what makes Baidu Post Bar can get today’s pivotal position. It should be said that Baidu post bar represents the direction of another community development, and its model is worth learning.

Baidu paste bar, of course, has its advantages, but there are also shortcomings. Today I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Baidu post bar model. read more

The movie station station of a green hand.

movie station also has a very long time, from the first station, second, opened a close one, now forgot to open a few stations, from PR0 to PR5, to PR0, this process is really long, but the taste and feel is very short, because a article slowly can tell it, this article is dedicated to the struggling movie webmasters, and want to be a movie webmaster friends, if you can not read on veteran heroes, but also give yourself mouth.

1. Choose a domain name,

with half the effort

movie station and other stations, the domain name is the most important, it basically belongs to a permanent investment, the benefit of things, for example, you want to do QVOD HD movies, you can put the four letters QVOD to your domain name, a multiplier. read more

Simple language to describe the grassroots webmaster heart Recruitment chess game

Adsense is really a change of their own life industry, compared to early contact typing, money, survey network, Witkey, feel the station is the most suitable for their own work rhythm, of course, the most reliable. Took the Jiashan personnel network from the hands of friends to now have 3 years, 3 years his large and small industry exchange in a lot from them also learned a lot to learn something on the web, such as network using new mode of cooperation, recruitment, this information must at least 1 years of development time saved for the novice friends, so share down is a summary of the past, to encourage a future, but also hope to help everyone. read more

Share my initial website optimization experience

finally my site was included in Baidu, in a good mood, write this article. Although I know that in the optimization of this aspect, this can not be said to be successful, but in any case, but also their hard work in exchange for, to share my optimization experience.


shares my experience, let me talk about my website. Start hanging up from 01 2010 22. The optimized configuration is all set. Because my website is to do lighting information network, so I chose the "LED", "street lights", "courtyard lights", "energy-saving lamps" lights a few keywords. In January 23rd, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, soso, Sogou and other major engines submitted my website. And maintain updated content every day. The website to 02 02 days, Google, Yahoo, soso, Sogou search engine all included my website, and every day has increased. Only Baidu did not include my site, to 03, 09, found my site or not included by Baidu, I began to worry, and began a crazy optimization. read more

The sore of Internet Chinese search engine

core tip: webmaster Z weekly 26 exclusive articles, 1998-2008, is the Internet era, but also the era of Chinese search engines. From the first generation search to the fourth generation search. From Sohu to 3721 to Baidu. Is

in February 25, 1998, "go out looking for maps, Internet search for Sohu" such slogans echoed, when it was only the return of the small bourgeoisie playing with the Chinese internet. Pinch fingers, it has been ten years. That year, Zhang Zhaoyang won the "50 digital heroes in the world", "IT ten man of the year", "global leader of tomorrow" and many other reputations. That time, many returnees returned, including today’s Chinese search engine market share overlord, Baidu founder Robin Li. read more

Page marking, website analysis and data capture principle

[preface] there are many ways to analyze websites to get data. For example, use server log data, or install some monitoring software on the client. Page mark method, web site analysis, access to data in front of the two are not the same, but once born, on the "four", quickly become the mainstream method. In my http://www.chinawebanalytics.cn, practically all of the topics are based on page notation. This article, with friends together again to understand what is the analysis page tag site, and we daily read Omniture Site Catalyst or Google Analytics site analysis of the data in the report, how is captured. read more

What are the principles to be followed in hot pot restaurants

hot pot shop location need to follow what principles? Many people only know the location of the site to determine the flow of people, in fact, this one-sided. If you do a lot of site selection skills, then you will find that there are many aspects need to pay attention to, what are they? Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you.

Selection and positioning

The relationship between read more

Why is network reputation management so important

The reputation management of

network is usually shown in the following forms:

participates in the positive action of company brand construction;

deployment of search engine marketing, public relations campaigns and marketing methods;

expands company influence to exclude slander, malice, or negative comments;

establish company brand image or develop company’s online reputation.

why is network reputation management so important? Take a look at the following interpretation:

two reasons. read more