Love Shanghai 2 some views and the Shanghai dragon green future

come to talk about the source of the news, "the appropriate punishment for bearing release the soft site, reduce its evaluation, in the search engine at the same time, for the love of Shanghai news source site to clean up the news sources, news sources can not leave the link is not what, for the promotion, not too much lower our results, after all the links are often in order to keep the site outside the chain, instead of leaving the promotion, the promotion of medical website is leaving the business, jump directly to the business, so they generally have little effect, but the news source site to clean out the news source, love Shanghai can clean out obvious Sina? No, this also can be seen in Shanghai with a love of intimidation, threatening some news source site, may reduce the promotion of soft news source from the source, and make our new hair The smell of the source threshold becomes higher, reduce such promotion efforts. read more

How to use the Q & a platform outside the chain

third: add link. The webmaster do the quiz platform the main purpose is to do the chain, or to do their own brand promotion, but now ask the chain platform is very difficult to do. Love Shanghai know new site in Shanghai that add love after 3 times, it will be difficult to love by the Shanghai review, thus unable to answer this question. Although in the search can add URL, but also through the audit, we all know that the weight of the search did not know high weight, but also need to add links to reasonable, advertising will have serious title. When answering the question answer. Don’t add the box, if you really need to add a web site, can be used in the form of text description URL, or keyword fill in your website directly, which requires your web site keywords ranking. The front page of the site address cannot be added, the webmaster can try to add pages within the website address, or for such problems in the BSP blog related solution, add the BSP blog in reference to the address that. read more