Four points on the site outside the chain to pay attention to.

In order to maintain the stability of the chain of

as the saying goes, the hero does not ask the origin, the chain is the same, what to do, what not to do more than N times, ensure the small, good, and so on, all done, I believe that there will soon be a high weight, is the truth.

source: the stability of the chain lies in the cultivation of foreign chain, doing the signature for marking, stability is the kingly way, not in front of links, behind the deleted, did not allow the se to your standing a little sense of trust, why waste toil, time is money and enhance the stability of the chain on the site more effective, a few years of efforts than link quality links to just do more strong, because of the time also can accumulate weight, ensure the stability of the link, not because of some error effects to their site, thus affecting the weight. read more