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  • August, 2017


    A novice to fully understand the Shanghai dragon to start learning from where

    5 months ago, I first heard the word Shanghai dragon, is the beginning of my work. With this "mysterious history" of the word, I have been wandering in the door, do with Shanghai Longfeng competent editorial work, the entire two months time, I just write stiffly, constantly change, until want to spit, but always do not know how to meet the needs of users". second: to write articles, writing articles is the core of Shanghai Longfeng power, because the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng station must rely on the power ofRead More

    Analysis of different types of chain effect

    anchor text can also be said to be super link, which guide the user to a different page to browse, is one of the important factors affecting the site keywords ranking. The specific point that is a higher weight site to our website links, means that their website recognition of our website, a bridge and the anchor text is the site to the site, which is beneficial to the spider crawling. But the love of Shanghai and Google for the anchor text responses are not consistent. chain is an importantRead More

    Car networking hot behind the birth of what entrepreneurial opportunitiesMobile Internet our era has

      automotive industry, the Internet has gradually come into our life. When the car combines with the Internet of things, what sparks will be made? Let’s follow Jasper founder and CEO Jahangir Mohammed to see the different sparks". in > carmakers are meeting the trend, while new vehicles will be equipped with value-added Internet connected devices. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the new Internet vehicle services and networking as the basis for a new ecosystem system.   The days when I grew up in the countryside. WithoutRead More

    Hebei hedgehog analysis of pure text outside the chain effect of mercy Bozhuan

    take a look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia for love love Shanghai related to the domain of interpretation: for use only in fall in love with the sea link, which is the reverse link, Shanghai love to use domain: instructions can be found. Love for love Shanghai domain, Shanghai ranked very important, if the website content is king, then the site outside the chain is king. Careful analysis of competitor rankings in front of you love Shanghai related domain and YAHOO back links, you will find his love Shanghai related domainRead More

    A comprehensive summary of what the station optimization method

    for a high quality Links is of great help to the weight of the station. Do Links should pay attention to what ‘s latest love Shanghai big update, many webmaster makes more and more feel constantly changing Shanghai dragon, how to make a new fast get good stable rankings? Obviously, this needs the webmaster of kernel station optimization continuously. The following is a summary of some methods according to the summary of my work in the station optimization, now for him to share, I hope to help you. ? thisRead More

    How to make use of people’s names to do trafficThe 09 year old webmaster recommended five Wangzhuan

    2., every day these articles are constantly reprinted, reproduced in the process, and produced new viewers, these people go to search this person 1. looking for a surname, the surname is not surnames. 5. tests, literally search for a name to make sure they rank first in search engines. 2., this project is a long-term project, you can go to Taobao to find some low-priced products, and then make a stand, sold out, because many people do not know this product to the high price, so people may want toRead More

    Chinese O2O how to become a survivor of the death gameHow do I restore the shlf1314 Adsense account

    , in a foreign country, live is very good. is booming in Chinese Internet era, and a number of people one after another. Such as selling jujube in micro-blog’s old banyan had 8848 brilliant, the acquisition of IBM’s personal computer business Lenovo please Nicholas Tse endorsement FM365, the game of the 9 city is a community of happy net can grow in the vegetable is already dead efeelings…… abroad after another, from the Internet technology home let a lot of people excited, localization, launch, launch, operation, financing, refinancing, and thenRead More

    Good experience on online tradeAMDHC CPC products on line

    data feedback: 5:30 the following afternoon 2, enhance popularity advertisers: AMD League address: union.textclick more League information is available: top.admin5/u wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact : monthly settlement Commission is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, and China has increasingly become one of the global strategic priorities of AMD. In September 2004, China AMD company was officially established in Beijing, AMD global senior vice president Ms. Guo Kezun was president of AMD Greater China and general manager, AMD govern all business in mainlandRead More

    A college student Wangzhuan tripTaobao passenger a railway station still earning thousands of commis

                  also, a woman only graduated from primary school to do what? I was very depressed, casually asked, there is no other Wangzhuan good introduction. She said, yes, I was introduced to vote. She says the salary is daily and very secure. I immediately registered an account, start working immediately. The second day early in the morning, and can’t wait to see the Alipay account. But look, the heart is cold with grievances on the Internet around, inadvertently see a: "a primary school graduationRead More

    Goolge AdSense account is K, I’m gladDiscussion on profit model of small flow website

      was confused by GG K account, and I’m glad   GG dropped my account at K on January 8, 2008, near K $100. is the K account should be outrage, why am I happy? Because this thing to prove a theory of the monopoly interests behind the inevitable evil hands, only weak trampled. The third pole of fortune must change all this darkness. this flow can also have these gains, I was satisfied. If you are a successful webmaster or a new station like me, I have some suggestionsRead More