All want to Uber other people’s brains, why is in line leadingSimple analysis of how to optimize web

four, content optimization,

is more representative of the "on line" model, and certainly the entry of the giants. Not long ago, sh419 know hatching pay exchange platform "sh419 asked coffee quietly on the line, its products" in logic and is similar to the "high; and in fact, before sh419, public comment has also launched a similar function of expert platform. Of course, if the definition of "knowledge", many people also know from the April 1st release of the first product realization value between the body see "in the shadow, whether this is more like" scratch "the trick is to know almost commercial road or episode Overture, it will allow people to re start question: why do not know". "…… read more

FlashMdy happy tripYao Jinbo promotion note 12 years of entrepreneurship, 40 years old, his net wort


on the wall of Liu Huan’s office hung a line of words. "The mountain is man-made peak, and the sword is beating the sky."". Text between Yao Jinbo revealed the recruitment of expectations and ambitions. Perhaps the sword is only the process, the sword is the result. As Yao Jinbo said, "we are standing in the future, looking now, standing on the moon, looking at the earth."."

in Yao Jinbo’s plan, recruitment is like a pioneer of the 58 group, recruitment and rental, recruitment and life services, recruitment and training, etc., are upstream and downstream relations. It can be said that recruitment is the entrance of the entire 58 platform user, the entrance of a person into the city. For example, a graduate student, his first impression of a city is from recruitment, and then there will be rental, life, services and other follow-up things." read more

n the WeChat store, 6 days to make a million dollars, the map tells you to do soGlory and bitter th

2016, the sound electronic business income of 478 million yuan, an increase of 48.86% over the same period last year, but the mother’s net profit fell 26.35% compared to the same period last year, only 26 million 259 thousand and 300 yuan.

2003 Huang Yuzhao graduated from the South China University of Technology, in before graduation when he set up his own company, Microsoft "Venus plan" concept of information appliance, Huang Yuzhao was made out of the washing machine can be controlled by the mobile phone and the Internet, but the infrastructure was not perfect, the concept is too advanced, the company almost do the collapse.. read more

Taobao new reading to encourage noviceAfter shlf1314 Adsense K, the appeal was successful

and then find the reason, I thought that I had a section of the music forum will, then write a complaint, said I did not cheat, did not care about that music forum advertising, please find out the like. Second days, Adsense letter said, carefully checked my account, also is that risk advertisers to find information on the Internet. Then, to see a lot of people can not appeal success. Then a bit disappointed.

finally is to insist on as much time as possible every day, online, optimistic about the store, check the baby sold the remaining time. Patience to answer buyer’s inquiries, good faith service! read more

Use Sina blogs to make $10 a dayThere are 17 common points in the world’s fastest growing company pa

Facebook was not created as a company, but in order to achieve a social mission: to make the world more open and stay connected.

enterprise culture not to mind taking the trouble. At the beginning of its founding, shlf1314’s official mission was to "integrate global information so that everyone could access and benefit from it."". "Don’t beevil" is an unofficial corporate slogan of the shlf1314 Corporation.

summary: This article discusses the technique of using the latest visitors from Sina blog to guide traffic, similar to the recent visitors in space. As long as the flow is large enough, there will always be some boring to visitor icons, so set a notable for their own Sina blog avatar is also important such as the flower residue. read more

The impact of this grab takeout shared commercial kitchen what positionTalking about 5 main profit m

5, quality of service increased by

, while taking a two-way regulatory model, stationed in the kitchen sharing businesses, through remote monitoring, shared kitchen, there will be a service team to monitor the quality of health, assessment. No standard merchants should carry out standard training, and some of the merchants who are not up to standard will be eliminated on time.

one, advertising mode.

shared commercial kitchen mode to get rid of dependence on the location of commercial real estate, through revitalize the bad position of District, to take the ultra low cost of rent; and since the takeaway business oriented form makes sharing commercial kitchen not too large dine area, so as to enhance the efficiency floor, reduce the labor amount; through the introduction of the management information system of automatic sorting system and the independent development of the site management reduces the costs of various. read more

The nternet business of others is not a good way to go400 assist Wangzhuan telephone service

so he got a van, painted it briefly, made a trademark for XX distribution, and made two uniforms. Then, from the wholesale market to get fish, meat, vegetables, with lower prices than those suppliers, and soon he has a small number of small restaurants, as customers, earned the pot of gold. < >

most hated to see the business, there is no thought, just because they see the market hot head said "I would like to start". I do not exclude plagiarism and competition, this is the inevitable result of marketization, but the real terrible is "without thinking to follow", it is likely to create a pile of garbage and waste. read more

Wang Tong the CJ beginner adviceYou see the capital winter, saw three historic entrepreneurial opp

in CJ, the CPM can find many products of the conversion rate is very high, and then use the proxy server, login to the shlf1314, Yahoo, and then select the appropriate keywords, you can find those who do very good Landing page ", research, imitation, then you will understand more and more if you spend some more thought and effort, you might have a greater harvest.

, first of all, what do I think about winter?. I really agree with the foundation of the real estate fund. How can I share the view of the cold winter from a historical point of view?. We know a proverb, "those who do not know the past do not see the future."". I remember I went to Harvard Business school ten years ago, Harvard Business School, a professor asked me a very sharp question: "you have China industry history research system in the United States?" so many historical changes, people write national history, someone writes in human history, there are a number of who specializes in industry history, business history is a very important part of the inside. Looking at cyclical laws through industrial change history makes it easy for us to take a cold look at winter". read more

Domestic Web Content Alliance recommendedEntrepreneurship talk about a P feelings! No gain is cheati

introduction: garlic flap is the first free software download outsourcing service platform. Users only need to add a two domain name for their own domain name, you can have tens of thousands of all kinds of software and provide updated continuously and automatically download channel, so it is worth mentioning that, you can also customize the page template, Download classification, website information, web advertising etc.. And the application is simple, convenient maintenance, suitable for most small and medium-sized Web site webmaster. read more

Seize the needs of customersMobell, ofo shared bicycle how entrepreneurial opportunities in the capi

share bike users, traffic in a second tier city just takes

we look at shared bicycle Houston, first of all is to use these bikes free deposit, you first need to join them, but the threshold is 200 to 400 of the deposit, so the 100 thousand users to deposit at least is 2000000 yuan, 1 million of users at least 200 million yuan deposit is not, what else, the stability of this part of the deposit is still very high, if the money to do a financial investment and other industries, a year to earn a cost of money is also very easy, so from the beginning of the second year all financial income are net profit. read more

The magic department Shenzhen office empty entrepreneurial mythThe value orientation of higher

recently, the "daily economic news" reporter found in the sh419 search, the magic department marked the page because the service is not stable may have links, unable to access the

What is the value orientation of the ?

we do a Wangzhuan project, such as a person, he opened an advertising alliance, and then he told his clients advertising alliance with real traffic 10 million times a day the first I said is not real digital analogy, digital. His client is willing to pay him 50000 yuan per day. But he did not flow, he went to find some traffic owners to buy traffic, and began to develop agent system and the system of referrals. read more

From attitude to attitude, NetEase news brand, content strategy double upgradeSource capital Cao Yi

the past six months, the domestic venture capital circle is the backbone of many well-known changes raging like a storm, investment institutions have to raise new funds or venture out institutions, the industry has described it as a "small V era".

Tencent technology reported on August 21st,

Abstract Cao Yi said that more inclined to product entrepreneurs and two entrepreneurs, because the two entrepreneurs have more advantages.

in information production and dissemination

brand image dialogue pan 90 read more

Classified information websites lack profit model

"in China, what kind of model can be successful, and now no one can say that, we all have no direction, they are in the groping stage."."

Following the June 25th

eBay brand was renamed "people Kijiji network", and announced the localization strategy after the upgrade, the people network headquarters is located in Guangyuan Road 55, Hao Ran of Shanghai Jiao Tong University science and technology building 18 floor, its partner manager Wang Tarin to reporters today classified information website confusion. read more

n the world, stray station regrets

night has been deep, looking back at the Internet 9 years pass through the road, not only filled with a thousand regrets. Always want to seize something, always want to retain some things, but always in the world lost in the missing more. Today intends to register a Youdao, send a little emotion.

2000 read big 2, when the network has been very hot, coupled with the obsession with web pages, Huyou flicker, do personal web pages. That time is always completely chipping away, for their own interests. The real step into the industry was after graduation in 2003. read more

Webmaster how to use Tencent, micro-blog and certification space to share marketing experience

probably no more than a month to write their own things, Baidu this update broke the tranquility of the past, the rain SEO host to have rain and for the memorial Jun Jun. Four winds from the SEO and marketing circles. I once wrote in my own article that the content is king, so that each browser can bring new users, and rely on the content of the site and sharing tools, and constantly bring new users. Micro-blog marketing and space marketing has become a lot of bigwigs in the past period of time in the discussion. I would still like to be a webmaster who speaks the truth and share the latest experience with micro-blog and space marketing. read more

New station, do the station, the most important thing is happy

walk in stationmaster net for a long time, looking at your predecessors sometimes make yourself excited by the wise remark of an experienced person, and always want to write something, but suffer from poor writing level (primary school Chinese is very difficult to pass), afraid to write things out then, today to idle casually knock something.

I also love to be standing, but many owners may think differently, I do stand just for enjoyment, mostly on the Internet under some template changes, made films, navigation, forum, game, SNS…… basically. Popular things have played, but not a stand the climate, ha ha, among them some information because yellow off. read more

For six years, write a little feeling.

six years, write a little feeling.

Hello, I am just. I haven’t written anything for a long time. Today I take advantage of the opportunity to write my own feelings and feelings on the new station.

I started the station from 03 years ago. It’s a long history, but I talked about what I’ve done in the past few years, but I can’t get a station worth mentioning. These years, although there has been what experience and contacts accumulated valiant record, but is very valuable. read more

Webmaster, don’t ignore your website home page, it is the user’s entrance

when we talk about the importance of home page, a lot of people do not mind, in their eyes, the site’s pages are traffic landing point. In fact, a site to real development, your users must be in the home or your home will become the first page the user visits your site, another degree, so that the flow is your real users. And other traffic, just your site’s passing, passenger flow and user traffic quality is completely different, but also a garbage station and commercial regular station important difference. read more