Website promotion experience

not long ago done a stand, on-line test passed, so began the long web site promotion. In order to avoid people saying I’m advertising, I don’t write the site’s Web site.

because my station is not a garbage station, so my promotion is to really increase the site traffic for the purpose. First of all, I made my website for search engine optimization, I suggest you don’t write in the keyword does not matter keywords, and, and each key word to avoid more than four words. Besides, not only keyword, but also description. I think everyone in this area is an expert, so I won’t say any more. read more

Do Amoy Ali mother, only two words stick to

contact Ali mother cat has been for 3 months, during which there are happy, there are bitter.

said, feeling like "clean out a guest" win, every day looking forward to the day before whether the transaction, whether the money into his account. I believe most website friends and we also did guest promotion friends, evening 3, 4 o’clock not to sleep is normal, the early morning of the second day climb up, the first thing is to open the mom website, login to view my mom "whether there is a commission income. If yes, can inspire morale, if occasionally one or two days is not strange, but 4 consecutive 5 days, didn’t get the guest who hit hard to stay up late, as can be imagined! Hard to Amoy propaganda website, plus upload goods hard to hear, who today heard who do revenue of $200. Amoy and make money, your account is 0 yuan, led to a lot of friends have given up, think Tao is not imagined so good to do. read more

Novice webmaster portal Yangaoshoudi intolerable!

novice stationmaster of a lot of love to give their station into Natori "XX portal", I think this is a very interesting thing, this kind of novice webmaster most with a very ambitious, very noble ideas, great ideas, admirable courage and ridiculous, of course I did not laugh, because I was also in the DEDE forum asked how to put advertising of such problems, I just think it is necessary to correct a misunderstanding of the novice webmaster, let them take some detours less

now the webmaster of low threshold, as long as you have this idea can be a webmaster, there are a lot of space free space for you to choose (AD: free resource station:, the domain name is not used to say, I just remember the earlier contact site of CN is 50+, plus the time still read junior or senior high school to a website, and have no income, so registered an ordinary domain name usually have to consider for a long time, so that although at that time there are many very good meters, but does not want to make things. read more

Ask you a question Baidu index definitely forbid you

dear friends, ask a question. I have a Baidu keyword in the station of the first page of the top 5. The keywords Baidu index is 3 per day to 40 thousand, but the key to my site to bring traffic is not high, why ah? Thank you!

language editor heart: there are many aspects of the problem, simply to see what your keywords, for example 123 or 163 of the two keyword flow is very large, but they are not necessarily search to know 123 or 163 of the site is used to search and then find the site to open in Baidu, the impact of this there are many more, only personal views! If there are more questions please consult the read more

Are you ready for the website filing

record is an old promble, today also come up, because in the forum, see webmaster still troubled by this, I am me this a few months to record the experience out to share with you, I used this method, these 2 months for hundreds of successful website for the record. Including many websites that you think are impossible to pass at all. Note: the landing registration system, to see the verification code, filing system verification code writing is not clear, I prepared hundreds of stations often go wrong, always depressed home, which PigHead design of the read more

Determine the user requirements to meet the key points in the process, product managers must read ni

dedicate this to people who dream of changing the world.

Shu Xun,

years later, when I face the young product managers, I think of myself as a well paid job. It was 2000, I graduated from university in Beijing after a IT website search engine PM, I had a month’s salary to buy one square meter house in Asian Sports Village, ten years later, a friend out of the salary and the recruitment of PM, I am ten years ago, the difference is when young PM with water to pay a the buy one square meter house in Asian Sports Village. I was puzzled, so I consulted HR’s colleague, HR’s colleague, and told me that ten years ago, the product manager was scarce and not now. read more

2014 people Adsense most worthy of doing business model from the media star

no money, no technology, no resources, what can we do grassroots webmaster? What can we quickly develop and long-term operation of the project?. If you also have this kind of trouble, and I pass each other, the webmaster God of wealth together to chat, now more popular from the media star. Maybe you can find some ideas for development.

this time, a lot of friends and I ask, is a similar question, that is now what items for personal Adsense do, it is best for long-term development. Many friends complain that they have no resources, no technology and no money… In fact, most of the individual webmaster basic is this situation. No one else is good enough, so please put aside your complaints and use your time to think and do something useful. Only in this way can you make yourself a successful stationmaster at an early date. read more

A three year network career for college dropouts

always think that when young and frivolous, own a cavity blood will do a thing with vigour and vitality. Because the frivolous, so give up college, why? I don’t want to give up the piece of paper and the best time of my life. Eileen Chang said that fame takes early morning.

at the beginning of 05, enter the university only half a year, I resolutely chose to drop out.

drop out of what to do, to tell the truth, then my biggest wish is to have an Internet cafe, how good ah, money must be more. read more

Web vulnerability causes hosts to become broilers

generally tested, most of the virtual hosting in the personal site, enterprise website. This vulnerability is very common, not what can conquer scan host port site, heavy harm to the host!! if you use or become chicken by unscrupulous persons tampering with the home page, to attack the host or to other domestic purposes, but in this miserable miserable, virtual host performance is generally very good, launched the attack is so many rookie be unbearable to contemplate! As the arrogance of the weapon. In the next, it is only to attract people’s attention, so that more friends can understand and pay attention to their own web site and host security. read more

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is expected to close maintenance will last 27 months

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, we are familiar with a bridge, but also a beautiful landscape of Nanjing. However, in the years of destruction, the bridge has been damaged. As a bridge connecting the two sides, timely maintenance is very necessary.

29, the national development and Reform Commission issued a formal approval, agreed that the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge closed maintenance renovation project, is expected to close the maintenance will last about 27 months, the project estimates a total investment of 1 billion 90 million yuan. Although the cost is quite large, but the maintenance and renovation will maintain the original design load standards in Yangtze River bridge, after the implementation of restrictions on the implementation of the limit load and other traffic control measures to ensure the safe operation of the bridge. read more

Talent network operation how to not let the cumbersome registration allows visitors to beat a retrea

whenever there is a talent online job friends may have the same feeling with the author, that is afraid of tedious registration process. We know that in the online registration personnel need to fill in the content are many, for example we need to fill in our email address, telephone number, address and so on, some people even will need user authentication. Many visitors after seeing the cumbersome registration process, if your talent network not too attractive, they are looking for more then beat a retreat, for the convenience of the talent network. read more

The user experience of the website operation is flawed

we often hear a word called that any thing recover the original simplicity, development to the extreme will return to the origin. Talk about site operations, any skills and any means are exhausted, the operation will return to the site promotion is the most basic and important part – user experience. The following hand to help Xiaobian, with the analysis of how to create a good experience for users.

user experience, in fact, the most simple expression is the appearance of the site, that is, the user’s first impression of access to the site. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold, the words used on the site is also very suitable. Others into your web site, just like into a decoration exquisite shop, needless to say, will also be more turn for a while, this is the general character of people. At the same time, comfortable access environment is also beneficial for users to trust our site more. read more

Website design analysis nine principles design website landing page

when my son was three or four years old, it rained outside in the afternoon, so I took him to a huge indoor seaside playground. I think the flashing lights, dazzling and swing machine, lot of Frogger small bees, diamond like model will make him very excited, let us spend a few hours of fun parent-child time in there.

but in fact he hesitated and stood in the middle of the playground, dazzled and bewildered. Casually throwing a few balls down a slope, he turned his head and asked me, "Mom, is that enough? Can we go home?" read more

On the domestic browser market situation of the feudal lords vying for the throne


browser as the entrance of the network world, the military has always been a hotly contested spot, fierce competition inevitably. In recent years, the major browsers have upgraded their own market share, upgraded their versions, improved their performance and added some practical new functions. With the constant improvement and upgrading of various browsers, IE’s dominance will no longer be so strong. According to foreign media reports, the latest statistics of American Internet traffic monitoring agency Net Applications released Monday showed that in February this year, Microsoft IE in the global browser market share fell to 61.2%, a record low. At the same time, although Firefox’s market share within three months continued to decline, but also holds the second position in the market still makes IE feel full of pressure. Google, Chrome, opera, apple, Safari, several browsers are still maintaining a certain market competitiveness. read more