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  • September, 2017


    It included new sites to protect the original is not harmonious

    has a fatal shortcoming, search engine update slow! As a result, an original content can be overwhelming to become "acquisition". And this is how to generate? The main reason is that in the promotion of the chain, is part of the "shadow". A chain is also better, but most of them are not removed from the chain? Do not respect the fruits of labor, on the Internet too much. So how to combine the original content without infringing the chain extension of B: two: content update and the chain extensionRead More

    How to detect the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

    webmaster, best to develop good habits and use a EXCEL table carefully record you need to detect keywords, and then regularly (weekly or monthly) to check their rankings, so down the webmaster can develop on their own websites have a more complete and image understanding. The in the process of website optimization, in addition to the internal optimization and the construction of the chain, in fact, there is a very important job is often missed by everyone, that is the effect of detection. If the Shanghai dragon optimization as aRead More

    The winter will be over, the webmaster can spring be far behind

    what love the future, Shanghai will certainly develop original recognition technology and nobility baby comparable algorithm rules. 3, website rating and chain query tools to open to the benign development of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai certainly will develop to love chain query and website rating tools, with optimization guide to love Shanghai we have more direction on the site to make a reasonable optimization. Noble baby PR algorithm will be love Shanghai for reference, are likely to develop a website similar to PR guide. The web site experience is very good;Read More

    Love the sea invited experts to prepare medical terms prohibit ordinary users to modify

    Many people in daily life as the body of unknown symptoms, will be the first time to retrieve information related diseases through the network, understand the content of etiology, symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the disease, and the information on the Internet is not authoritative, confusion, slow updates, light is misleading users, while delaying the disease. While the strategic cooperation, love Shanghai is to solve this problem. Times News (reporter Li Bin) yesterday, love Shanghai and the national health and Family Planning Commission, Medical Encyclopedia project clinicians science network, ChinaRead More

    Net net action to Shanghai Longfeng positions continue to fall

    net of Shanghai dragon in my opinion, the white hat Shanghai dragon, there are three main points: content, channels and mechanisms. Content since Needless to say, the chain for the emperor, content is king, to sum up in a word, the content of importance is self-evident. The channel is also platform to publish content to what channel is high weight website or low weight website, forum or news source, different levels of the platform, the effect of different Shanghai dragon. Need to explain a mechanism. Shanghai dragon in China afterRead More

    Lu Cong Shanghai dragon martial arts drama of website content

    ? two men withdrew to their main fact, shut the door at the door waiting for life, small food, food and wine on the set. a beautiful but full of dangers in the afternoon, long for Wang Changle and clan forces such as the short passage about about negotiations with the blessing inn. The shopkeeper Tong talk into the rooms upstairs. OK, today Shanghai dragon drama group was formally established, then today’s first act is the story of the construction of website. This is where the significance of drama, theRead More

    Want to know how to solve the problem of reducing the weight of the website

    Three ways to solve the is the first order quality chain beginning this website to cultivate, like in the home to release the soft, BBS signature anchor text before the modification of the relevant industry website. third content quality. Because of the financial network if issued investment information, so every day there is a freckle zhangfei liquid original content updates, the rest of the article can also maintain the quality and novelty, and update the contents of the article can also change in the 2-5 article, published on the fightingRead More

    Love is a server snapshots for Shanghai to blame

    7.14 when I sit, because Google ranking dropped. So called Liu ya, with her QQ. The phone sounds so haggard Liu sub ah, then have a look at other people’s blog that sleep a night, is to host. (here I really despise what Pangu host, after we don’t buy his host, the old customer service service. After the addition of QQ) asked him to give me a new dress. second days (7.12), and the last second days and the last blog cannot access the morning when I was a littleRead More

    We paid a return visit to the first batch of entrepreneurs who did small programs to see what they h

    AI media consulting released the investigation report on the "2017 China netizen" WeChat small program and development status display: WeChat small program released a month later, application developers significantly enhance the degree of concern to 94.9%, but the choice of application developers to continue the development of small programs accounted for only 9.2%, there are 35.2% application developers to feel small program disappointed, intended to give up, 35.2% of developers said not consider short-term. small program can not meet the appetite of Internet Co At the end of last SeptemberRead More

    In 09 years I thought the WangzhuanHow big are you talking about entrepreneurship

    , but the answer to the question is also more annoying, so it is still back to the code line, here and friends to do a simple share. Do Wangzhuan thank www.jianzhanku.cn webmaster The representative of saw Ma Dong last year at the 36 krypton conference, meaning that the commercial value of the head content of any era is dominant. I agree with you. For example, wonderful said that by advertising has been a lot of money. Another example is that the twenty-first Century economic report is not large circulation,Read More