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  • September, 2017


    Shanghai love chain algorithm to update after how to carry out the construction of the chain

    cheating outside the chain, the chain of garbage outside the chain is not so to cheat the other we care about, cheating the chain directly on the site’s ranking impact. Shanghai love to judge a chain is the chain of garbage or cheating in the chain, starting from the maker of the psychological needs and the dominant position, the chain is cheating maker from the intention to deceive search engines, using the technique of cheating site quickly get good rankings. Cheat the chain generally include: 1, the anchor text >Read More

    Share some long-term website marketing strategy of Shanghai Dragon

    (search engine optimization Shanghai Longfeng cable Torgovnik) is a leading online marketing strategy and the most cost-effective marketing means it can achieve the greatest degree of fast changing market, increase a large audience, to increase online information. But many people do Shanghai dragon knows, Shanghai dragon is a broad marketing means, takes time, hard work and great efforts. But as many search engines change their algorithms, through our efforts to get the results may be reduced and disappeared the following is a list of network optimization technology forever, can helpRead More

    Five techniques on the analysis of the site keywords

    (5) in search of more than 5 million, representing the high difficulty (team, is Shanghai dragon company can (2) search is less than 1 million, representing small difficulty published online competition data keywords as follows: three: learn to analyze the keyword analysisKeywords have a little trick to tell you what is here, my teacher taught me. With the Intitle: core keywords, key words according to Page > (1) search is less than 500 thousand, on behalf of as everyone knows, who do, all cannot do without Shanghai dragon. Because theRead More

    Shanghai dragon website optimization idea and strategy is more important than execution

    With the continuous upgrading of the first, the concept and nature of the analysis of Shanghai dragon. As everyone knows Shanghai, search engine optimization, the English named SearchEngineOptimization, with literal analysis, search engine optimization is how to make your site to do all aspects of the details, make it accord with the search engine and sorting rules, so that their own website weight ideal and achieve good display position in the search engine. The literal meaning is very simple, but the actual operation process, we may face many problems, howRead More

    16 years at the beginning of the new year white Shanghai dragon Er how to quickly build your own web

    first, you should learn some basic knowledge of CSS and html. Know the application pro must know any dynamic program finally displayed on the client is based on HTML code, html is some very basic site elements, we use dynamic website as an example, a lot of dynamic applications such as PHP, Java, c# and other SQL statements to let the webmaster learn a variety of objects and classes or even learn a lot of basic many white see the head is greater than the bucket, then there is notRead More

    Ruili algorithm is misinformation by K website has been restored

    ? 1, well, said tired, there are not many places for all analysis, further analysis on some abstruse, in fact, these seemingly simple places are good, your site is half success. many sites are dead in the open speed on a website, if more than 10 seconds are not open, the user is bound to turn off the website to search for other sites, so this is one reason why research center ranking good, not too much JS loading, no HD picture big, want to note that wedding websites suchRead More

    Shanghai dragon in the regional area of the station walk less important for Shanghai Longfeng detour

    : correlation between the city and the city also slowly intelligent up. The search engine in the algorithm were all clear. But we do not know what is the match, only to think. I can give you information, here is the city. For example, say you do an absolutely unique word, with the front is a province name: "Zhejiang is the fastest and most ruthless of the cattle computer maintenance" (a dozen words, now in love with the sea search, which is absolutely the only word) the word as theRead More

    Study on the site before the construction of key words

    website sites should be selected carefully, no understanding of Shanghai dragon friends may directly select the name or select the company’s products as the keyword of the website, but when your company’s website no brand awareness, no user will search company name or site name. The name of the product if the product does not contain the common name, often no one search. The following is my talk about the importance of study on the website keywords before construction from several aspects: At the beginning of we obtain several keyRead More

    Search marketing two biggest flaw in how we compensate

    that another defect is what? I think it is the problem of the transformation. This problem is not guangguai search engine, first said. We are considering the cycle when buying products, especially industrial products, can not be the first time to visit your website to buy right. So from this to your website to need how many times the middle ditch > buy your product I think the search marketing has two drawbacks: first it is a passive marketing, if you want to do the brand, want to get visibility,Read More

    Talk about the experience of web users from four aspects

    serverA stable I like this may make you doubt, market segments? What do you mean? Market segments, that is to do, what are you going to do the site to do fine, and do not pursue the large and complete website, from my personal point of view I think a more prominent website can bring good user experience, because users want to find what it is easy to find, and not as an industry, " said so much, do what the user experience will be good? I said six pointsRead More