You misunderstood content is king this sentence

any user does not love a all is the text of the website, even Wikipedia websites also need some pictures to help explain. So I do website not only in text content efforts, but also on the site above the picture and animation content related optimization, such as optimization of image clarity and image size; for animation content needs to do is to improve the quality of animation and can do optimization. These are indispensable in the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

this is in fact mainly refers to the " read more

The wrong solution leads to optimization of the site is down right

three, the construction of the chain of confusion is down right

: for the wrong robot the right to be reduced, the need for timely change to the robots file, complete shielding grammar correctly, and then re submit your site to search engines for webmaster tools, search engine to search the web, update the search mechanism, to restore the site weight.

brand users, website renewal has become the inevitable development of brand, love Shanghai search engine launched website tools, to help owners to better transfer weight revision. But there are still many webmaster can’t turn in to be perfect, 301 redirect is a tool for the revision, only to the old webmaster website homepage 301 redirect to the new site, the old site of the same page can be accessed, and no permanent redirect to the new site, then lead to new sites not enough weight and was drop right punishment. read more

Love Shanghai 11 and a half year in the case of sharing out

this is another factor likely out of 11 bits. Many people are also in the discussion of key words will be said love Shanghai placed 11 because of love Shanghai wants to earn promotion expenses of certain businesses. Although before also think it’s because of this cause, but did not dare to try, after all, stopped the day means to put a considerable loss of revenue. The chance, also let me know one of the possible ways out of love 11 of Shanghai.

was collected and

site included adjustment, increase of read more

How to decrease the reason analysis of site traffic

If the

three flow rate has fallen, but not the holidays and other special days, then it is very likely to be the site there is a problem, or not open, or slow speed, there may be technical personnel changes to the site, the statistical code deleted, the website will often encounter this kind of situation. If self check to make sure the site does not have the above problems, you can also continue to flow down analysis area, for the above comparison operation "distribution" function in Shanghai love statistics, analysis of whether there is an obvious drop of traffic in some areas, there may be a problem to civil communication or parts of a problem with DNS resolution. read more

Mou Changqing Shanghai dragon is not equal to the non Shanghai dragon network promotion promotion ex

don’t want to talk about the theory on this, take the case to speak to Jane, "

Internet users 3 entrance

Because of The so-called

new media, is now included in the fire, micro-blog, SNS, blog, forum. Now there is a very fire of the term in the industry, called new media marketing. The so-called new media marketing is for micro-blog, SNS, blog, forums and other channels to promote. Now many domestic large Internet Co, has a dedicated team or person in charge of the promotion of new media marketing channels. read more

Matters needing attention and exchange the role of a chain of a chain

four, increase website traffic and reduce the rate of jump at the site of


2, the bounce rate decreases, i.e., the user enters your home, look at the bottom of the page is not for their valuable information from the web page of the head, and then close the page, enter other website, this website will increase the bounce rate, website bounce rate is high, the more dangerous site. However, if the user through the links to other sites, which will reduce your rebound, rebound rate and less website search engine recognition. A friend, why users point links will reduce the website bounce rate? This is because, as long as the user enters the website, click on any link to another page, will reduce the rate of jump out the site, increase site access. read more

How to restore the stationmaster net is right down the site, detailing the steps

although my website is K. But I have been on the record on the watch, on the morning of 7.27, indeed, I record these sites, all is K, leaving only a web site on the home page, for which I am not here to say, the province of the suspected of advertising.

my site is K, found with me by K and one of the sites, I take these two sites to do the analysis, hoping to find some common points from. The analysis shows that we are the contents of the two sites caused by too little. Then I come to this conclusion, while the site was K, then the big revision! Revision after a month, now included more than 7000! This growth rate is amazing, the growth is the user to provide me with the content. read more

The analysis of long tail keywords skills through the main keywords

analysis of long tail keywords skills before we first analyze the data, we added a love Shanghai index for the optimization of long tail keywords 1000, if you are able to love the first in Shanghai, then you may have 50% of the flow, in turn, the ranking, can get traffic will be less, of course the last page and can be a little higher, can reach 10% of the traffic, if you sell products, then the directional flow often conversion rate will be slightly high, can reach the normal conversion rate, so as long as the product profit * * traffic flow conversion rate can get your profits. Usually the long tail keywords to optimize to the first or have great confidence, we’ll introduce the directional analysis method of long tail keywords read more

Shanghai dragon industry search direction of the algorithm change from love adjustment of Shanghai M

the news on the Internet webmaster and Shanghai dragon industry, is a major challenge. But the challenge is also the opportunity, who can seize the good love based on mobile Shanghai Shanghai dragon, are expected to make their services / goods get more attention.

for users of other systems: rapid deployment can use love Shanghai to provide their own mobile station to complete the function of website of mobile phone edition. (need to set the CNAME, please make sure to make corresponding adjustments in DNS management permission). read more

Shanghai dragon’s success is not a point of success

For example,

said if you stand outside the station to do the very best, the website flow, but the conversion rate is too low, it is likely that the traffic is not accurate flow, we need to analyze the accuracy of the precision, and then change the advertising or promotion strategy. Of course, there is a more important reason is that your website is not out of marketing, and other common site fits. You did not highlight the advantages of the product, there is no good to show your company’s advantage and so on. I see a lot of the. read more

The 404 page insight in Shanghai Longfeng optimization status

generally set up 404 of the web page, when a spider in a search engine, the 404 request will not crawl the content within the URL. On the other hand, if not set, the spider that continue to grab, resulting in a lot of duplicate information in web pages, resulting in repeated accumulation of Web information, finally lead to drop right, serious, even will be K station.


for 404, perhaps a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff are in the familiar, however, in the 404 Shanghai dragon optimization really play a role in what, next, this period of the Shanghai dragon theme will tell you to page 404. First of all, simple for you about 404, the definition of what is actually 404, 404 is a link to a web page does not exist or URL failure. For example: the link www.ABC贵族宝贝/sxlj/, we use the "link failure" to do hyperlinks, displayed on the web page, and then click to enter, but the page is 404 page error. Similarly, changes in the web page file, will lead to the same situation. read more

Small smart and simulated the behavior of users to bid farewell to the short-lived Shanghai Dragon

because the pseudo original easy batch production, yield guaranteed. No matter what we do in Shanghai dragon industry website optimization, the first step is to find almost two to three authoritative websites in the industry, is in fact for us after the release of false original article to the source. The authority of the site every day to update a lot of information, including submission website editor and netizen article. This article not only ensures the quality and originality, naturally became our eyes do false original resource optimization personnel choice. Therefore, the emergence of such a phenomenon, all the authoritative website released almost, can find a large number of original articles derived from its, to some extent these pseudo original articles are network garbage. Before this is Hu Yang why do optimization process is actually a process of manufacturing network garbage, "do you see the Shanghai dragon do optimization when the number of manufacturing network rubbish". We use the industry authority website to do false original article there is a reason, it is easy to insert keywords, and looks relatively natural. read more

After the era of Google Adsense and the new nobility baby Raiders play


noble baby Adsense is the most important tool for the survival of the noble baby, is only profitable global webmaster choice, I believe we are not unfamiliar.

for ordinary people, this means not over the wall cannot use a noble baby, and for the owners concerned, the consequences are more serious, the registration and use of noble baby Adsense are severely affected.

3.: the use of noble baby Adsense is very simple, if you tried other advertising, you will marvel at the noble baby Adsense easy to use and simple, such as noble baby Adsense does not require the record, while all the domestic advertising alliance are required for the record. read more

Analysis of tea mall Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis intoxicants mall optimization

, a "head light foot heavy" phenomenon

The other is the title From the

keyword ranking, keyword intoxicants mall many column page ranking is very good, the release of the chain number is also very much, but through long-term observation, the mall home frequently updated snapshot slow phenomenon, can be seen from the snapshot update, optimize the lack of home page, general weight high the web page snapshot is updated every year, from the front page article update, in addition to comment this change, on the right side of the mall and dynamic drunk goods are not updated the community forum. read more

A5 the establishment of the early enterprise marketing to excellent and poor will affect the Shangha

Objective: never let yourself lose at the starting line! A5 marketing give these words are doing the transformation and the transformation of the Internet has been the traditional small and medium enterprises, hope these enterprises can win in the transformation of the starting line. Then, the starting line is the first step at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise. If the first step out of the question, the number of steps later may bring certain influence to the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng, even for read more

How a multi pronged approach to select the most suitable for your keywords

we want to clear the site keywords group concept, should be clear enough, this is in order not to let the phrase not too broad, believe that we are very clear, more segments, more professional, more focused, so we can shield part of no value to the visitors, the precision of our target user group.


users in the search for a relevant information that is not possible then accurately correspond to your keywords, so choosing the main keywords, to every one of the words is extended to form a series of long tail keywords, this can be through the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines search function reference. In addition, the change of phrase word order to create different combinations of words, use common combination, combined into a question, can include synonyms, words, or figurative words commonly misspelled words, use other determiners to create more word, three words, four words were. "CPanel virtual host management system", "virtual host control platform, which is arranged by extending multiple synonyms results. read more

2016 Shanghai Longfeng practitioners knowledge necessary to summarize key points

third: preliminary site note

for a just on the line near the site, all the external optimization is not done as far as possible, only to do is to do house work, such as the column page key words to describe the improvement of original content website updates, flattening the tree structure of the site structure vary clearly, this is to pave the way for the later "Moon", must loneliness.

website online upload all kinds of documents, all kinds of qualifications, in short, is conducive to the user experience that upload all is because this is love for the record, officials in Shanghai say as long as it is conducive to the user experience will enhance the value of the site (search engine is not a person, so there must be a set of rules covering these documents or relevant description). read more

The medical website optimization scheme

3, a chain exchange between the same industry, and their main intention included and the chain is similar to the hospital exchange.

3, website update, the original thing, can effectively guarantee the collection and quality, original and high quality stuff more easily to be included. At the same time also allows visitors to see what we want to see

1, ensure that every day about 5 of the chain, can make the high weight forum, classified information website, blog, the chain is mainly to reduce the chain of correlation, stability, degree of guangdong. read more

Website update scheme (with solutions and website ranking)


update is not only a very important relationship between the collection, the more important I think it is holding the updated content to participate in the rankings, said update news content more easily included, which included more easily for a reason.

accurately, search engines are at a crawl site, because the search engine in the capture of the website, the website will increase the load, the search engine does not want to grab people during the day to lead people website or website card open. So when a small number of users at the site of capture, of course is always grasp, because the site is always updated, search engine needs timely collection. read more

The inside pages included normal causes of home page snapshot not update

web pages included, the spider is normal access to the site, so the emergence of this situation is the most, is not outside. And this phenomenon and update snapshot not included in the page is not the same, this is not a right to be reduced. This phenomenon was probably due to the following reasons.


we should let the home become the real core site in the structure of the site, home page should be to most of the pages, to make the most of the web page should have links to jump to the home page. Shanghai will be assigned to the weight of that love the most, often update snapshot. read more