Eight kinds of fish Hot pot shop join worry

today’s food and beverage industry is very competitive, many people want to start, have chosen to invest in the ranks of food and beverage. So, to choose to join the eight taste pot fish hot pot? Small business, the best choice to trust. Join the eight taste pot hot pot, good market opportunities!

of eight kinds of fish Hot pot original half self-help management mode, to feature selection with superior product pot Shabu dipping pot to eat 8 thousand million taste plus half self-help desserts, drinks and snack break through the traditional drawbacks of the industry to create a new dining experience. Can you do it now? The answer is yes, eight pot of hot pot fish easy to join, is your choice to start a business. read more

Build a service contacts Minyou

Xining city in the party’s mass line of educational practice, to serve the grassroots, serving the people as the basis, make full use of information network technology, through flexible and diverse means to build a "liaison service station", do service forward, with the function of sinking, win the trust of the actual results, the implementation of the "heart to heart".

the traditional means of information technology services to achieve full coverage. Through the establishment of e-government platform, the hotline, SMS platform, QQ group, the business, the admissibility of complaints, charges standard, weather forecast service forward and sinking, to achieve convenient and efficient services to the public. Comprehensive information technology services show a new bright spot. Investment in the construction of information command platform, the use of video on demand, GPS and other information integration system, efforts to build the service of the masses frontline position to achieve seamless supply of services and the needs of the people. New information technology means service presents new trends. Part of the county, the unit of micro-blog, WeChat official public platform of digital library, the new information carrier, expand ties with the masses of the "bridge", to carry out online interaction with the masses, to provide service to meet the needs of the people, and pushing further enhance the level of service for the people.   read more

Our province to further strengthen the management of law and politics and discipline style building

to effectively implement the strict requirements, to further improve and perfect the law enforcement officers violating law and notify the supervision and discipline of accountability mechanism, strengthening the provisions of the central eight, 21 provincial government measures and law enforcement officers in Qinghai province "eight prohibitions" of the execution and implementation of force, recently, the provincial Party committee issued the "notice", emphasized the need to strengthen law enforcement officers discipline style construction and supervision work as a focal point to build strong political and legal team, which is the wind Su Ji as the starting point, the cadres honest, clean, clear judicial team as the goal, to further strengthen the province’s police officers disciplined style of supervision and reporting work. read more

Kuang Yong met with Turkey national energy photovoltaic industry business delegation

11 1, vice governor Kuang Yong met in Xining, Turkey, the national energy photovoltaic industry business delegation and discussion. Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial Energy Bureau, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the provincial council and other relevant departments and enterprises responsible person to participate in.

discussion, the relevant departments and enterprises of the province introduced the province’s energy economic development, investment and trade cooperation between the two sides and the development of photovoltaic industry chain and the status quo of power grid construction. Turkey business delegation and the delegation introduced the general situation of Turkey, the investment environment and the development of photovoltaic industry, etc.. read more

East Public Security Bureau to highlight the four never fully promote the core values of the people’

The police’s core values of education practice is currently an important starting point to improve and strengthen the public security ideological and political work, political position and the political nature to the public security team

core values of police education practice is currently an important starting point to improve and strengthen the public security ideological and political work, political position and the political nature to the public security team. City Public Security Bureau in the study and education activities, prominent political, occupation, practical and fundamental key, and adhere to the combination of refining and promoting the combination of theory and practice, pluralistic, multi-level and diversified to carry out special education practice activities, continue to promote the core values of police and police, common ideal faith and moral foundation, formed the spirit of unity and struggle of power, to further enhance the team cohesion and combat effectiveness. read more

31 kindergartens in the West District of Xining city from stopping

July 8th, Xining City, the General Logistics Department of the 62201 organs of the kindergarten lively. West District preschool teacher training base activities and the first director of the forum activities held here. To carry out this activity, will promote the west area of 31 kindergartens characteristics at the same time, also build a mutual learning platform for the kindergarten, the kindergarten learn and grow together, in the process of interaction and improve together.

regional activities, body intelligence, Xuejun activity and thinking training is the General Logistics Department of the 62201 army authorities kindergarten highlights, also features. The same day, from the jurisdiction of the 30 kindergartens to observe the characteristics of these educational activities, full of praise. From the west area of a private kindergarten teacher Wang said, now a large number of kindergarten, kindergarten building has become one of the kindergarten development direction and methods to attract students, the General Logistics Department of the 62201 units in kindergarten practice is worth learning. read more