ATT receives worst carrier title from Consumer Reports

first_imgWhen it comes to the competition between wireless carriers it is sometimes a battle of the memorable taglines. For Verizon Wireless their tagline is “the nation’s largest 3G network.” Sprint claims to be “the only true 4G network” while AT&T claims to have “the fastest mobile broadband network.” Yet, AT&T just got handed a tagline from Consumer Reports they could have done without. According to the consumer group, AT&T is “the nation’s worst network”.The unenviable title came from the most recent reader survey which included 58,000 readers in 23 metropolitan areas. In the survey, readers were asked to rank wireless carriers on a scale from “Worse” to “Better’ on nine categories covering value, voice service quality, data service quality and customer support. The survey included U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Unfortunately for AT&T, they received the lowest rating of “Worse” in eight out of nine categories. Ouch.As you can imagine, AT&T didn’t take this slap in the face laying down. A spokesperson was quick to respond by saying:We take this seriously and we continually look for new ways to improve the customer experience. The fact is wireless customers have choices and a record number of them chose AT&T in the third quarter, significantly more than our competitors. Hard data from independent drive tests confirms AT&T has the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network with our nearest competitor 20 percent slower on average nationwide and our largest competitor 60 percent slower on average nationwide.  And, our dropped call rate is within 1/10 of a percent – the equivalent of just one call in a thousand – of the industry leader.Besides giving AT&T a black eye, Consumer Reports also alluded to the fact that survey results said something about the overall satisfaction of iPhone users by stating:Over half of the survey respondents who used AT&T as a carrier owned some version of the iPhone, the Apple smart phone that is exclusive to AT&T, at least for now. Consumer Reports data, reflecting all versions of the phone, found that iPhone owners were much less satisfied with their carrier and rated data service (Web and e-mail) lower than owners of smart phones on other carriers that, like the iPhone, have a host of apps to encourage heavy data use.Read more at The Huffington Post and BGR.last_img

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