Goa Congress urges Governor to dismiss State government

first_imgStating that there is no government in existence in Goa and the democracy requires a stable government led by the Chief Minister, Congress in Goa on Monday urged Governor Mrdiula Sinha to dismiss the BJP-led State government. Addressing a press conference at the Congress House in the city, Congress chief spokesperson and former Union Law Minister Ramakant Khalap said that the present situation in Goa with several Ministers led by the Chief Minister away taking medical treatment, there was a constitutional deadlock.Mr. Khalap said the failure of the constitutional machinery leads to only one thing — dismissal of the government, taking over of the government, President’s rule. When pressed further and asked if Congress would call for a President’s rule to be imposed, Mr. Khalap said that it was the last resort, and quipped, “We will cross the bridge when it comes.” Calling the present situation in the State a “failure of Constitutional machinery,” Mr. Khalap, in reply to a question also said that once this government is dismissed, the democratic process will come into play and the Congress as the largest party in the State legislature will not lack in responding to the situation.Earlier, Mr. Khalap said, “Let the Chief Minister who is away in U.S. for treatment atleast nominate a Deputy Chief Minister or Minister in-charge as over 80% of the State budget is concentrated in the hands of unwell Chief Minister and Ministers. If that is absent, we request and we demand the Governor must withdraw her pleasure in this Council of Ministers and dismiss the government straightaway,” said Mr. Khalap. “While we all have been and continue to pray for fitness and good health of all the Ministers, including the Chief Minister, Congress cannot sit idle and watch the helplessness of the people of Goa,” remarked Goa Congress general secretary and spokesperson Yatish Naik, adding, “The adverse impact of the absence of these Ministers and the various issues which have been plaguing the State for the last ten months and which need to be taken care of.”Mr. Khalap said that on Monday they have sent a e-mail to the Governor requesting for an immediate appointment with her so that “once again we can apprise her of the prevailing situation and try and prevail upon her to act as per the mandate of the Constitution of India.” “The Constitution prescribes that there shall be a Council of Ministers with the Chief Minister as the helm to aid and advise the Governor. This is the mandate. We can understand the temporary absence of the Chief Minister. Invariably, if it is more than 24 hours, the powers are given to somebody else. It was at least possible to have a Deputy Chief Minister. It has always been the case that whoever has been unable to function, hands over the power to the second in command. The Chief Minister should have authorised not just one but many more ministers to do the work,” said Mr. Khalap. In the present situation, he wondered who was that who was aiding and advising the Governor of Goa because all work, all executive powers are to be exercised in the name of the Governor. “The question comes, how many times has the Council of Ministers met in the last few months. What is the aid and advise they have tendered to the Governor in this period. Let the Governor come clean on this, if the Goa government does not answer this question,” said Mr. Khalap.last_img

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