Mendy, on yellow alert

first_imgFerland Mendy (24 years old) is being one of the great novelties of the season. The Madrid side accumulates positive reviews for its development in the grass. His irruption in the left wing of the Bernabéu has led to a defensive torrent that has upset the white rear until it becomes a stony wall: only in the League and with him flanking Sergio Ramos, Madrid have conceded just six goals in their 14 league presences . Only Vilarreal managed to punch Courtois goal more than once with him on the field in this league championship. Beyond: Madrid does not know defeat with the French playing. Of 14 league matches in which he has participated, the whites have imposed on 10 and tied the remaining four. Nevertheless, Mendy is on yellow alert: the Classic could be lost next March 1. The French add four yellow cards and is just one to miss the match against Setién. If he played against Celta, he could force a card to not play against Levante on Saturday, February 22 (9:00 p.m.), running the risk of being sanctioned with two games, as happened to Sergio Ramos against Ajax without go further. Till the date, Mendy has seen six yellow cards: against Villarreal, Betis, Getafe and Atlético de Madrid he was booked. Before Espanyol (day 16) he saw two cards in just 20 minutes, being ejected … and losing the game against Valencia.curiously Mendy is in the same position as her partner Casemiro. Like the Brazilian with the duel against Barcelona on December 18. On that occasion, Zidane decided that the Brazilian, who also had four cards, did not play the last game before measuring himself to the Catalans (against Valencia 1-1), so that he arrived without problems to the Classic. Now Zidane must meditate if he lines Mendy against Celta to look for a yellow one or gives him rest against Levante to be a starter against Barcelona …last_img read more

Barça already knows the three shirts of the 2020-2021

first_imgThe third kit will be identical to the second, but changing the black for an intense pink and the gold for the black. The difference is that in this case the shield would retain its traditional design and colors. In this way, they forget bluish green with a light print.It is not yet known how the goalkeepers of the Quique Setién team will dress next season, but Messi, Suarez, Pique and company, as well as any other signing that may arrive, will wear the azulgrana, the black and the pink. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 21, 2020 As for the second uniform, it will have a much more elegant design. They forget yellow with the diagonal stripes to make a black kit with absolutely all the details in gold, Be it the logo, the neck, the lines of the sleeves, the advertising or even the shield.center_img Barcelona already knows the design of its three kits for next season. According Sports world, the people of Nike approached the sports facilities of the club azulgrana to show the players, and in the process of doing a photo shoot, how they will dress during the 2020-2021 campaign. The designs have been filtered by the portal Footy headlines.The first kit will stop showing the pictures of this season and recover the vertical stripes. However, between each of the blue and maroon lines, there will be a rather striking yellow, color that will predominate both in the neck and in the logo or at the end of the sleeves. The publicity of Rakuten Y Beko (on the sleeve) they would wear it in white.Footy Headlines’); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>The design of the three Nike kits of Barcelona for the 2020-2021 season.Footy headlineslast_img read more

Series A postpones the sixth meeting of this day

first_imgSeries A postponed another game, the sixth, of this controversial day 26. The League reported that Sampdoria-Verona, scheduled for Monday, will be held next May 13 together with Sassuolo-Brescia, Parma-SPAL, Udinese-Fiorentina, Milan-Genoa and Juventus-Inter. A necessary solution after announcing the president of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, that the match could only have been played behind closed doors due to the cases of coronaviruses in the area (25). Yes, In the next few hours the teams could change their plans again: according to Sky Sport, it is being valued to recover the six postponed games of this day in the next weekend, moving the whole day 27 to May 13. A solution that would allow not to leave the classification halfway through the end of the season and would please everyone, canceling all the controversies of the last hours.There was also talk of using next Wednesday and Thursday, postponing the Italian Cup semifinals back to May (Juventus-Milan and Naples-Inter). This Sunday, a Series A council was held at a conference call, where no solution was found: in the end it was decided to convene an extraordinary assembly, on Wednesday in Rome, to discuss face to face and settle the matter at once.last_img read more

They denounce irregularities in the electoral process of the Extremaduran Federation

first_imgThe candidacies of Sancho Bejarano and Ventura Pozo has demanded this Wednesday the paralysis of the elections to the presidency of the Extremadura Football Federation and the intervention of the autonomous Administration so that the process is clean and democratic.At a press conference held in Mérida, They have justified this request in a series of irregularities that have detected and that have occurred even before the electoral call. In his opinion, the process is “flawed” with the intention of benefiting one of the candidates.Both applicants have ensured that There have been irregularities in the capture of the vote, in the appointment of the members of the Electoral Board and in the electoral roll, among others. Bejarano has said that they have challenged the members of the Electoral Board for their “very direct” relationship with the president of the federation and candidate, Ramón Rocha, and the legal services of this organization.In addition, it has denounced non-compliance with the obligation to publish the census annually and the errors included in the one finally published earlier this month, with included voters who do not have to be and others with the right to it who have been left out. Without checking the number of players, 600 census records have been studied and 200 of them have been used, has pointed. In this sense, it has also criticized the maneuvers to hinder the claims to the census. Bejarano has also warned that, before the elections were even called, Federation employees asked for the vote for Rocha using the official model that had not yet been published. The other candidate has asserted that in “in football democracy does not exist” and he recalled that in the 2008 elections he was “played” and the irregularities that occurred in the 2013 elections, which ended up in court. Now they do not rule out going to court if the Junta de Extremadura does not take action on the matter.Pozo has indicated that in December he requested an interview with the counselor of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Nuria Flores; and the General Director of Sports, Dan de Sande, but they still haven’t answered him, and has asked the regional authorities not to be “complicit” in this situation. They have criticized Rocha for running for re-election when he said he was only going to be eight years.Bejarano has demanded that the process go back to the beginning, that it be democratic and that the “bad image” that occurred in 2013 at the national level not be repeated. “Here we all have the right to present ourselves, not just the one who is there,” he stressed. The civil, criminal and administrative litigation complaints filed for irregularities in the 2013 electoral process finally did not prosper.The elections called now will be held between April 29 and May 6 next, although before there is an important assembly, on April 8, in the middle of Easter, something that they have also criticized. In it, the 50 assembly members are elected – 28 representing clubs, 12 players, 5 referees and as many coaches – who are ultimately the president.last_img read more

Rubiales’ “injustices”: pros and cons of alternatives to finish LaLiga

first_imgFinish the season on Matchday 27Also rejected by the president of the RFEF, one of the options that gained more strength was that of end the season on matchday 27 and proclaim champion to the one who occupies the first position. Of course, Barcelona would be the maximum benefit, since it would validate their good work so far. Also teams like Getafe wave Real, who have proven to be up to the best, but who would have signed their position in September. Luis Rubiales appeared to explain the situation of Spanish football, after UEFA definitively announced the postponement of the European Championship until the summer of 2021. So far, a total of five alternatives were put on the table to conclude the championship. However, after the words of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, only one is contemplated: ending the competition with the remaining eleven days, regardless of the date on which they are played.Furthermore, Rubiales cataloged the other deck possibilities as “unfair”. But, Why do you consider it this way? Who would benefit and who would suffer from each of them? The federative president explained it, although it is worth mentioning, individually, the great winners and also the great losers of what would be unique closings in the history of Spanish football.Leave the championship desertedIf this decision were agreed, already ruled out by Rubiales, Cádiz, Zaragoza and Barcelona would see their efforts ruined. Those of Setién are leaders of LaLiga Santander and would not add a championship that they have won on the pitch. Gaditanos and Aragonese would remain at the gates of promotion, after occupying the first two positions in the table in LaLiga SmartBank in recent weeks.Also, if the competition doesn’t end, European positions could be decided by UEFA Coefficient based on recent years. In that case, revelation teams like Real Sociedad and Getafe could see their dream of traveling the continent fade away. Atlético de Madrid will surely qualify for the Champions League, despite occupying, at the moment, the sixth position in the table.This was explained by Rubiales: “They were talking about nullifying the season and we defend not. How are we going to do that. How are we going to take away prizes from teams that have been winning things throughout the season. We want the season to end.”JOAN MONFORT & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Barcelona will not be champion if LaLiga could not be played again.JOAN MONFORT (DAILY AS) Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Athletic or Betis could not turn around some irregular months and they would stay away from goals or, failing that, dreams. Mallorca, Leganés and Espanyol would say goodbye to the category without having the opportunity to save the burn; while Celta or Eibar, who have rubbed elbows in the bottom all year, would stay in First without the need for the final effort. In the Second Division, Cádiz and Zaragoza would return to the elite; Deportivo, Lugo, Extremadura and Racing would say goodbye to professional football; and it would remain to be seen if the third promotion would go to the third classified.Anyway, the possibility is no longer on the table. This was explained by Rubiales: “It was said to end the classification as it is. And I can already say that it would be injustice to end the classification as it is. It would be a tremendous injustice. The classification that there is now will not be the one at the end.” The difference in timing, for example, is one of the factors that does not give this possibility the required justice.Keep the first lapIn order that the calendar did not influence when deciding a champion, it has also been stipulated with the option of only accounting for the results of the first round. Thus, everyone would have faced everyone. If it were that way, Barcelona would also be champion and Atlético would win places in the table until they qualify for the Champions. I would lose the square Real, heading to the Europa League. The Valencia. The Getafe he would stay at the gates, seventh.Yes they would lower the same as in day 27: Mallorca, Leganés and Espanyol. They would leave their place in First to Cadiz Y Almeria. Huesca, Fuenlabrada, Zaragoza and Numancia, in that order, occupied the Playoff positions at that time. However, Rubiales is not convinced to reward and punish for only the first months of the sports year: “And the third scenario was talking about bringing the season back to the first round. And we are not going to do that either. It would be rewarding someone who had a position that is not the one of now. We only have to finish the season.”A Playoff… for next year?The last of the shuffled alternatives was to decide champion and bottom with the celebration of a faster Playoff, which would allow to lighten the competition and be able to finish on time. At the moment, that will not happen. Yes, at the moment, since Luis Rubiales has not ruled out a similar option next season. If the championship, due to the spread of the coronavirus, had to be extended until the end of summer or, even more, of course, the usual schedule would have to be modified.Thus, it would be possible that the next season did not respond to the usual pattern that has been repeated for so many years. Rubiales left it up in the air: “We only have to finish the season. That is June 30, perfect. No, it will end later. And if later you have to start later or with another format, it will be done, but agreed by all. This is the formula we have found. “last_img read more

Cristiano will buy material to combat Covid-19

first_imgAs you have been able to know ACE, after Mendes’ initiative, several footballers, some of whom he represents as Cristiano RonaldoThey can be encouraged to use their resources for the good of society. It is expected that in the next few hours footballers from around the world will join in the necessary aid to combat the virus. Cristiano Ronaldo is in his native Madeira serving Juventus team quarantine because he traveled there to see his mother who had suffered a stroke and had to withdraw at home. In Spain this initiative has been taken by the family Ortega from Inditex and it is expected that in the next few hours Spain will receive the much-needed material in Spanish hospitals. Amancio Ortega’s daughter, Sandra will donate more than a million masks, 5,000 protective suits and a number of protective screens still to be determined, according to The voice of Galicia.The same information indicates that the material was purchased from a Chinese supplier and is expected to arrive shortly. Inditex announced this week that it would donate 300,000 surgical masks, to which other material will be added. In addition, the textile company has joined the manufacture of dressing gowns and other types of material. Specifically, it is going to start manufacturing sanitary masks, gloves, goggles, caps, leggings and facial protectors.The initiative of the Ortega family in Spain and Jorge Mendes in Portugal can produce a knock-on effect and it is expected that more people with possible investments in sanitary material. The spokeswoman for Gestifute, company of Mendes, Manuela Brandao The initiative pointed out in social networks: “In the face of the health emergency affecting our country, Jorge Mendes and Gestifute undertake to contribute to the reinforcement of the resources that serve the hospital establishments of our country in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. In this sense, Jorge Mendes has ordered (with delivery scheduled for the first week of April) three ventilators, which will serve two hospitals in the north of the country. “ Jorge Mendes has begun to acquire medical supplies to provide the São João hospital in Porto to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The soccer agent has acquired two hundred thousand individual protection gowns and one thousand ventolin applicators. And in the next few days, when he gets the material he is looking for all over the world, he will buy 50,000 masks and donate them also to Portuguese hospitals.last_img read more

“If you play again, we will try to have the level before the break”

first_img-The anecdote of the Bernabéu. “It will remain in the memory that we achieved something historic. I knew it was going to be very difficult, that we had to dance with the ugliest, but we were convinced that it could be won. It was an unforgettable night. Those last minutes are from the ones that have suffered the most or I have been able to suffer in a field. I had been inactive for two months, I played 90 minutes on Sunday in Leganés and in the Bernabéu another 90. I like that Merino is there because in the second or third goal of them I could not even with my soul, the three changes were already made and I insisted that I could not, and he replied that I had to endure as it was. Luckily we resisted and it was something unforgettable. It remains for everyone’s memory. “-Aritz’s step forward. “When you arrive in preseason and see that the club has placed a lot of trust in you, with the departures of players like Héctor Moreno or Raúl Navas, who due to age or seniority were behind, I felt that I had to take a step forward, that I should leading that line. I had a lot of bad luck because I broke the abductor, I relapsed, I had a hard time recovering, but when I had the option to play I felt like one of the leaders behind to help the team, the goalkeeper and the defense. I broke again and it was difficult for me to return, but it is true that these last games I have found myself getting better and better, with a lot of confidence and now this break has come. I hope I will not get hurt again and end up on the field with the rest of my teammates. “ -Friend with Yuri. “I have a very good relationship with Yuri; when we passed in Miranda he congratulated me. Of course he was happy for all the close people he has in the club, and the next day, when they passed, I also sent him a message. I have had no more messages, and if they don’t write to you, I don’t write either. “-The Cup, priority if the league resumes. “The Cup is the most important thing, but we will try to reach the level we have had so far and get as many points as possible to stay on top, in European positions. It will be difficult because it is not only us, but we must be convinced that We can do it even though we are a young staff. We have to grit our teeth, try to work at home as the physical trainers ask us and then in Zubieta prepare ourselves to death for that final stretch. “ -Without doubts about the level of the Real. “We have no fear of not recovering the performance we had achieved. From the beginning it has been seen that if we press we can achieve the level we have reached and this is part of what has happened. We have had to stop and when it is our turn We will come back and we will see the time we have to prepare. We are aware that we have to work now at home, clench our teeth so that when the time comes to return to Zubieta, it will be like the last day. “-Mentalized to win the final. “The finals are not played, they are won. It is clear that we had a lot of merit in reaching the final, achieving victory in every game. It was going to be played this Saturday, but it could not be and we were psyched that it was going to be A great day. Let’s hope it arrives and we can go out for everyone. We are faced with the opportunity to do something historic and the dream of many could be fulfilled by achieving that Cup, which would be something unforgettable. “last_img read more

Pedri, culé to the core: “I even have Barça’s frying pan”

first_imgBorn in Tegueste (Tenerife) in November 2002, Pedro González López, Pedri, one among the most projected gamers in Spanish soccer, stripped bare on Wednesday in the official media of Barça and found himself as a cré culé. Lover of 4-3-3, devoted to Iniesta, Barça, who will be a part of the 2020-21 season at simply 17 years previous, comes from household. “In my home there are Barça dishes, there may be even a Barça pan that my father took accumulating the vouchers that Sport gave. I even stayed a few occasions at Camp Nou; I keep in mind that one among the days Puyol collected a title. I don’t know if it was a Cup or a League … “, he explains whereas thanking Pepe Mel, coach of Las Palmas, for his recommendation in the present day.“My reference has all the time been Iniesta,” he explains, though his father, a Barcelona participant, “additionally instructed me about Michael Laudrup and I have seen YouTube movies of him.” It’s attainable that Pedri will do the preseason with the first crew: “They inform me in the Las Palmas locker room that Setién likes the soccer I play. And assembly Messi catches everybody’s eye …”. Then he describes himself as a participant: “I like to affiliate and keep up a correspondence with the ball as a result of, if not, I get bored. I have to enhance face to door”. In the interview, Pedro mentions Frenkie de Jong a number of occasions: “I feel he would make an excellent match with him. I really like his soccer.” Though confinement has handed in Tenerife, he’s prepared in Las Palmas to return to coaching. There, as well as to Pepe Mel’s mastery, “Jonathan Viera offers me a number of recommendation.” And, after all, these of his dad and mom: “Humility, a cool head and what has to come will have. Since I used to be born I have dreamed of being in the Camp Nou.” His life is that of a standard boy. It’s vital to encourage him in the behavior of studying (“I don’t like to learn”) and he entertains himself with the Ps in the afternoons. It is possible for you to to meet Mirotic as a result of he loves basketball and if he weren’t a footballer, he could be a cook dinner like his brother. However in actuality, he prefers to be a footballer: “To the kitchen that he dedicates himself to.”last_img read more

Turmoil may work in IAAF’s favour

first_imgTWO weeks before the biggest event on its calendar for 2015, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is in turmoil, as it faces not only external threat, but accusations of betrayal from its own athletes.Last week, British newspaper The Sunday Times and German broadcaster ARD/WDR published a report saying that the IAAF did not act on thousands of suspicious doping tests from the 2005 and 2007 World Championships.This week, Olympic discus champion Robert Harting led several athletes in a video accusing the body of betrayal.The IAAF had already faced challenges to its credibility this year, given the exceptional season of the American, Justin Gatlin, who is the fastest man over 100m and 200m this season, coming back from two doping suspensions.Jamaican psychiatrist Dr Aggrey Irons, a member of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association’s (JAAA) Disciplinary Committee and a former member of the Anti-doping Disciplinary Panel, believes there is an attempt to damage the IAAF.”It is an attempt to damage the credibility of the IAAF. I don’t think it will work,” Irons said.Sports psychologist Dennis May agrees and said the turmoil may work in the IAAF’s favour.”Not this issue, because in a sense it has been dealt with already at the highest level. We have seen, too, many accusations in baseball and football. There was a lull, but it came back up. When fans see there is an effort to take out the unfair advantage, people will appreciate it. People love sport. What they want to know is that it is a level playing field,” he said.Opportunity for changeMay, who holds a master’s degree in advanced behavioural science from Antioch University in Seattle, said it is time for the IAAF to institute harsher penalties for cheating.”It’s an opportunity to say ‘here is a stake in the ground’. The sanctions going forward may be even harder.”The founder of Jamalco Track Club believes the tension will heighten interest in the World Championships, especially the men’s 100m, which will feature the tainted Gatlin and reigning world champion Usain Bolt.”It’s high drama,” he said. “It is almost like a soap opera and films you watch. Athletics is at a crux point. From the fans’ point of view, it’s the clean games versus the dirty games. It’s interesting. People say Gatlin tested positive and he has served his time and people will say it has happened with us too.”Upcoming electionMay added that the timing of the scandal was interesting, given that the IAAF will face an election just before the World Championships next week.The body will meet to decide its next president, with 1984 1500m Olympic champion Sebastian Coe facing Ukraine’s 1988 pole vault champion, Sergey Bubka.Irons also said it is in the athletes’ and specifically, Jamaican athletes’ best interest to remain focused.”Recently, there has been an attempt to make us run under a cloud and we have to try to run above that cloud. We have a vested interest in our sport staying clean,” said Irons.May said he is not sure Harting’s accusations are a popular opinion among athletes, which would have been noticed in this age of social media.”Has there been a ground swell? If (that was the case) there would have been a lot of responses and in today’s world with responses being so fast, if you haven’t seen that, I don’t think that will affect it,” he said.last_img read more

Innswood still in charge

first_imgInnswood High stayed atop of Group C in the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)/FLOW Manning Cup competition after scoring a narrow 3-2 win over Denham Town at the Edward Seaga Sports Complex yesterday.However, Denham Town had their goalkeepers largely to blame, with all three goals coming as a result of goalkeeper errors.Shawn Beckford fired the visitors ahead after 18 minutes, and although Tarrique Campbell equalised on 40 minutes for Denham Town, Ronaldo Grignion restored Innswood’s advantage three minutes later, and Sanjai Nelson extended Innswood’s lead from the spot, 12 minutes from the end.But although Rushane Facey reduced the deficit to one on 90 minutes, the visitors held on for the win and kept themselves atop of the group with maximum 12 points, three more than St George’s.Coach Anthony Thompson says he expected things are getting tougher for his team after their surprise win over St George’s, but after yesterday’s victory he is confident of completing the double against the ‘Georgians’.”It (Denham Town) was a hard game but you saw the fight that we fight and we prevailed,” Thompson commented.”We have to play more aggressively now, and we will have to move the ball more because we are playing some good teams like St George’s on Monday and we have to be prepared for that. Although some injuries are plaguing us we are going to prevail (Monday),” he stated.Innswood went ahead through Beckford, who beat goalkeeper Andrew Brown to a 50-50 ball that Brown looked favoured to win to score in an empty goal. But Denham Town pulled level when Tarrique Campbell beat Tajan Griffiths with a 25 yards free kick. Three minutes later, Innswood was back in front when goalkeeper, Brown, misjudged a ball into the area and allowed Grignion to score from six yards.Twelve minutes from the end, Shemar Guthrie beat Leroy Brooks who replaced Brown at half-time with a free kick from 40 yards though the goalkeeper should have done better.Denham Town got another goal back in minute 90 when Daquan Black was fouled in the area, and Facey dispatched the resulting penalty.last_img read more