Winter crackdown Xining police cracked the case of car theft


launched the "strike hard winter", Xining city public security organs rapid mobilization, active deployment, will fight against crime car robbery as a key, recently, cracked 2 cases car robbery cases, destroyed 2 gangs, arresting 11 suspects, a powerful blow to the arrogance of criminals.

In January 26th

, a car parked in front of the hotel in Qinghai MITSUBISHI Pajero off-road vehicle is stolen, the car has cash, calligraphy and painting, crafts and other objects, the total value of the property inside the car about 50 yuan. After the incident, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to carry out a comprehensive investigation of the case. After investigation Mopai, in February 12th in Xining city and Hainan will auto theft and disposal of stolen goods and arrested 8 suspects, recover stolen MITSUBISHI Pajero off-road vehicle. read more

Provincial Public Security Fire Department to build a strong summer fire safety firewall

  summer is high season fire accident, the fire department at all levels based on the current situation of fire characteristics in various places as the center, to carry out inspection, to build a strong summer fire safety "firewall". This is the reporter learned from the provincial public security fire brigade in May 24th.

the inspection from May 20th to September 20th, with the ongoing social welfare institutions and other special governance combine proceed, key range check is explosive and dangerous place, large city complex, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hotel market restaurants, entertainment venues, labor-intensive enterprises, welfare institutions and other personnel intensive places, summer training institutions and personnel on the temporary rental, minority villages, tourist attractions, high-rise building underground cultural relics, ancient buildings, logistics, construction site, "three in one" place. At the same time do a good job, Green Fair, Lake Race and other major events and the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other important festivals of fire safety work. read more

Ma Changqing members suggested to increase funding for the comprehensive improvement of the rural en

Comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, so that the environment is better in the countryside, to attend the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee of the four meeting of the Provincial Committee Ma Changqing proposal to increase the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment in our province funding support.

Postgraduate entrance examination will be expelled from school

Reporters from the city of admissions informed that the 2013 graduate exam will begin in January 5th, in order to ensure the fairness of the examination, the city admissions held media ventilation 27 days will be, and will graduate in 2013 5 change examination approach by informing the cheating in the provincial capital of media.I have

City 2013 section 5 new changes compared with previous years: the first use of "exam examinee information bar" and "bar code paper"; 23 subjects examination questions using standardized tests, of which 4 families will also implement a multi volume problem "; reserve volume, answer the examination without replacement card, barcode. Candidates should be particularly careful, careful examination; candidates entering for the first time need to accept the security check door;" to "examination, prohibited articles shall not be allowed to enter the examination room. Graduate in 2013, Xining full implementation of electronic monitoring center examination; examination for each candidate each with a set of the examination candidates to carry prohibited stationery; stationery, watches, mobile phone and other metal products and any books approach; candidates should check the examination room on the afternoon of January 4, 2013 to test, clear personal position. read more

City Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau to convey the spirit of the ten ple

January 18th morning, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau held a meeting of all cadres and workers, to convey the twelve plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the ten. Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Gao Xinrong presided over the meeting, and to implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the party, do a good job in 2011 the city’s discipline inspection and supervision work put forward the requirements of the three aspects of the ten.
Gao Xinrong stressed the need to seriously study and understand the spirit of the meeting, fully implement the work plan meeting. Municipal Committee of the twelve plenary session of the, including the 11th Five-Year, including the work of the year 2010, but also for the next five years, including the work of the overall arrangements for the deployment of 2011. "12th Five-Year" planning is a programmatic document for guidance in all aspects of Xining in the next five years, the development of the society, the plenary session of the "on the development of five year plan for national economic and social development twelfth proposals (Draft)" is a very important document, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels must earnestly strengthen learning, improve understanding of the discipline inspection organs at all levels of thought and action into the plenum. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee, the spirit of excitement, passion, and earnestly do our own work, for the city’s economic and social development and make our contribution. The key to understand and grasp the city’s 12th Five-Year planning and the focus of this year’s work, the guiding ideology, objectives, tasks and specific work plan to further clarify the economic and social development, more positive and more efficient services, to promote and safeguard the overall situation of economic construction.
Gao Xinrong pointed out, should be around the center, serving the overall situation, focus, grasp the anti-corruption work this year. to conscientiously fulfill the functions of supervision and inspection. To strengthen the central, provincial and municipal government major decisions and arrangements to implement the supervision, we should conscientiously sum up the supervision and inspection methods and experience, improve the supervision and inspection work, strengthen the transformation of development mode, adjust the economic structure, energy saving and emission reduction, expanding domestic demand and engineering problems of special treatment and the masses "basic necessities of life and live and work in peace and work the supervision and inspection, to ensure effectiveness, to ensure that the cadres have as no accident. We must continue to strengthen the work style of cadres. Conscientiously implement the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection people-oriented, for the people to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the party’s mass line. Thorough investigation and study of the actual situation, supervise and streamline the meeting, documents and a variety of assessment activities, and do a good job in the implementation of the cadre accountability, change the style of work, grasp the development and implementation. To work around the city, optimize the government environment. Efforts to solve the outstanding problems of the masses, and to correct the unhealthy tendencies of the industry, to help promote the ranks of the post office to find problems, formulate measures to improve the work. We should earnestly study and implement the responsibility system of Party building and clean government. Urge governments at all levels to do a good job in the implementation of the responsibility system, improve the integrity of government accountability system, the daily supervision and inspection should be combined with year-end summary assessment. To sum up the annual assessment of the good experience and practice, to find problems and deficiencies, to take effective measures to strengthen the responsibility of each unit; read more

2013 Green Fair signed a successful signing of 182 billion 200 million cooperation projects signed i

June 13th, the reporter from the 2013 Green Fair second news conference, 2013 China · with open cooperation, green development "as the theme of green development; Qinghai investment and Trade Fair successfully concluded. During the 4 days of the meeting, a total of contracted projects of various types of cooperation, the amount of $182 billion 200 million, an increase of 10% over last year, a total of $360. In all contracted projects, the amount of green development based projects accounted for 85%, is a good theme, on the scale, characteristics, popularity, effectiveness of the real event. read more

164 thousand and 700 sets of public rental housing has been allocated

Xining this year, the first batch of public rental Yaohao distribution today, the other counties in the province of public rental housing, shantytowns are stepping up the construction, distribution work. In July 16th, reporters from the Provincial Department of construction, housing security department learned that this year in the central and provincial 3 billion 720 million yuan of subsidies to support, the province’s low-income housing construction progress smoothly, as of now, this year the new low-income housing construction projects have been started in 68%. At the same time, before the end of 2012 to build more than 20 sets of public rental housing, has been assigned to stay in the set of 164 thousand and 700.

in shantytowns this year, the province organized shantytowns monetized resettlement special investigation, for ordinary commercial housing inventory of Xining City, East Sea and Delingha City, Golmud City, Haixi houses were thoroughly. Preliminary statistics of the province can be settled by way of currency commodity housing 6400 units, covering an area of 440 thousand square meters. According to the provincial government’s efforts to get through the resettlement of housing and commercial housing channel requirements, this year, the province will be completed by the use of commercial housing area of more than 6% of commercial housing digestion.


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2011 municipal energy conservation projects progressing smoothly

At the beginning of June, Xining City Economic and Trade Commission of Qinghai investment Paterson development and construction of key energy-saving projects Co. Ltd., Qinghai Jianxiang new building materials Co., Ltd. and Qinghai ehui Ferroalloy Co., conducted field research, overall 2011 energy-saving projects progressing smoothly

6 at the beginning of the month, Xining City Economic and Trade Commission of Qinghai investment Paterson development and construction of key energy-saving projects Co. Ltd., Qinghai Jianxiang new building materials Co., Ltd. and Qinghai ehui Ferroalloy Co., conducted field research, overall 2011 energy-saving projects progressing smoothly. First, the project started early, most of the project is expected to put into operation during the year, produce energy. Two is to further expand the scope of the project, the project construction unit to further enhance awareness of energy conservation work. Three is the scale and quality of the project has improved over the previous year. read more

Datong county revenue exceeded four hundred million yuan, an increase of 20.1%

2012, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to complete the local general budget revenue 430 million yuan, an increase of 20.1%, an increase of the county record high, ranking the forefront of the province’s county fiscal revenue.

2012, Xian fixed assets substantial investment stimulating effect on the Datong County Economic Development and financial revenue, total fixed asset investment 4 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 32.6%, started construction of 231 agriculture, infrastructure construction, social undertakings and other key projects related to the future development of the whole county, directly stimulating the growth of the tax. At the same time, the continued growth of the industrial economy has become the largest fiscal revenue support, last year, the implementation of investment projects 36, in place of funds of 2 billion 220 million yuan, the annual industrial added value of $6 billion 800 million, an increase of 13%. In addition, tourism, commerce, catering, transportation and other services industry of the third industry has been developing rapidly last year, tourists 1 million 500 thousand people (Times), tourism revenue 250 million yuan, an increase of 32%. (author: Su Jianping Li Guochang)
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