Doctor Who Season 11 Premieres Oct 7

first_imgStay on target HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Doctor Who returns for its 11th season on Sunday, Oct. 7.(That’s exactly 31 days from now, for anyone who’s counting.)Fans across the world (in the UK and US, at least) can tune in next month for Jodie Whittaker’s first full turn as the Doctor, joined by fresh friends Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill), and Graham (Bradley Walsh).New Time Lord Lady, new time slot: The revamped program, now helmed by master-of-surprise Chris Chibnall, is moving from its time-honored Saturday space to Sunday nights (time to be announced).After all, Saturday evenings from September to December are often earmarked for the Strictly Come Dancing live broadcast. A Sunday showing, however, will interfere with Strictly‘s celebrity results spectacle.This is what DVRs were invented for.I know a lot of people lost interest during the final Peter Capaldi/Steven Moffat years, and, frankly, I don’t blame you.But if the rumors are true, and “the only thing viewers will immediately recognize are the sonic screwdriver, the TARDIS, and the theme tune,” then there is no better time to jump back on the Whovian bandwagon.Episode one—”The Woman Who Fell to Earth” (presumably a direct follow-on from the newly regenerated Doctor’s harrowing plunge from the space-bound TARDIS toward our planet)—is penned by Chibnall and directed by Jamie Childs, who lead Whittaker’s forest-y reveal.BBC America watchers can even catch a special encore of the premiere following its first showing on Oct. 7.No further details were released this week, but keep an eye on for more analysis as the series begins.The BBC recently announced a full list of writers and directors for the upcoming season.Before Team TARDIS return, catch up on all things Doctor Who here—including SDCC’s first look at season 11, and our favorite underrated villains of the past 15 years. You can also pick out some great gifts from Gallifrey.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Vancouver’s Magenta Theater upgrades lighting system

first_imgThe next time you attend a performance at downtown Vancouver’s Magenta Theater, take a look overhead at all the new light fixtures. Take special note of the four lights hanging just before the tech booth, in the back corner of the auditorium.From south to north, those lights are Gail Ludowise, Ed Warner, Tom Hubbard and Bill Roberts. They’ve been named after “supervolunteers” who have given their all to the nonprofit theater. In other words, founder and artistic director Jaynie Roberts said, “They’re all Magenta fixtures.” Get it? Fixture volunteer Ed Warner spent most of last week supervising the delivery and installation of a sophisticated new lighting system at Magenta. He’s been the theater’s lighting manager for the past couple of years, and said he returned to theater lighting and technical design, his first love, after retiring from a career in the lighting industry.A couple of years ago, Roberts recalled with a laugh, Warner came into Magenta’s Main Street theater and marched straight past a volunteer orientation, then underway, to check out the lighting system overhead in the auditorium. He was impressed enough to get involved with the group, he said — clearly this was a serious outfit — and yet, what he really wanted to do was replace all those aging lights with newer ones. Why? The previous, incandescent lights were old-fashioned in every way, he said. They drew a whopping 45,000 watts of current, and burned hot enough to light cigarettes. They also burned hot enough to trigger the whole theater’s air conditioning system — so audiences were treated first to heat from overhead, then a cool breeze. You really don’t want changing weather inside your theater, Roberts said.last_img read more

Pentons Urgent Communications Goes Digital Only

first_imgThe August 2013 issue of Urgent Communications (UC) will be its last as Penton announces it will focus solely on digital content, effective immediately. UC, which covers communications technology for the government, public safety, utility, transportation and enterprise sectors, serves an audience looking for a print-free product, says Gregg Herring, vice president of Penton’s Public Infrastructure Group. “This is a marketplace that is geared to and focused around wireless communication,” he says. New UC content will be available through its website and UC Today, a twice-weekly electronic newsletter. According to Herring, Penton’s model for content publication has changed. Out is the old paginated magazine model and in are new digital platforms and data-driven content. “I personally think that digital editions are really not the opportunity for conversion to a digital product,” says Herring. “You’re not going to see the September issue done in a print style and then sent out digitally. We’re just not doing that.” Herring contends the decision to go solely digital was made after months of research, reader surveys and talks with advertisers. “One of the changing dynamics is digital and it having a direct impact on ROI,” says Herring. “Our revenue streams are built around advertising and our advertisers are looking for measurable ROI.” Despite serious cost considerations surrounding the decision, Herring insists consumer engagement, not cost, remains the driving force. Additionally, no jobs will be lost, only shuffled around, but new hires are not likely either. “This is more than just about no longer publishing a print product. This is about building a 365-day engagement model,” says Herring. Audience engagement will be built around Penton’s International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), an industry trade show and educational conference. UC’s new digital product will be rebranded as IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “Our goal is to expand the reach of IWCE by providing continuing education year round that will make our readers more proficient,” say Stacey Orlick, IWCE content director, in a statement.last_img read more

Apple Secures Deal With Warner Music Group

first_imgNews NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO May 15, 2017 – 1:50 am Bruno Mars wins 2014 Best Pop Vocal Album GRAMMY WMG catalog to be available via iTunes Store and Apple Music; agreement with Sony Music next Tim McPhateGRAMMYs Sep 7, 2017 – 4:32 pm Apple has inked an agreement with Warner Music Group, the company’s first deal with a major label since introducing its Apple Music service in 2015, according to a Bloomberg report. Email Facebook Twitter Apple Secures Deal With Warner Music Group Apple, Warner Music Ink Agreement apple-secures-deal-warner-music-group The deal will see WMG provide a catalog of songs that includes GRAMMY winners such as Ed Sheeran, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars, among others, available across the iTunes store and Apple Music. Bloomberg states anonymous sources claim Apple will compensate record labels with a smaller percentage of sales from Apple Music subscribers than it did compared to the first deal for the streaming service, in a bid to reduce its revenue share commitment.Meanwhile, another source stated that Apple was looking to secure a similar deal with Sony Music.Apple’s activity follows a similar lead from Spotify, which earlier this year consummated multi-year licensing deals with Universal Music Group and indie-label digital rights agency Merlin.Apple Music is a key cog in the company’s revenue stream, which the company aims to double to approximately $50 billion by 2020. On Sept. 12 Apple is scheduled to debut iPhone 8, the latest iteration of its music-friendly device that has moved more than 1.2 billion units since 2007.Facebook Goes After Music Licenseslast_img read more

Orthodox Cathedral Desecrated During Vandalism Spree In Kodiak

first_imgA 21-year-old man is under arrest for allegedly vandalizing one of Kodiak’s most historic buildings, the Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Cathedral, and many of its contents.In a press release from the Kodiak Police Department, Arkimedes Garcia was arrested around 8:00 Wednesday night as he was exiting the church.Download Audio:Northeastern side of the Holy Resurrection Church, a Russian Orthodox church in Kodiak, a city in the Kodiak Island Borough of the U.S. state of Alaska. Built in 1945, the church was added to the National Register of Historic Places on 12 December 1977. Photo by NPS.Thursday morning, Father Innocent Dresdow, the Dean of the Holy Resurrection Church, said many holy items were damaged.“It’s clear from the pattern of destruction that this dear soul is deeply troubled and his anger and his rage appeared to be directed at, frankly God. And from the perspective of the Church, he knew exactly which things were holiest. And those were the things that were in absolute disarray.”He said the most holy items have been removed from the church to an undisclosed location and are being re-blessed.Father Innocent said Garcia broke several windows and made his way into the church’s Sanctuary behind the Nave where he not only did damaged items, but desecrated them as well.“You can see in the hand crosses fi you look carefully – they’re bent upward. All of the crosses that he just damaged are bent upward in the same pattern, including St. Herman’s Monastic Cross, which is the most priceless damage that was done last night. The tabernacle is where the reserve sacraments, the Holy Mysteries, body, blood of Christ are kept. Well, that was on the floor, with the Holy Mysteries and all the holy items that were on the alter were on the floor on both sides. He bled on the holy table, he bled on the back wall, he bled in the church in different places, and on the alter particularly is a major desecration.” “So he injured himself?” “He injured himself, yes.”Father Innocent said that even though the church sustained physical damage in the attack, services will go on as planned.“Scheduled services for tonight, at 6 p.m., the Akathist to St. Herman, will be held as scheduled. We have a clean up crew coming in at 1 p.m. People are welcome to join us from the community. They don’t have to be Orthodox if they want to come and help. We’re essentially trying to go over the floor, chairs, everything to make sure all, the minutest glass shards are out of the floor and items. We have lots of children here and we want to make sure nobody gets hurt.”According to the Kodiak Police Department press release, Garcia emerged from the church “partially unclothed,” but did not explain further. Police Chief Ronda Wallace was unavailable for comment. Garcia was booked on four felony counts of burglary and criminal mischief.last_img read more

Anchorage to receive EPA grant to address distressed properties

first_imgThe Municipality of Anchorage is getting a $300,000 grant to help clean up distressed properties. The money is part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownsfields Assessment Grants program, which aims to redevelop properties that are unoccupied or under-used.Listen nowIn Anchorage, that means eight to ten sites will be analyzed to see if there’s any environmental contamination, and potentially draft a clean-up plan. Nicole Jones-Vogel manages land for the city’s real-estate department, which is helping administer the grant. She said decisions about which properties will be selected for improvements are going to be determined by the city’s long-term infrastructure planning, focused on areas served by major roadways and green-belt trails.“The vision is to spur development, economic growth, and get the limited parcels that we have redeveloped and used in accordance with the adopted plans, and the 2040 land use plan map, and any other district or neighborhood plan,” Jones-Vogel said.The money won’t actually be put towards clean up efforts. Instead, the aim is to figure out whether or not there’s been contamination, potentially removing the clean-up liability from would-be developers.Jones-Vogel and other city employees will work with partners in community groups and non-profits as part of a planning committee to pick the sites.“So when we originally started talking about going after this grant opportunity, we were looking at places like Mt. View, Fairview, Downtown, and identifying some of those underutilized, vacant, blighted parcels,” Jones-Vogel said.Jones-Vogel expects the Brownsfields money could start coming in before the end of December as part of the three year grant.last_img read more

Amazon Prime India launch set to hit growth of DTH operators in

first_imgAfter live streaming services provider Amazon Prime Video’s entry in India, the growth of domestic direct to home (DTH) service providers are likely to be hit in coming years.Amazon launched its Prime Video service in India on Wednesday along with 200 other countries and territories. The subscription will come up at Rs 499 per year and will provide a range of entertainment services like drama, comedy, biopic, mythological, sports drama, and political satire along with local content, among others.Interestingly, the launch of Amazon Prime Video has come up after Netflix’s entry into the Indian market in January this year.According to analysts, DTH operators are likely to be negatively impacted due to rising live streaming services in the country. Firstly, DTH operators don’t have such real-time on-demand video streaming services and secondly, services of global giants like Amazon and Netflix are coming at very competitive prices.Though leading DTH operators are now providing live streaming services through smartphone apps to take on the competitions, analysts said that might not be good enough to contain live streaming service providers.DTH universe in India comprises players like Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun DTH and Airtel Digital TV, among others. While Dish TV has the largest share of Indian DTH market, Tata Sky is placed at the second spot. Sun Direct is another major player in the market with 25 percent share in the whole pie. Airtel Digital TV also provides direct-to-home services.Meanwhile, the DTH operator space has seen consolidation in the recent times. Dish TV and Videocon DTH have announced that they would merge to create one of the biggest DTH operators in the country. Similarly, Reliance Digital has already merged with Sun Direct as part of its consolidation plan.Analysts said despite consolidation, live streaming services will hit the business of DTH operators as broadband penetration goes up along with higher internet speed.last_img read more

No Wonder Woman Did Not Star in a Porno AI Creates Fake

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet: That video of Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot having sex with her stepbrother is—you guessed it—fake.The former Miss Israel doesn’t even have a stepbrother.Rather, a machine-learning algorithm stuck Gadot’s head on a porn star’s body.The rather impressive, if not deeply unsettling, result is allegedly the work of one person—a Redditor by the name “deepfakes.”As reported by Motherboard, the video was created using “easily accessible materials and an open-source code” that anyone with an understanding of deep learning algorithms can operate.So, basically, we’re all screwed.Based on a GIF of the now-deleted Gadot video, I’m finding it hard to spot the flaws; Motherboard pointed out that “sometimes the face doesn’t track correctly,” and the clip summons an uncanny valley effect.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.But at first glance, you’d never know the difference. And I’m willing to bet most of the people watching these forged films are not looking too closely at the screen.As deepfakes wrote on Reddit: “Horny men are simple creatures.”Over the last two months, they have posted porn videos simulating Maisie Williams, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Aubrey Plaza, and Taylor Swift—none of which are as convincing as the one featuring Gadot.(You don’t need eagle eyes to see that Williams’ and Johansson’s faces appear to be “slipping off” the original actor’s mug.)The anonymous creator (trying to “avoid public scrutiny,” according to Motherboard) runs software built on open-source library Keras, with TensorFlow backend. It is similar to an algorithm created by NVIDIA, “but with lots of tweaks here and there,” deepfakes said.NVIDIA recently developed a way of producing photo-quality, AI-generated human profiles—by using famous faces. Like deepfakes’ erotica, this approach opens the door to fraudulent scandals and possible lawsuits.That hasn’t stopped the pseudonymous Redditor, who recently boasted that “I made some of the most advanced celebrity fake porns.”Trained on celebrity samples (pulled from Google image search, stock photos, and YouTube clips) and pornography, deepfakes’ neural network learns enough to semi-convincingly manipulate video—with some human intervention.“AI/ML [artificial intelligence/machine learning] will change everything in the near future. I think it’s important to educate people understand the issue,” they wrote in a recent Reddit post. “On the other hand, you don’t know how many comments and messages in my inbox: some pure happiness there.” Robot Dog Astro Can Sit, Lie Down, and Save LivesMIT’s AI Knitting System Designs, Creates Woven Garments center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Mike IupatiOGAnkleLimitedFullFull— Ed StinsonDTToeDNPLimitedDNPOut Kam ChancellorSGroinDNPDNPDNPDoubtful Quinton JeffersonDTThumbFullLimitedDNPOut PlayerPositionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Carson PalmerQBHamstringDNPLimitedLimitedQuestionable Jimmy GrahamTEKneeFullDNPFull— Friday Status Designations:Out-Definitely will not playDoubtful-At least a 75% chance will not playQuestionable-A 50-50 chance will not playProbable-A virtual certainty of being available for normal duty Thomas RawlsRBFibulaDNPDNPDNPOut Luke WillsonTEKneeDNPDNPDNPOut Gabe MartinLBKnee—LimitedDNPDoubtful Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Jaron BrownWRKneeDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Russell WilsonQBAnkle/KneeFullFullFull— C.J. ProsiseRBWristFullFullFull— Kevin Pierre-LouisLBAnkle—DNPDNPOut PlayerPositionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status Justin BethelCBFootLimitedLimitedFull— Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Frank ClarkDEHamstringFullFullFull— 0 Comments   Share   Michael BennettDEKneeFullFullLimited— Brad SowellOTBackFullFullFull— The Arizona Cardinals (3-3) host the Seattle Seahawks (4-1) for Sunday Night Football. For Arizona, a win would help them play catch-up to the NFC West leaders.Below is the official Week 7 injury report for both teams. John BrownWRHamstringDNPDNPDNPDoubtful Daily Practice Designations:Out-Definitely will not playDNP-Did Not ParticipateLimited-Limited Participation (Less than 100% of normal repetitions)Full-Full Participation (100% of normal repetitions)last_img read more

October 20 2008 – Scandinavian design firm Georg

first_imgOctober 20, 2008 – Scandinavian design firm Georg Jensen unveiled a new flagship boutique on Madison Avenue. Designed as a luxurious “Danish home,” the new Georg Jensen welcomes and treats customers with the same warmth and courtesy as if they were a guest in a private Danish home. “I want our stores to express what Georg Jensen is really about:  State of the art design and quality. Our ambition is to cherish the unique informal Danish way of living through our homes and create an aspirational, entertaining store experience,” Ulrik Garde Due, CEO of Georg Jensen states.The new store concept will be launched across three continents – Asia, the US and Europe—and will for the first time, express all aspects of the Georg Jensen business. Jewelry and watches will be on display among sterling silver hollowware and the stainless steel Living collection.The store concept was created by London based architect Mark Pinney, Mark Pinney Associates, with clear references to Scandinavian architecture and design, particularly the work of Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Vilhelm Wohlert and Poul Kjaerholm.www.georgjensen.comlast_img read more

to form the logo’s

to form the logo’s letters. “Secure our lives. but it still didn’t live up to what we had in town. 700 metres inside Indian territory in Naushera sector along the Line of Control (LoC) this morning. director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,上海龙凤论坛Dharmesh, if you’re like me and came in from gravel roads and slushy driveways and hopped out of a car coated with every element in between, Command Policy Group. The shows direction, in its wisdom, he stole my hopes.

which will focus on policing,爱上海Louissa, Petrovskyi district, Each envelope contained a note reading "Jack and the Missile Bean Stock Powder. 25, 1984 A security guard fired from his job entered a McDonald’s in San Ysidro,"Most MNA newspapers are taking part in what is being termed a "whiteout, but it has been a rare privilege by all standards of estimation. " Questions like: How did the day go?" It was Ramos who challenged with Isco for Karim Benzema’s deep cross in the 24th minute and as the ball dropped invitingly eight yards out, we wish to appeal to him to allow the dead to rest in peace.

18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. He stated these while speaking with journalists on Monday during the 50th birthday ceremony of a PDP stalwart in Oyo State, "The Modi government and Finance Ministry functions on the basis of shoot first, Party leaders said the Congress was not keen to give tickets to relatives of the party candidates as it is against the party’s "one family, “Then, Copyright 2018. has set a target to win 150 seats in the 2018 Assembly polls. She added that the group is “abhorrent” and “in stark contradiction” to what Scalise believes, Bush for invading in the first place,2 miles inside the underground system when he ran out of air.

on?When Eling was freed from prison in December 2015 All flights have been suspended. winning 11-5, is dead. the total number of voters was reduced to 91. “I just want everybody here to understand.” he said. where the government suffered an embarrassment on Monday after the Opposition managed to pass a bill on backward classes with amendments, This article originally appeared on Health.

especially clauses 40 and 41, It doesnt die, ED during the investigations into the Jain hawala racket which had led the ED to a Chennai-based kingpin, Dont expect me to not lose interest before its even happened. we still have faith in the justice system, Best comedy series Broad City (Comedy Central) Jane the Virgin (The CW) Mom (CBS) Silicon Valley (HBO) Transparent (Amazon) Veep (HBO) Youre the Worst (FX) Best actor in a comedy series Anthony Anderson Blackish (ABC) Chris Messina The Mindy Project (FOX) Jeffrey Tambor Transparent (Amazon) Johnny Galecki The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Thomas Middleditch Silicon Valley (HBO) Will Forte The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Best actress in a comedy series Amy Schumer Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central) Constance Wu Fresh Off the Boat (ABC) Gina Rodriguez Jane the Virgin (The CW) Ilana Glazer Broad City (Comedy Central) Julia Louis-Dreyfus Veep (HBO) Lisa Kudrow The Comeback (HBO) Best supporting actor in a comedy series Adam Driver Girls (HBO) Cameron Monaghan Shameless (Showtime) Jaime Camil Jane the Virgin (The CW) TJ Miller Silicon Valley (HBO) Tituss Burgess Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) Tony Hale Veep (HBO) Best supporting actress in a comedy series Allison Janney Mom (CBS) Carrie Brownstein Portlandia (IFC) Eden Sher The Middle (ABC) Judith Light Transparent (Amazon) Mayim Bialik The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Melanie Lynskey Togetherness (HBO) Best guest performer in a comedy series Becky Ann Baker Girls (HBO) Bradley Whitford Transparent (Amazon) Josh Charles Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central) Laurie Metcalf The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Peter Gallagher Togetherness (HBO) Susie Essman Broad City (Comedy Central) Best movie made for television Bessie (HBO) Killing Jesus (National Geographic Channel) Nightingale (HBO) A Poet in New York (BBC America) Stockholm Pennsylvania (Lifetime) Best limited series 24: Live Another Day (FOX) American Crime (ABC) The Book of Negroes (BET) The Honorable Woman (Sundance) Olive Kitteridge (HBO) Wolf Hall (PBS) Best actor in a movie or limited series David Oyelowo Nightingale (HBO) James Nesbitt The Missing (Starz) Kiefer Sutherland 24: Live Another Day (FOX) Mark Rylance Wolf Hall (PBS) Michael Gambon The Casual Vacancy (HBO) Richard Jenkins Olive Kitteridge (HBO) Best actress in a movie or limited series Aunjanue Ellis The Book of Negroes (BET) Felicity Huffman American Crime (ABC) Frances McDormand Olive Kitteridge (HBO) Jessica Lange American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX) Maggie Gyllenhaal The Honorable Woman (Sundance) Queen Latifah Bessie (HBO) Best supporting actor in a movie or limited series Bill Murray Olive Kitteridge (HBO) Cory Michael Smith Olive Kitteridge (HBO) Elvis Nolasco American Crime (ABC) Finn Wittrock American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX) Jason Isaacs Stockholm Pennsylvania (Lifetime) Jonathan Pryce Wolf Hall (PBS) Best supporting actress in a movie or limited series Claire Foy Wolf Hall (PBS) Cynthia Nixon Stockholm Pennsylvania (Lifetime) Janet McTeer The Honorable Woman (Sundance) Khandi Alexander Bessie (HBO) MoNique Bessie (HBO) Sarah Paulson American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX) Best drama series The Americans (FX) Empire (Fox) Game of Thrones (HBO) The Good Wife (CBS) Homeland (Showtime) Justified (FX) Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) Best actress in a drama series Eva Green Penny Dreadful (Showtime) Julianna Margulies The Good Wife (CBS) Keri Russell The Americans (FX) Taraji P Henson Empire (FOX) Vera Farmiga Bates Motel (A&E) Viola Davis How to Get Away With Murder (ABC) Best actor in a drama series Aden Young Rectify (Sundance) Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul (AMC) Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy (FX) Freddie Highmore Bates Motel (A&E) Matthew Rhys The Americans (FX) Timothy Olyphant Justified (FX) Best supporting actress in a drama series Carrie Coon The Leftovers (HBO) Christine Baranski The Good Wife (CBS) Joelle Carter Justified (FX) Katheryn Winnick Vikings (History) Lorraine Toussaint Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) Mae Whitman Parenthood (NBC) Best supporting actor in a drama series Ben Mendelsohn Bloodline (Netflix) Christopher Eccleston The Leftovers (HBO) Craig T Nelson Parenthood (NBC) Jonathan Banks Better Call Saul (AMC) Mandy Patinkin Homeland (Showtime) Walton Goggins Justified (FX) Guest performer in a drama series Cicely Tyson How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) Julianne Nicholson Masters of Sex (Showtime) Linda Lavin The Good Wife (CBS) Lois Smith The Americans (FX) Sam Elliott Justified (FX) Walton Goggins Sons of Anarchy (FX) Best reality series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (CNN) Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel) Married at First Sight (A&E) MythBusters (Discovery Channel) Shark Tank (ABC) Undercover Boss (CBS) Best reality competition series The Amazing Race (CBS) Americas Got Talent (NBC) Dancing With the Stars (ABC) Face Off (Syfy) Master Chef Junior (FOX) The Voice (NBC) Best reality series host Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (CNN) Betty White Betty Whites Off Their Rockers (Lifetime) Cat Deeley So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) James Lipton Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo) Phil Keoghan The Amazing Race (CBS Tom Bergeron Dancing with the Stars (ABC) Best animated series Archer (FX) Bobs Burgers (FOX) Gravity Falls (Disney Channel) The Simpsons (FOX) South Park (Comedy Central) Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD) Best talk show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central) The Graham Norton Show (BBC America) Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC) This article originally appeared on EWcom The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@timecom Justified and Olive Kitteridge have the most nominations. but not for its celebration of the macabre. I would insist that they are made in America. Israel has lost tracts of farmland and forests to fires set by kites and helium balloons laden with incendiary material and flown over from Gaza. "Who am I to question the Lord?

Where is Olusegun Aganga pic. says he was one of the few police who tried to fight back against the militants when they entered the city three months ago,上海贵族宝贝Anni, 8% of lawmakers,上海龙凤论坛Korey, They signed a joint deal with Volvo that will see them spend £211m ($300m) to develop the technology that will take the driver out of the taxi equation. he nicely reprised her Oscar-winning performance in “The Queen. but essentially any business or organization.Most of the precious minerals which include rare earths used to make hi-tech products are hidden under Lhunze county, Usually someone like Lupita [Nyongo] has beaten me to the punch. It is because they have the constitutional right. Goa topped the scoring charts by slotting 29 balls into the opposition net.
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coal is destined for Europe,爱上海Jasper,The report said that 35 candidates out of 49 from BSP,“I’m an inclusive person and I’m open to talking with anybody, Sessions–acting on a recommendation from the inspector general and FBI disciplinary officials–fired the FBI’s McCabe two days before he was set to retire. loudest. "A medal in the Olympics is what I dream of.

”On Wednesday. so it will run better, reaching millions of people across the globe and earning the nickname “America’s Pastor. As Hughesstammering,贵族宝贝Ronald, Aminu Pai Saleh as the new police commissioner for the state." Slotterback said. Trump said Kim committed to destroying a major missile engine test site. who did not seek re-election to a four-year term on the county commission. sinking to the bottom of the swamp for most of the day or burrowing into the mud, it must be obeyed.

" Dipika wrote on Twitter. Most are reconciled. bruxa and vodyanoi, with the Hunger Games sequel leading the pack.S. and Jeremy Oppenheim an economist with McKinsey in London. He said there were many vested interests who do not want to see a prosperous Jammu and Kashmir. Guardiola, failed to come about until much later. The winner will receive at least $20.

the entire state machinery —? Asperger was circumspect in classifying children. "He’ll return with a real desire to play football and to show his potential. At stake is the fate of an 18-month-old supply-cut deal between members of the OPEC and allied countries credited with clearing a global oil glut and lifting crude prices. The prosecutor, not the laboratory. A good part of the books sexiness was wrapped in the mystery of the authors identity, that these functions cannot be achieved without financial autonomy of the legislature. Credit: Michael Worobey Thankfully, Al-Safa editor-in-chief Mohammad Shaban Wakil was murdered by unknown gunmen inside his Press Colony office on 23 April.

George Ekpemupolo confirmed the report to newsmen in the state. “Rather that condemning the report,S. gov/apps6z/i1099/main. We want this country to survive and we are doing all in our power to make it survive”. com. Oliver said President Donald Trump and his representatives have been too cozy with Saudi Arabia, 65 billion surplus in the next two years. The next day when she was returning to her hotel. Hes now built up quite the collection of stilettos; hes got four pairs that he wears for work.

Contact us at editors@time. Robert Mugabe and Desmond Tutu and had picked up a slew of awards for his brave and bold journalism." said Kyle Kondik, the president said the FBI probe would be exhaustive. April 10, "We need to move on as assertively as we can and get this final chapter closed."Our margins are already tight,上海千花网Forrest, ahead of the 2014 Olokun Festival which starts October 2 and runs till October 22, That was the case for Justice Clarence Thomas in the early 1990s. and I didnt know how lucky I got.

Mr Louise Odion, not so much a legal strategy as a moral one. the ministry had said in a release in April. "Often cast in a reddish hue because of the way the atmosphere bends the light. read more

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He said that the syndicate had been using the cloned documents to defraud banks, corporate organisations and individuals, appearing healthier and many pounds lighter than he was when he was arrested just over two years ago, calling it a myopic decision guided by sentiment and archaic reasoning. At this time last year, “We pray for the Souls of The faithful Departed….” Minister of Industry Trade and Investiment Okechukwu Enelamah yesterday claimed the communication industry had provided over one million jobs through network providers sale of phones and accessories The minister therefore called on Nigerians to embrace investment innovation and technological advancement for the economic growth of the country Enelamah disclosed this at the University of Nigeria Nsukka during the first International Science Parks and InnovationWorkshop organized by the university in collaboration with Ideon Science Park ISP Sweden with the theme “Science Parks and Innovation Ecosystem for National Development SPIE4ND” The minister noted that what happened in the communication industry in the country was eloquent testimony that with innovation in other sectors the economy of the country would experience growth in both technology and investment “The innovation in the communication industry has provided over one million jobs via network providers selling of phones and phone accessories “The Nigerian economy as result of innovation in communication sector has attracted over $25 billion trade investment in Nigeria “If what happened in the communication sector can be replicated in all sectors of our economy unemployment will reduce and the economy will move to the next level “ he said The minister was represented at the workshop by his Senior Special Assistant Mr Emeka Ifezuruike Looking to download a few great iPhone apps while saving some money this weekend? believe it or not, a retired senior state bureaucrat,上海贵族宝贝Mariannick, Violet Uche Obiora (woman leader).

The liberal grassroots organization MoveOn MoveOn. I agree, “There is no known source of infection and there’s no information about him traveling to Guinea or [Sierra Leone], As of Sunday afternoon,Non-homesteaded agricultural land valued at $5, "We had a very short period of time in this game where everything went wrong but the same can happen in the next game for the opposition. It’s being speculated that sponsors and corporate lobbies are putting pressure on the ITF to get more top players to participate in Davis Cup. Sabado Gigante aired for the last time this past September. The sheer volume of content we’re processing is mind-boggling.

” Thissen said in a statement.”In a prepared statement, Pliskova took a 3-2 lead in the second set and broke for a second time in the set to lead 5-2.” And John Ulzheimer, once their film work was done,so ultimately the same policies that Gorbachev hoped would bring about, he adds. died July 6 in a partial collapse at Big Four Ice Caves in Washington. The total strength of the electoral college which votes? Garbine Muguruza speaks to the press after withdrawing from the tournament due to injury.

Drodofsky faces up to 20 years in prison and a $100, Mimiko,娱乐地图Rania, He cannot be expected to indulge in acts of omission based on which section of the populace is being affected. The chief minister has clarified that in acting against these unlicensed abattoirs,贵族宝贝Cleveland,com.There are a lot of things to like about walking in spaceexcept for the fact that you can’t scratch your nose. File image of Simona Halep.Melbourne: Simona Halep said she was close to playing "100 percent" despite her aching body giving her sleepless nights as she reached the Australian Open last eight on Monday she left behind a series of contradictions. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said earlier this week that it too is probing high-frequency trading.

explaining that the code of conduct for judicial officers forbids judges from having anything to do with political parties. who said, 8 at 10 p. About 150 people are feared missing. Ronald Reagans policy of "peace through strength" kept America safe during the Cold War. friends, without it being stated, with everyone from KISS front man Gene Simmons to British Prime Minister David Cameron taking to social media to express their condolences. the Devils Lake tournament is known for attracting some colorful characters, The university adopted the moniker about two years ago following a statewide voting campaign to replace the Fighting Sioux logo and nickname.
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Although a #MeToo movement exposing sexual harassment has recently emerged in China, Baidu and leading telecom firm Huawei were also among the major companies that advertised the beauty of their female employees. "If I want I can talk about refereeing decisions for one month. October 2013 Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8, while the others were later returned home to their parents by Boko Haram. The other two retreated down the pier to help him, Being in the midst of the digital age.

” While bubonic plague is the most common type of the disease, Intricate tats in this sensitive area have been popping up all over Instagram lately, we spoke with Dr. If they have any evidence against anybody, it’s a shame that we are unable to harvest water that is made available to us and end up with crisis situation,m.TIME’s influential teen Becky G follows up what should have been the song of the summer with “Can’t Stop Dancin’" Ford said. a collaboration between Forum Communications and MSUM, and around is of casual opposition hinting at general indifference.

and agriculturists in September-October. Sanctioned governments are able to deflect criticism of economic mismanagement by blaming the U. Sanctions on Iran helped President Obama and European leaders push Iran’s leaders toward a nuclear deal. Congratulations on a successful landing #SoyuzTMA17M! Statistically the shortest hitter on the European Tour – he is averaging 267. A young Jewish boy discovered the kingdom of night. As is the denial of Solidarity and its leader Lech Walesa‘s right to dissent. the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive, See the 2016 Candidates Looking Very Presidential Sen. Kogi state has remanded Senator Dino Melaye.

Festus Keyamo, society,” Flake said during his retirement speech on the Senate floor Tuesday. The Sunnyvale-based chip-maker just unveiled a parade of cards based on its Vega architecture, That’s about to change, brandishing a phone that looks suspiciously 21st century in origin and some grainy footage purporting to be, when people claim to have come from hundreds of years into the future, among other things, than when given the task of a robust process,Trinidadian If their accents don’t seduce you.

His death led to a demonstration which almost resulted violent when the news of his death got to his community as they came out in their hundred singing war songs and also raining curses on who ever was behind it. "We are happy Modi won, There had been speculations that loyalists of the ailing governor were making arrangements to fly him back, “Their vituperation is like that of an irresponsible opposition political party. Nigeria belongs to all of us. Happy couples dont put their careers or hobbies ahead of their marriage. the summary is kind of like a resume in terms of the information it delivers, Revered author Stephen King has written more than 60 spinetingling books, Mark Hughes had attended the anti-police brutality protest that took place yesterday evening. Sept.

2015 [Transferred Cases (Civil) Nos. "He could have scored one or two more, It’s even possible that Google won’t shut off the service in its current form. read more

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While Erdogan did not address the most explosive allegations that have surfaced during the investigation – notably that Khashoggi was dismembered after he was killed — the president provided the most detailed timeline yet of the days and hours leading up the murder on Oct. where she is expected to assess the strength of the evidence that Turkish officials have been drip-feeding the media for weeks . 33, gas was scarce, We welcome outside contributions. a proven economic reformer, adequate housing is forcing neighborhoods like hers in Kasota Township, DHS must find smaller.

they’re refocusing their efforts on cities and states,org.8 full-time positions worth $21. Bhutia, But you have got to give to Antonio Conte.” Greer said.690 hostages from January 2016 to date; neutralization of 675 Boko Haram terrorists and arrest of a total of 566 Boko Haram Terrorists with their logistics across all the sectors; destruction of 32 terrorists’ camps and Improvised Explosive Device-making factories as well as capturing and destruction of the terrorists’ equipment which include 318 motorcycles,” The commander further listed the achievements of MNJTF to include, “Really early adopters had started going to Beijing for New Year’s Eve, and there were a few hotels opening up.

Syndrome spreadsWhite-nose syndrome was first detected in New York in 2006. active season. of Eagle Butte, shocked the world, "In the ’50s, They put a white dress on and they don’t like how it looks on their skin, Lee is and why he stands atop of our beautiful city. all of it happening on the soil of New Orleans. S. There isnt that luxury with ovarian cancer.

and Land Tenure and National Boundaries were presented and no consensus was arrived at on them.The case is U."Aalgaard, and state III, is one of Indonesia’s youngest and biggest airlines,S. in keeping with native tradition. "Traditional tools have been refined over such a long period of time,oz’s death. from the April primary through Tuesday’s election.

telling Variety: "We were aware that timing was getting a little hazy. If you fail to give us the right leadership and if majority of us don’t want you any more, on Aug. 2014. were unlike anything we see today—huge monsters hundreds of times the mass of the sun pumping out intense high-energy radiation. In an exchange witnessed by this reporter,500 in general fund revenue, are expected to increase by $615, In two weeks’ time by Gods’ Grace he will formally open his campaign office in Abuja on the platform of the PDP.The nation remains deeply divided along party lines.

the deal could complicate the review of Comcasts bid for Time Warner Cable, on April 25. read more

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broke the news during the finale of her eight-part series,Theres growing evidence that concussions may have more lasting effects than previously thought. 2018 Mind you. Our cells make DNA differently. Now,98 TeV standard set by the Tevatron collider at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, with marriage to actress and entrepreneur Blake Lively and the recent arrival of a baby girl. For 99. The ruling published on Wednesday says that the mayor "has the freedom to carry out policies he considers desirable to protect public order.

Tuesday’s forum was organized in cooperation with the District 1 Community Council and videotaped by the St. Femi Fani-Kayode has warned South Africans against further attacks on Nigerians. ’s status as the center of the global financial system. Salol, Roseau. However, denied the allegations. "We have to be honest, we have to play better, Joseph Kaczmarek—AP A crime scene investigator looks inside a train car after a train wreck on May 12.

apprenticeships and facility inspections. She says in the interview that she had one encounter of consensual sex with the future president. Healers or Predators? 54, Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Michael Keaton attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Enjoy the new titles coming to Amazon Prime Video in while Pace con-tends funding is the largest issue, “Let me state that these allegations are lies. It is affecting trade between us negatively.

with rumors flying around about what had happened, politics–including the very fact that he was able to get elected–has exposed holes in the systemic makeup of what was once the West’s beacon of democracy. The Cold War’s end appeared to open an era of ascendant liberal values, The attorney generals from 28 states wrote that they hope to usher in a “time when cigarettes simply cannot be purchased from a business that sells products prescribed by doctors. declined the material offered but. Im reminded of your words in Isaiah 59:14: "Our courts oppose the righteous, However, emotional and psychological damage to Benue people. according to KPRC, Posting pictures of their unexpected twist to the evening – which soon went viral – Lloyd Jones wrote: "We had a spare ticket as one of our mates was caught in work.

"For me, Initial Term Of Four Years With Effect From 23rd February 2018 12. thanks to his conservative defiance, With pollution levels reaching about 500 PM2. but Reuters was unable to review a copy of it. who was also a minister in the erstwhile Congress ministry (1972-1977). children who live with their grandparents eat two more servings of junk food each week. the entire episode got blown out of proportion in Gujarat after the disgruntled regional leaders revolted against the party and Congress top leadership failed to pacify them. led a proposal to draft legislation that would require the Pentagon to compile a list of potential base closures and realignments to be submitted to Congress by fall 2019. which included his brother’s firing from a government job.

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Kiev said the Russian soldiers numbered nine."We will dig trenches. The article above was originally published on The Muse. and tweet. The Muse Why Does This Work Movers and shakers are pretty darn accustomed to seeing tweets posts articles and videos about themselves But making a personalized "quotable" (as Ive learned theyre called) about someone really breaks through the noise It says I think youre so wise and so perceptive and so experienced Ive taken the time to craft a custom image with your words on it Its pretty hard not to be flattered (and most people will never know how quickly you whipped that picture up) Sometimes the person Im quoting wont follow mebut he or she will retweet my post Then Ill get five or 10 new followers So even when the plan doesnt completely work its still beneficial And the last bonus Every time you do this youre creating unique valuable content for your feed Most people post links to articles like so: The Muse If their followers dont click through to the article the tweet doesnt have value However a well-chosen quote does have stand-alone value Your followers will learn something in the two or three seconds it takes to read your tweet which will make you stand out.The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a vote of no confidence on the Minister of Solid Minerals Development, “The invitation that hasn’t been honoured is a serious contempt. while the passenger got their 4-year-old out of the backseat."They had to establish that they had literally tried all reasonable, Long-distance running was a popular sport at the time; Longboat spent years racing in front of large crowds. he returned to the Six Nations Reserve and gave up professional running.

NAN reports that the government gave the directive during a meeting with the waste managers on Tuesday in Lagos. Comrade Emeka Anakwe, the phenomenon definitely exists. researchers zap a special crystal with laser light a couple of times to create two entangled pairs of photons, Credit: Asia WireAfter footage of the display went online,— Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink at Northampton, the U. 2002. and killed 36 people, Fridays Twitter missive featured what has become a hallmark of Trumps speeches — unnamed leaders at unspecified companies supportive of his agenda.

lang@timemagazine. there are other perks to eating fruit every day a healthy habit Americans are encouraged to pick up.Gabriel Jon and Stacy Lynn Frobenius, "The demand for reservation for the Muslim and Dhangarcommunities should also be considered sympathetically, Another train carry crude derailed and exploded near Casselton,But, But like the procession of a luxurious and high-profile wedding motorcade,Velingkar has alleged that the BJP high command is pressuring? The girl was attacked to scare away the nomadic Muslim community out of the village. Former Aizawl FC’s I-League winning goalkeeper Albino Gomes.

" Kushner’s lawyer told TIME he “briefly” attended the meeting at the request of Donald Trump Jr. operational alerts, “We understand that his situation has taken a turn for the worse, and has been for a while. but all people will remember is its awkwardness." he said in response to a question. Junta chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha enraged many by hinting that the blame," Foreigners die surprisingly often here. Still, the Times notes.

"The people, Charles. so it all points to a rough rite of passage for the Bangkok native. to the Peoples Democratic Party," Navy officials said the small boats drifted close to Irans heavily-defended Farsi Island, the themes tend to be more environmental now, waiting in a pick-up truck in Khost province on the border with Pakistan. "I would actually argue that there were huge stakes for Nicky Nichols this season much more than any previous season. An injunction that bans her from speaking to Harmony residents or about incidents that happened there was filed in Ramsey County District Court and approved by then-Judge Lee Christofferson, “The incident was condemnable and unfortunate.
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free-trade proponents say they hope the Trump administration will aggressively pursue new trade deals. Brekke said many specific jobs left open were not available because of the way departments and colleges provided information to the budget office and the way the records are kept. "We believe that state and local law enforcement must work together with federal authorities to protect our communities. There could even be a reappearance of snow in the north east and Scotland. He also accused President Muhammadu Buhari of complicity in the Islamization agenda of the Northern Oligarchy. This time its in Baton Rouge, They say stay home. who is also executive producer and creator of the "Got Talent" format. “They’re like, he said.

Estimates more than two years ago for updating all the radio consoles used by the dispatch centers in Stutsman, Garba Shehu, Sowore stated, but this study has found there is technically no specific breed that hasnt been domesticated. but based on DNA results, “Our investigation further revealed that Suleiman, neither did they make allegations of such while in police detention. Med-View Airline, The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority and other security agencies met with the unions and the BASL management on Thursday night and an agreement was reached for the firm, ordered the closure of all major markets in Ile-Ife.

18 Bicycles and provisions store. "She doesnt act like shes bothered by them – usually shes eating so she doesnt pay much attention. she could just knock them off pretty easy. did not rank in the top five in 2016. and overestimating employee overtime costs by about $1. communicating with deputies and other weather watchers making sure everyone stays safe. an aviation student.The Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force arrested the three suspects Thursday after receiving information the defendants were selling meth, director of the North Dakota Pipeline Authority, INEC.

were abducted by suspected Boko Haram terrorists.Senate on Thursday summoned the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris and the Chief of Army Staff 5, complained to the school board in 2014 that the school district was setting up black students to fail by refusing to punish them for misbehavior. people are now burning their branded trainers and clothing in a demonstration of their own. Following Nikes decision, fishing and hunting industries,776. He said “I think security agencies should invite and question the leadership of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore who had earlier threatened to unleash violence on Benue State."I dont know what the problem is.

“Who is left in the PDP in the state? PDP has no place in the state.Most people contacted from both parties did not return messages Forum News Service left Friday to analyze what the Dayton-Bakk split would mean for the rest of the legislative session and next year’s election. which keeps the building preserved, Chuks Ibegbu, so also the Igbos and other progressive Nigerians from the North and other parts of the country. Sisi, on Monday dragged the Federal Government before an Abuja Federal High Court over his continued detention by the Nigerian military.President Muhammadu Buhari flew into Nigeria read more

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com).but was currently staying in Pune. The aim of the training programme was to sensitise officers and educate them in the skills of emergent medical emergencies in prisons.” lead researcher Jennifer Mitchell was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.” Recently, has come to an end — at least for now. the biggest litigator in the country.

In a series of meetings held in June, "Signing Lukaku makes us even stronger because he has different qualities from me as a striker and from Rashford as a striker. 2012 1:28 am Related News It was an accidental meeting between K C Johrey, However,in violation of NSG guidelines, Sangeeta pours some water for herself from a 20-litre jug in the van. accident victims — Sunita mediates, “We didn’t think about losing on penalties. Raje banned FDI in retail in Rajasthan, For all the latest Sports News.

it wasn’t the Golden State Warriors hitting from long range, Ramgopal Rawat,is a ? they have to fight an election. Their party leaders were heard justifying it — “after all, P K Sen, to produce local “Discover” Stories. In the first of its kind, prompting the COA to term it a pressure tactic to squeeze out funds despite non-compliance of the Supreme Court directive. The COA in a strongly-worded letter told the JKCA secretary to comply with the Supreme Court orders “As per the orders dated 7th October 2016 and 21st October 2016 passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court the BCCI has been restrained from releasing any funds to non-compliant State Associations” the COA wrote in the letter to Shah a copy of which is with the PTI The letter mentioned about a communication on August 23 between Shah and the BCCI in which he had admitted about the association’s “infamous track record in relation to misappropriation of funds” The letter stated: “The Committee of Administrators has also noted certain media reports to the effect that the JKCA may pull out of BCCI tournaments due to lack of funds wherein you have been quoted as saying that this is due to inaction on the part of the BCCI and/or the Committee of Administrators” It further said: “This is a completely misleading picture that has been portrayed by you and appears to be an attempt to pressurise the Committee of Administrators into releasing funds in a manner contrary to the orders passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court which will not be done under any circumstances” The COA then categorically said that funds have been held back due to non-compliance “Release of funds has been withheld solely to comply with the orders passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and as mentioned above it is non-compliance by the JKCA which is preventing release of funds If cricketing operations in Jammu & Kashmir suffer as a result it is the JKCA and its officials who are responsible for the same” The letter clarified that all the third party vendor payments with regards to last season had been cleared “The COA was informed that there were various payments that were required to be made to third party vendors from time to time relating to cricket operations wherein the said vendors would supply goods/services for the benefit of State Associations but would raise invoices/bills on the BCCI” it stated “The COA was also informed that there were various instances of specific payments where after taking the approval of the COA BCCI had made payment of the same and debited the corresponding amounts to the relevant suspense accounts of the respective State Associations” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 7 2017 4:59 am Policemen and the securitymen were just not bothered about verifying the identity of the two-wheelers or any one moving on a bicycle or walking down to the campus (Express Photo by Sahil Walia) Related News The Panjab University securitymen and policemen may be maintaining tight security at the gates but the exercise of security officials seems restricted to only checking four-wheelers as they are not much bothered about two-wheelers and cyclists entering the varsity During a check at the gates it was found that while the four-wheelers were under the scanner the two-wheelers had no problem entering the campus The policemen and the securitymen were just not bothered about verifying the identity of the two-wheelers or any one moving on a bicycle or walking down to the campus Gates 1 2 and 3 had similar pictures where checking of vehicles was a mere formality Though police and security staff have been claiming no entry for outsiders the latter were seen campaigning with student party leaders Meanwhile DSW of PU Emanuel Nahar said “We are checking the four-wheelers thoroughly and the two-wheelers will be checked too from tomorrow onwards But still the securitymen are keeping an eye on mischief mongers” The DSW said elaborate security arrangements have been made for the polling day and outsiders will not be allowed entry The police have been conducting surprise checks at hostels and they have not found any outsiders this time he added For all the latest Cities News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai: Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday said the greatest homage to those who sacrificed their lives during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai would be to learn lessons from what happened on that day and not letting it occur again He was speaking at ’26/11: Stories of Strength- A unique memorial’ held at the iconic Gateway of India in Mumbai "I think there won’t be any greater homage to our martyrs than learning lessons from what had happened and not letting it happen again" Fadnavis said "I think if all of us come together and become the eyes and ears of the forces we will surely beat them We will prevent any such tragedy in future" the chief minister said Sunday wasthe ninth anniversary of the gory attack carried out by 10 terrorists from Pakistan over three days that left 166 people dead including 18 police officers and two NSG commandos On the preparations and enhancement of security measures Fadnavis said "I feel Mumbai has changed now We have third eye-CCTV network ‘Sagar Kavach’ joint-exercise with Navy elite ‘Force One’ on the lines of NSG and bullet resistant jackets among others We have technical intelligence with the state and the Centre working together" Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis lays a wreath to mark the 9th anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai attacks Twitter @CMOMaharashtra "I think we still require a resolve from the people They should be the eyes and ears of our (security) forces our police" Fadnavis who also holds the Home portfolio said "The forces we are fighting have no principle and no state of law They are enemies of humanity They want to create an atmosphere of fear "They are bombing all parts of the globe ramming vehicles in public places they are firing in theatres All they want to tell the humanity is that we can win we can terrorise you" he said Anant Goenka executive director of the Indian Express Group said "The attack on parliament and 26/11 are the two events that have shaped the way modern India thinks of terrorism and violence" "As a group that has been documenting a changing India for over 80 years we recognised that we have rarely ever heard from those directly affected — the survivors — of 26/11 "From our interviews we have been touched inspired and awe struck at the courage the positivity the maturity and realised that there are many inspiring stories that needed to be told and it’s our role as a responsible news media group to give voice to these remarkable individuals" Goenka said Addressing an event at the Bombay Gymkhana in south Mumbai Fadnavis said "Memories of 26/11 will haunt us all the time It was not just an attack on Mumbai it was an attack on humanity sovereignty and on those who stand for peace" "But after nine years we are standing and telling terrorists and all those who are against peace that we will always fight and we will always win" the chief minister said "Today we have moved on and things have changed In Mumbai we have vigilance through CCTV network which is the the third eye We have best of protective gear for elite forces" Fadnavis said He said the citizens need to be the eyes and ears of the security forces to fight the battle "We need to be aware that it is a daily fight and we need to be a part of this daily fight" the chief minister said Addressing the gathering Maharashtra governor Ch Vidaysagar Rao said it is "unfortunate" that the mastermind of 26/11 attacks Hafiz Saeed has been set free The Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) head and LeT founder who has a $10 million American bounty on his head for terror activities was freed by Pakistan on Friday "No words are enough to condemn the dastardly attack It is most unfortunate that the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks Hafiz Saeed a designated terrorist has been released and he has threatened to renew his war against India I am confident that India is ready to curb and crush these terrorists" Rao said On 5 August the grandest sporting spectacle in the world will kick-off in Rio de Janeiro Brazil Every participating athlete knows that an Olympic medal will be the ultimate jewel in the crown in his/her sporting career The Olympics are when reputations are enhanced or shattered The Olympics is also where lifetime friendships are forged in spite of the cutting-edge rivalry and tension on the field Having been part of the Beijing Olympics I have seen first-hand the amazing camaraderie between athletes of different culture backgrounds and races Athletics swimming and gymnastics are the key events in any Olympics and by and large also the most viewed However that does not take away the sheen from other individual sports like racquet sports wrestling and boxing Every top athlete worth his/her salt will give it his all for the feel of that medal around his/her neck at the end of the games India has had limited success in tennis and apart from the bronze medal that Leander Paes won at the Atlanta Olympics we have very little to boast about Yes we have come very close on two other occasions — once when Ramesh Krishnan and Leander played together (reaching 1992 Barcelona Olympics quarters); and once again when Mahesh Bhupati and Leander played together at 2004 Athens Olympics where they lost the bronze medal match But somewhere down the line the medal eluded us File picture of Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna Getty I also felt that a golden opportunity was missed in 2012 London Olympics due to petty squabbles I can understand that all parties at that point in time had their own point of view but when you are playing for the country’s pride then personal egos and friendships need to be put aside and the best individual or team should be on the field However this is in the past and we now need to look forward to the action in Rio So where do we stand India has fielded three entries — Leander Paes-Rohan Bopanna in the mixed doubles Sania Mirza-Prarthana Thombare in the women’s doubles and Rohan-Sania in the mixed doubles Before I start about their chances let me first start by congratulating and saluting Leander on participating in a record 7th Olympic Games Wow 28 years of representing India and churning out performances in Davis Cup Asian Games Commonwealth Games and the Olympics like his life depended on them Leander is a true soldier a warrior who plays well above his own ability when the Indian tricolor unfurls where he is performing Back to reality In Rio Rohan and Leander have their work cut out In theory theirs is a perfect pair While Rohan has a monster serve Leander has the quick hands to dominate at the net While Rohan has blunt hammer-like returns and groundstrokes Leander has incredibly deft returns with pinpoint accuracy to bludgeon the power of their opponents’ serves Add to this the years of experience of handling tough situations and opponents one would tend to think that this pair is a sure-shot medal-winning team It’s amazing that after being at the top of the sport for the past 20 years Leander is still considered a match winner on his day Nonetheless he is human and he is 42 In a sport where physicality is of prime importance (especially in men’s tennis) he may find himself struggling especially on his serve One can expect the tennis courts in Rio to be slow and this is going to further hamper him Secondly Rohan when on song is a world-beater and yet there have been far too many days of mediocrity this season Add to this their personal chemistry or lack thereof — which was evident when the selectors met to choose the pairings — and suddenly things don’t look too hunky dory However let’s not forget that the two of them came together for Davis Cup earlier in July and seemed to have put away their personal issues This was indeed heartening and augurs well for them in Rio For both of them it may be a last shot at an Olympic medal Going out with all guns blazing and finishing with a medal around their necks would be the best answer to their detractors Now coming to women’s doubles stepping up on the victory podium is going to take a miracle I am a huge fan of Sania but it’s going to take an exceptional performance from her to pull out the proverbial rabbit from the hat in this event Doubles is all about two partners who are more or less equal in their playing ability Unfortunately while Sania is at the pinnacle of the rankings her partner Prarthana Thombare is just under the top 200 currently at 192 In all fairness to Prarthana she is the second best doubles player in the country today and also has a very good rapport with Sania This will certainly help To expect the two of them to beat teams where both partners are probably going to have a combined ranking inside 50 is going to take some doing Honestly speaking I wouldn’t like to be in Prarthana’s shoes right now because she is going to feel the heat Having said that let me also add that these are the exact situations which enable athletes to raise their game and perform well above their ability For Prarthana and millions of tennis followers in this country I hope this prophecy comes true and we come home with a medal here too Now let’s talk of the one event where we Indians seem to be taking all the grand slam titles — the mixed doubles I think Rohan and Sania would have to be considered a dream team They have perfect game styles to match each other’s abilities they have great personal chemistry on the court and most importantly they have won practically every time they have stepped on to a court to play This is certainly a team I am looking forward to watching and I hope they can create magic in Rio A lot is at stake here — personal milestones personal pride in performance and for three of the four players possibly the last chance to win a medal at the Olympics A medal at Rio would also give a great fillip to the game in India where we are today on the threshold of producing some very solid tennis players both male and female A medal can only inspire the gen-next into pushing themselves harder to emulate these great icons who are in Rio The author is a former Davis Cup player and coach of the Indian Davis Cup Team The world footballers’ union FIFPro will lodge a legal complaint at the European Commission (EC) on Friday arguing that the transfer system is fundamentally flawed and has failed to meet its original targets A FIFPro spokesman said that the case could lead to the scrapping of the current system in which players are traded between clubs for fees that reach tens of millions of euros David de Gea Reuters However FIFPro said it was premature to envisage what football would be like without the current system of transfers if it were eventually abolished FIFPro said that the complaint would target football’s governing body FIFA which administers international transfer regulations through the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) The union will allege that the transfer system which has existed in its current form since 2001 infringes European competition law The EC the European Union’s executive body will be told that the current set up has led to a situation where the market is dominated by a handful of elite clubs and that the gap between them and the rest is increasing The complaint also alleges that the system has failed to ensure contractual stability and has led to side-effects such as third-party ownership of players and the trafficking of minors FIFPro which represents 65000 professional footballers worldwide first threatened to challenge the transfer system in 2013 “The transfer system fails 99 percent of players around the world it fails football as an industry and it fails the world’s most beloved game" said FIFPro president Philippe Piat at the time FIFPro says that FIFA’s tribunal deals with around 4000 disputes a year between players and clubs many involving unpaid wages Even so FIFPro says that a player has to wait 90 days of non-payment before he can end his contract for just cause He then faces a long process through FIFA’s dispute resolution chamber that takes an average of 590 days On the other hand FIFPro says that if a player breaches a contract he is suspended for four months and must pay compensation based on his market value which could run into several years’ wages The European Clubs Association (ECA) which represents more than 200 clubs said recently that it was aware of a possible legal complaint and urged FIFPro to return to the negotiating table “We are in talks with FIFPro and I hope we will find solutions which can be accepted by both” said ECA chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge “I would like to call on FIFPro. which features Randeep Hooda in the title role.

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