Joint Task Force-Bravo Supports Panama in Operation Darien Lift

first_img “The relationship between Panama and the United States is certainly a strong one, (us) being the partner of choice,” concluded Capt. West. “When the Panamanians request help from the United States government, I think it hits home that we are here to help.” By Senior Airman Destinee Sweeney/Joint Task Force Bravo, edited by Diálogo January 28, 2019 Deep in the jungles of Panama, National Border Service (SENAFRONT, in Spanish) agents await for construction supplies that will help them take down illicit drug and human trafficking networks that abound in the Americas. The dense wilderness surrounding the agents seems alive—the breeze rustles the trees making them dance, the mountains stand tall in the distance guarding the valley below, and the air is filled with the sounds of nature. A whirring noise reverberates in the distance, akin to a sensory illusion. Gradually, the whisper evolves into a roar, overtaking the area, as a CH-47 Chinook helicopter peeks over the jungle canopy and the clearing erupts into chaos. The rotating blades of the aircraft whip up dust and debris that previously lay stagnant. “Bravo Company of the 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment (1-228th Avn Regt Bravo), assigned to Joint Task Force-Bravo [JTF-Bravo], is part of a broader U.S. effort to assist the Panamanian government and their national border police with setting up a remote operating base in the Darien jungle,” said U.S. Air Force Captain Jennifer West, 1-228th Avn Regt Bravo company commander and Chinook pilot. The Chinook crew of the 1-228th Avn Regt provided air transportation assistance from January 4-12 for the first phase of operation Darien Lift. “A SENAFRONT installation is under construction and a lot of equipment must be moved to build it,” said Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela. “We don’t have the equipment to transfer that amount of cargo in order to install this new SENAFRONT station; they are cooperating with that.” The outpost’s remote location makes transporting construction material—nearly 1,000 tons of concrete, cinderblocks, and others—harder. JTF-Bravo’s maneuverable rotary wing-assets can carry more weight faster than bringing the cargo on boats through the jungle’s waterways. Capt. West described the mission as extremely challenging without the airlift support and considers it “satisfying to know we’re actually making an impact and helping the Panamanians establish a security presence in the Darien, where there’s really nothing out there but jungle.” She explained the outpost will help SENAFRONT combat narcotraffickers and prevent their smuggled contraband from getting onto the Pan-American Highway, the transcontinental road well-financed and heavily-armed transnational criminal groups exploit. The groups fuel insecurity and instability as they conduct trafficking operations toward countries north of Panama. In 2018 alone, Panama’s security forces confiscated more than 72 metric tons of narcotics, keeping them off the streets of the Americas. “With this being a binational issue that also has regional effects, the U.S. government has kindly offered to support us in this effort,” said Panama’s Public Security Minister Jonattan Del Rosario. “It’s closely related to the binational posts that we are building in collaboration with Colombia, mainly because of the phenomenon of drug trafficking, although the irregular flow of migrants is also monitored from these centers. That’s why we have developed an important effort to pursue human trafficking networks in this administration, resulting in the effective dismantling of 22 networks.” JTF-Bravo, under U.S. Southern Command, operates out of Soto Cano Air Base, in Honduras, to support the United States’ neighbors in Central America and help partner nations develop capabilities and improve regional security. The year 2019 will mark the fourth Darien Lift the U.S. Army supports. Since the first operation, the crews have transported 152.5 tons of materials. They are scheduled to continue the operation. The Chinook is a multi-role helicopter used in a variety of situations from transporting soldiers to destinations to aiding in combat missions. In addition to supporting the Darien Lift operation, the CH-47 also deployed to combat wildfires in Darien in 2016. last_img read more

Mobile wallet use hinging on discounts & coupons, research finds

first_img continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The trick to driving mobile wallet adoption may rest in coupons, discounts and loyalty rewards, according to new data from Javelin Strategy & Research.The San Francisco, Calif.-based research and advisory firm released a report this week finding that although adoption rates have somewhat plateaued overall for mobile wallets, merchant wallets are the most widely adopted among consumers for payment at the point of sale.Javelin Strategy & Research said the research calls into question the wallet as a payment method, but it also found that some features do make mobile wallets more attractive to consumers.“In the rush to market, the main wallet value proposition, paying at the POS, wasn’t particularly compelling. In reality, loyalty and rewards will drive adoption, something merchants are doing particularly well,” Javelin Strategy & Research Director of Payments Krista Tedder said. “Nevertheless, third-party wallets can and should compete. A large group of consumers are primed to make the jump to in-store payments, and a feature-rich mobile wallet stands to gain a larger share of their spend.”last_img read more

How credit unions should honor Hispanic Heritage Month

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Luis A. Valdez-Jimenez “Luis A. Valdez-Jimenez has served on the Board of Directors for 360 Federal Credit Union in Windsor Locks, Connecticut since 2018. Valdez-Jimenez is passionate about increasing diversity in credit union … Web: Details Hispanic Heritage Month was expanded into a month-long celebration of the Hispanic American community by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. Since then credit unions have struggled with how to best observe this annual event and make inroads into the Hispanic community. The best way to observe Hispanic Heritage Month is to make a meaningful contribution to the community, and the best way to do that is to reach out and serve the Hispanic community, recruit and develop Hispanic talent, and partner with local organizations serving the community. The first point should be obvious, yet the facts show that more needs to be done. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Hispanic community is more “unbanked” or “underbanked” than the overall population because they have lower savings account ownership rates, are less likely to visit a branch, have lower rates of saving for unexpected expenses or emergencies, and are more likely not to have mainstream credit, among other statistics. Credit unions have a responsibility to help address these concerns by offering the Hispanic community the financial services and products they need. There is so much opportunity and potential for credit unions to thrive and prosper partnering with the community as its population and buying power is growing, to the point where the Hispanic-American GDP is now the eighth largest in the world.Yet the way credit unions often market to the Hispanic community fails to gain any traction. Growing up in Miami, a community with a very large Spanish speaking community, I remember watching Spanish TV and seeing ads from companies, in English. These companies didn’t even bother to translate the ads into Spanish! Also the ads wouldn’t feature anyone who seemed Hispanic and the messaging clearly wasn’t intended for a Hispanic audience. In addition, often whenever Hispanics would actually go into a branch, they often struggle to find someone who speaks Spanish fluently. Don’t just assume that if people live in the United States, that they can speak English. Over 26 Million people in this country do not speak English “very well”. How do you expect people to entrust their finances in products and services they don’t understand due to a language barrier? Unfortunately, there is an established history of financial institutions taking advantage of the language barrier to make a quick buck at the expense of the community. Well Fargo was sued for allegedly steering Hispanics into expensive and risky loans they didn’t understand and not staffing their branches with Spanish speaking loan officers. Staffing your credit union with Hispanic and Spanish speaking employees, including in managerial, executive, and board positions, will go a long way in serving the financial needs of our community. How do you know they actually speak Spanish? You can get their language skills certified through Language Testing International, as other financial institutions have done, and have the peace of mind that they can effectively communicate the value of membership in your credit union. Hispanics very much value word-of-mouth recommendations from their friends and families, and they can be among your most vocal promoters if they have a good experience at your credit union. In addition, invest the resources into developing and promoting your Hispanic employees into high profile positions within the credit union. Commitments to diversity and inclusion need to go beyond press releases and statements, and include an intentional effort to truly value your Hispanic personnel. Spotlight your Hispanic employees and highlight their cultures and contributions to your organization.Credit unions don’t have to re-create the wheel. They can partner with the many types of non-profit organizations that already serve the Hispanic community. There are local Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, churches, and other philanthropic organizations that are looking for credit unions to partner with them. I also serve as the President of the Connecticut Chapter of Prospanica, a national association of Hispanic professionals, and we have worked with local credit unions to help serve the needs of our community. It’s fine if a credit union publishes a statement celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. But if a credit union truly wants to honor Hispanic Heritage Month, then they need to do more. First, make an intentional effort to better serve the community by featuring Spanish ads targeting the Hispanic market and by having certified Spanish speakers serving in your branch. Then, recruit, retain, and promote Hispanic talent throughout your organization and celebrate their culture and contributions. Also, partner with local non-profits and utilize their knowledge and experience in the community. Finally, even though Hispanic Heritage Month ends in October, these steps should be practiced year-round. The benefits will far offset any costs that may be incurred.last_img read more

Southampton Cop Credited With Saving Baby

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Tragedy was averted last week when a Southampton Town police officer revived a tot who was discovered without a pulse inside his family’s Westhampton home last week, authorities said. Officer Kristian LoRusso responded to the home on Feb. 3 after the one-year-old’s sister reported the emergency to 911, police said. When LoRusso arrived, he was handed the child and noticed that the little boy was blue and didn’t have a pulse. The 16-year veteran sprung into action by performing “rescue breathing and chest compressions on the child,” who subsequently began breathing on his own, police said in a press release. The child was then transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment, police said. Authorities did not say what caused the child to stop breathing.Southampton Town police credited LoRusso with saving the child’s life. Southampton Town police said LoRusso has worked in the department for 16 years. Before his stint in Southampton, LoRusso worked for nearly three years with the NYPD.last_img read more

Persons who visited Endwell bar, Endicott restaurant test positive for virus

first_imgThe first, the department says a person who visited The Brickyard on Hooper Road in Endwell tested positive for the virus. If you were at the bar from 6 to 7 p.m. on July 11, the health department asks you self-quarantine until July 25. If you were at the restaurant from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on July 15, the department asks that you self-quarantine until July 29. Symptoms of the virus include cough, fever and shortness of breath.center_img (WBNG) — The Broome County Health Department has issued two public health statements Friday. The second, the department says someone visited Wingz on North Street in Endicott tested positive for the virus.last_img read more

Nautical tourism requires the provision of navigation to all vessels and guests

first_img“The line ministry recognized nautical as the first activity that could restart tourism activities. Therefore, we hope that nautical will finally and officially be classified in the tourism segment and that the Government will take into account our set of measures to help the sector, which was proposed to it at the end of March 2020.. “, Lisjak emphasized. Boaters welcome the amendment to the Decision on the prohibition of entry into seaports and inland ports in the Republic of Croatia, which, among other things, allows the entry of yachts with a hull length of more than 24 meters at berth in Croatian nautical ports or ports open to public traffic, and all vessels under Croatian flag, report in a statement from the Association of Marinas of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The association again discussed the expectation of exemption of marinas from the payment of a fixed and variable part of the concession fee for maritime property, which was the topic of the last meeting with the state secretaries of the Ministry of the Sea and the Ministry of Tourism. It was also concluded that in this crisis it was clear that the long-standing appeal for the inclusion of marinas in the tourism sector must continue to be emphasized, as they were unacceptable for tourism support, and tax treatment at a general rate of 25 percent, unlike other tourism activities, fell in these circumstances.  Considering that a significant part of nautical tourism consists of boats and yachts less than 24 meters, especially those that are not exclusively Croatian-owned, the Association of Marina HGK appeals to include them in the amendment and to define a clear protocol for accepting ships. Therefore, they urge that their proposals be urgently accepted and that the start-up of marinas and charter companies be allowed to start as soon as possible, especially since the fixed operating costs are extremely high and they cannot afford to miss business opportunities. In the end, they conclude that positive information about the opening of the nautical season in Croatia as a safe destination would be the best promotion and invitation to guests for all other types of tourism. “Without clear measures for accepting ships, it will be almost impossible for Croatian marinas to receive guests and provide services. That is why we have drafted a protocol and sent it to the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the competent Ministries of the Sea and Tourism, and we are waiting for the latest instructions so that we can start providing reception services for guests in marinas. Given the potential of the nautical sector, we believe that the final proposal will be determined as soon as possible. “, said the president of the Association of Marines of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Sean Lisjak, adding that some of the competing destinations, such as Montenegro, have already made a step forward in this regard and that even southern Italy has announced the opening of nautical tourism.  The Association says that some guests may replace a vacation in an apartment this year with a vacation on a boat that provides them with social distance and all the conditions that epidemiologists recommend. A special topic was the relationship with charters and other tenants.  Charter companies have also sent a proposal for epidemiological measures to the CNIPH for the business through the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and some will start working with domestic guests as soon as passes are revoked. “We hope to accept our suggestions and publish charter recommendations as soon as possible”Adds Klisović. “It is very important to open the borders as early as possible for countries with a similar epidemiological situation, of course, with the necessary precautions, of course, and to harmonize them with Saturdays when charter guests usually come. Because if, for example, it opens on Monday, June 15, we also lose this remaining part of the reservations for the period from June 13 to 20, since the shifts of guests are only on Saturdays.”, Explains Klisović and reminds that charter, especially the small one, is no longer a luxury that the average Croatian family cannot afford because renting some types of boats in recent years can be compared to the cost of skiing for the family. “We asked through the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for inclusion in the CRO card even before the coronavirus epidemic, and recently we talked again with the Ministry of Tourism on this topic and found great understanding.”, Said Klisovic.  The HGK charter association also supports the marinas’ request for the exemption of concessions, aware that the marinas are waiting for state measures that would spill over to them for the obligation to pay berths for charter vessels. “Water is coming to the throat, payment deadlines are running, charterers cannot pay them, and marinas are waiting for measures from the state. We are all so on hold. ” notes Paško Klisović, President of the Association of boat accommodation providers-charter HGK. last_img read more

Steroids cut death rates among critically ill COVID-19 patients, major study finds

first_imgDexamethasone has been in widespread use in intensive care wards treating COVID-19 patients in some countries since then.Martin Landray, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Oxford who worked on the dexamethasone trial that was a key part of the pooled analysis published on Wednesday, said the results mean doctors in hospitals across the world can safely switch to using the drugs to save lives.The WHO’s updated guidance, published on its website late on Wednesday, said corticosteroids should only be used in treatment of the sickest COVID-19 patients, and not in non-severe cases, since “the treatment brought no benefits [in milder cases] and could even prove harmful”.The UN health agency also urged countries to maintain sufficient stocks of corticosteroids, “while not maintaining excessive stocks which could deny other countries access”.Researchers said the benefit was shown regardless of whether patients were on ventilation at the time they started treatment. Topics : Treating critically ill COVID-19 patients with corticosteroid drugs reduces the risk of death by 20%, an analysis of seven international trials found on Wednesday, prompting the World Health Organization to update its advice on treatment.The analysis – which pooled data from separate trials of low dose hydrocortisone, dexamethasone and methylprednisolone – found that steroids improve survival rates of COVID-19 patients sick enough to be in intensive care in hospital.”This is equivalent to around 68% of [the sickest COVID-19] patients surviving after treatment with corticosteroids, compared to around 60% surviving in the absence of corticosteroids,” the researchers said in a statement.center_img The WHO’s clinical care lead, Janet Diaz, said the agency had updated its advice to include a “strong recommendation” for use of steroids in patients with severe and critical COVID-19.”The evidence shows that if you give corticosteroids …[there are] 87 fewer deaths per 1,000 patients,” she told a WHO social media live event. “Those are lives … saved.”Jonathan Sterne, a professor of medical statistics and epidemiology at Britain’s Bristol University who worked on the analysis, said the trials – conducted by researchers in Britain, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Spain and the United States – gave a consistent message throughout, showing the drugs were beneficial in the sickest patients regardless of age or sex or how long patients had been ill.The findings, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reinforce results that were hailed as a major breakthrough and announced in June, when dexamethasone became the first drug shown to be able to reduce death rates among severely sick COVID-19 patients.last_img read more

Confidence in property slowly rises

first_img5 Fryer St, North WardTOWNSVILLE’S residential property market is still at the start of the recovery, according to the latest Herron Todd White report.The HTW December month in review report states that while infrastructure projects were helping to kickstart the economy, there was still a lack of confidence.“Major projects such as the North Queensland Stadium and Haughton pipeline duplication underway along with a number of projects in the pipeline are providing improving economic conditions,” the report stated. “There, however, remains uncertainty around job security and the longevity and impact of these projects.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020“The rental vacancy rate has reduced throughout the year and we have seen a slight increase in rents in some locations.”The report also notes that inner-city and city fringe suburbs performed strongly.“The inner city 4810 postcode and in particular North Ward and Belgian Gardens have seen good levels of activity and firming prices, however, we have not seen the ripple effect of this increased activity transfer through to the market in the fringe or outer suburbs,” the report stated.“Overall the present market is highly suburb selective, with the recovery for houses more advanced than for units and land sales remain at very low levels.”Demand for the seaside suburb of North Ward resulted in multiple seven-figure sales throughout the year.5 Fryer St in North Ward sold for $1.75 million in May while 75 Cook St in North Ward sold for $1 million in June and an apartment at 4/62 The Strand was bought for $1.125 million in April.last_img read more

Update on the latest in sports:

first_imgNCAA board supports name, image and likeness compensationUNDATED (AP) — The NCAA has announced that its Board of Governors supports a plan that gives athletes the ability to cash in on their names, images and likenesses as never before and without involvement from the association, schools or conferences. Ohio State President and board chairman Michael Drake called it an “unprecedented” move by the NCAA.The next step is for membership to draft legislation by Oct. 30. Plenty of details still need to be worked out, including how to ensure that these sponsorship deals aren’t being used as improper inducements to recruits. A formal vote will be taken by schools at the next convention in January and new rules will go into effect no later than the 2021-22 academic year.NFL-NEWSAP Source: Goodell reduces salary to $0 — Bryan Cox. Jr. has inked a one-year contract with the Bulls after splitting last season between Carolina and Cleveland. Bryan Cox Sr. was a 12-year NFL linebacker and best known in Buffalo for antagonizing the Bills and their fans during his five seasons with the Dolphins.— The Colts now have two kickers under contract for next season while the NFL’s career scoring leader, Adam Vinatieri, remains a free agent. Indianapolis signed Rodrigo Blankenship to join fellow kicker Chase McLaughlin.— Former Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith has been arrested on a charge of unlawful sexual activity with certain minors. The 29-year-old Smith was booked into the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Jail Wednesday and was being held on a $50,003 bond. No details or police report was immediately available.— The NFL has renewed its streaming deal with Amazon for Thursday night games for three years. Amazon Prime Video and Twitch also will have exclusive streaming rights to one additional regular-season game in 2020. Amazon Prime Video and Twitch will stream 11 Thursday night games broadcast by Fox, giving access to more than 150 million paid Prime members.COLLEGE BASKETBALL-NBA Associated Press Verge turning proUNDATED (AP) — The list of underclassmen interested in the upcoming NBA draft continues to swell.Alonzo Verge Jr. has become the third Arizona State player to declare for the draft. The junior guard joined Remy Martin and Romello White among the 205 underclassmen so far on the league’s official list. Players have until June 3 to remove their names from the June 25 draft.Verge played 28 games and made nine starts for the Sun Devils last season, averaging 14.6 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.3 assists.Also declaring Wednesday were Utah sophomore guard Timmy Allen, Creighton forward Damien Jefferson and Southern California guard Elijah Weaver. The 6-foot-6 Allen earned second-team All-Pac-12 honors from the AP after averaging 17.3 points, 7.3 boards and 3.0 assists for the Utes last season. Leading plan for NHL return includes empty rinksUNDATED (AP) — The leading plan for hockey coming back this summer involves playing at a few empty NHL arenas to finish the season and award the Stanley Cup.Unknowns about the coronavirus have kept the league working on multiple scenarios. A person familiar with discussions tells The Associated Press the most aggressive timetable would have players returning to their home rinks as early as May 15, followed by a training camp in June. The regular season, featuring some if not all 31 teams would then begin in July, with the Cup awarded in September.In other developments related to the coronavirus pandemic:— Several Major League Baseball teams have announced ticket refund policies for games not played through May because of the virus outbreak. The Cleveland Indians have offered a 10% bonus credit for fans who want to apply what they’ve paid to future games. The Boston Red Sox extended a similar bonus credit to season ticket holders. Spring training was suspended on March 12 and the regular season was delayed from its scheduled March 26 start because of the new coronavirus pandemic. A revised schedule has not been announced. MLB is exploring many options to play this year if it’s deemed safe. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditMLB-HALL OF FAME-POSTPONEMENTBaseball Hall pushes back 2020 induction ceremonyUNDATED (AP) — Derek Jeter was a first-ballot Hall of Famer a few months ago, but he’ll have to wait an extra year to be inducted at Cooperstown. UNDATED (AP) — Oregon women’s basketball star Sabrina Ionescu and Iowa wrestler Spencer Lee shared the Sullivan Award as the country’s top amateur athlete.Ionescu swept every major women’s basketball award, including being a unanimous choice as the AP player of the year. She had an NCAA-record 26 career triple-doubles and was the first NCAA player – men’s or women’s – to reach 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists.Lee was 18-0 for the Hawkeyes this year as a junior before the season was stopped. The 125-pounder won NCAA titles his first two seasons.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 UNDATED (AP) — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reduced his salary to zero, according to a person familiar with the move. The person told The Associated Press that Goodell voluntarily had his salary reduced this month. He makes upward of $30 million a year from salaries and bonuses.Other NFL employees will be taking pay cuts or furloughs due to the coronavirus pandemic.The league is implementing tiered reductions in base salary, beginning with the pay period ending May 22. The reduction will be 5% for workers up to the manager’s level, 7% for directors, 10% for vice presidents, 12% for senior vice presidents, and 15% for executive vice presidents.In a memo sent to league office staffers, Goodell also said no employee earning a base salary of less than $100,000 will be affected by these reductions, and no employee’s salary will be reduced below $100,000 by the reductions.In other NFL news: — Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland faces a total of five charges, including resisting arrest and drug possession, after he was seen smoking marijuana in South Carolina. A York County sheriff’s deputy drew his gun on Breeland, who is also charged with resisting arrest. He was released on $2,362.50 bond after spending more than nine hours in jail. He had an interception and a team-high seven tackles in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win over San Francisco in February.— Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre (fahrv) says Aaron Rodgers was surprised by Green Bay’s decision to draft a quarterback in the first round. Favre said Wednesday on “The Rich Eisen Show” that he had spoken with Rodgers since the Packers traded up four spots in the first round to take Utah State’s Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick in the draft Thursday. Rodgers has four years remaining on his contract, but Favre also told Eisen that “my gut tells me” the two-time MVP won’t finish his career in Green Bay.— The Falcons say they are taking a “wait-and-see approach” with defensive end Takk McKinley’s future with the team. For now, the Falcons say they are declining their fifth-year option with McKinley for 2021. McKinley, a first-round pick in 2017, has 16 1/2 sacks through three seasons.— The Ravens have exercised the fifth-year option on All-Pro cornerback Marlon Humphrey, keeping him under contract through 2021. Humphrey was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2019 after a season in which he reached career highs with 65 tackles, three interceptions, two forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries.— The Cowboys have agreed to terms with free agent cornerback Daryl Worley after grabbing two corners in last week’s draft. Worley spent the past two seasons with the Oakland Raiders after playing his first two NFL seasons with Carolina. Update on the latest in sports: — The Tampa Bay Rays are the first Major League Baseball team known to plan furloughs of some full-time employees because of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to a person familiar with the decision who told The Associated Press they temporary cost-cutting measures will take effect on Saturday.— The LPGA Tour is pushing back the restart of its season at least another month. The target now is a tournament in Michigan on July 15-18, and that depends on whether it’s safe to return. The tour was hopeful of resuming June 19-21 in Arkansas. Commissioner Mike Whan says it’s not about being the first sport to be back but being safe. And he says the next three events on the new schedule — in Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey — will only be played if the coronavirus situation allows for it. The season-ending event in Florida would end on Dec. 20.— International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach says the future of sports after the coronavirus pandemic might mean fewer international events. In a letter to Olympic officials and athletes worldwide, Bach says “the current health crisis will lead to a long and deep economic crisis” which will affect sports. He says “governments must include sport in their economic support programs” so it can be part of a worldwide recovery.— The head of the IOC’s coordination commission for the Tokyo Olympics says he disagrees with suggestions by some scientists and doctors that a vaccine for COVID-19 is needed to hold the games. John Coates says the advice from the World Health Organization is to continue to plan for the 2021 Olympics, and he says, “that is what we’re doing.” The president of the Japan Medical Association president said Tuesday that it would only be possible for the Olympics to go ahead in July 2021 if the infections were under control, not only in Japan, but globally.— Switzerland’s federal government says professional sports teams can resume training on May 11, with a view to playing games in empty stadiums four weeks later. The government is set to make a final decision on May 27 as to whether games can resume in June. The Hall of Fame has announced that it has canceled the July 26 induction ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the class will be included with any additional new choices at next year’s induction festivities.Jeter’s class includes outfielder Larry Walker and catcher Ted Simmons, along with former union head Marvin Miller.A record crowd of over 70,000 had been expected this summer at the small town in upstate New York to honor Jeter, the former Yankees captain who came within one vote of unanimous election in January.This will be the first year without an induction ceremony since 1960.NCAA-COMPENSATING ATHLETES — Italy’s sports minister says it is increasingly unlikely the soccer season will resume. He says even though professional sports teams have been given the go-ahead to resume training on May 18, “resuming training absolutely does not mean resuming the season.” The French government called off the season in that country Tuesday.— UEFA’s (yoo-AY’-fahz) leading medical official at the Union of European Football Associations says soccer competitions should be able to resume this season. Tim Meyer says all soccer organizations planning for resumptions need to produce “comprehensive protocols dictating sanitary and operational conditions” to ensure the health of those involved in the games is protected. Meyer says “it is definitely possible to plan the restart of competitions suspended during the 2019-20 season” under these conditions and if local legislation is respected.— Serena and Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova are scheduled to compete in a video game tennis tournament for charity called the “Stay at Home Slam.” The IMG agency says Naomi Osaka and Kei Nishikori (kay nee-shee-KOHR’-ee) are also participating Sunday. Participants will each pick a charity to receive a $25,000 donation and the winner will choose who gets an additional $1 million donation.COLLEGE SPORTS-SULLIVAN AWARDIonescu, Lee share Sullivan NHL-RED WINGS MOVESRed Wings sign high-scoring SwedeUNDATED (AP) — The Detroit Red Wings have signed left wing Mathias Brome to a one-year contract, adding one of the leading scorers from the Swedish Hockey League last season.The 25-year-old Brome had a career-high 43 points last season, leading Orebro HK with 17 goals and 26 assists. Brome averaged 33 points over three seasons in the SHL.VIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTS April 29, 2020last_img read more

Fantasy baseball draft: Week one review

first_imgJust like that, the MLB season is already a week underway. We’ve already seen some amazing action, like Giancarlo Stanton’s 484 foot moon shot, Mike Trout’s contract-validating first at bat home run and the fact that Grady Sizemore is still healthy after four long, instant replay-filled games.While the first week is incredibly entertaining for pure fans of the game, it is a headache for fantasy owners trying to decide whether they should drop their slow starting players for what they hope to be the next waiver wire superstar. Even though ESPN fantasy writers like to say that most owners are panicking over their struggling and warn them against doing so, I advocate the opposite approach. Panic on the fringe guys (save Billy Hamilton) and stay patient with the guys you shelled out a lot of money/high draft pick for.All those who are in standard leagues or anywhere close to those settings have many, almost too many, good players on the free agent list because people don’t know them yet (looking at Erasmo Ramírez, Drew Hutchison and James Paxton). Therefore, it’s important to clear room on your team for these high upside guys to occupy your precious roster space rather than an overachieving Mark Buehrle. But aside from Ramírez, Hutchison and Paxton, which other quick starters are necessities to add to your soon-to-be championship squad before anyone else in your league gets smart and adds those players themselves and which will fade into obscurity after a couple weeks?Hitters (Top 3 on ESPN’s Player Rater who are not 100% owned)Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies OF, (51% confidence level)Image courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsOf all the players on this list, Blackmon is by far the biggest enigma. His six for six performance is special ­– he’s only the 66th player since 1914 to accomplish that feat. With all those sixes, it’s just fate that he’s going to be successful. If you’re less of a believer in that kind of stuff, Blackmon did hit over .300 with Colorado in 250 at bats last year with a .467 slugging percentage. With Blackmon, everything rides on his plate discipline: last year he struck out 49 times to a lowly seven walks, while through one week, it’s still only one-to-one. If he can keep that low, he’ll be the surprise breakout of the year. But if he keeps his ratio like last year, he’ll be another forgotten man.Emilio Bonifacio, Chicago Cubs, 2B/OF, (0%)Is he Bona fide or Bonifacio? The people at ESPN started asking just that several years ago because Bonifacio has fooled the fantasy world before, but he shouldn’t again. He went a record setting 11/16 with four stolen bases out of the gate, and was all the rage the first week, but he 0/3 the next day, showing his true colors. While his age wouldn’t be a conversation-ender in terms of rapid improvement, the fact that he’s been in the league seven years (compared to a guy like Blackmon with only three, none of them anywhere close to full length) should kill any hopes of progression and should instead signal a hot streak.Alejandro De Aza, Chicago White Sox, OF, (20%)An unlikely home runs leader after the first real day of baseball, who added another one two days later for good measure, Alejandro De Aza seems like that José Bautista/Edwin Encarnacion/Chris Davis type power prospect who was missing something, put it together and then became a star, right? Wrong. This is a guy who typically steals 20-25 bases and would hit for modest power if he played a full season. But he doesn’t, not because he’s injury prone, but because his manager doesn’t view him as a full-time player. And you know what, neither do I. He hits right-handers decently well, but is platooned out for teammate Dayán Viciedo when a lefty is on the mound. While some guys make a decent career off that, de Aza isn’t someone who will be worth the trouble managing your lineup every day, trying to balance when he’ll be in or out and on top of that won’t even be that reliable when he is playing righties. Leave him on the waiver wire and move on.Honorable mentions:Ángel Pagán, San Francisco Giants OF (90% confidence) – Won’t be a Chris Davis, but will definitely fill out a roster, great or points leaguesCasey McGehee, Miami Marlins 1B (60%) – I think the guy got his groove back playing in the Korean leagues and playing behind a budding superstar in Giancarlo Stanton can’t hurt.Dee Gordon, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2B/SS (75%) – I have my doubts, but they’re in the back of my mind with all my positive energy in the front. This guy will get on base, and he will steal even more.Pitchers (Top 3 on ESPN’s Player Rater who are not 100% owned)Mark Buehrle, Toronto Blue Jays SP (0% confidence level)Buehrle is the guy known for pitching complete games comes within one out of going the distance. No surprise, he seems like he’s 50 now, so who cares how taxed his arm is. But the long-time White Sox pitcher threw an unBuehrle-like 11 ks in the process, prompting a 33.5% increase in owners across ESPN to add him. He’s not getting any younger. There’s zero room for improvement and in an interview he even said he’s not doing anything differently. He will never eclipse the number of strikeouts he threw in the first start of this season, you can quote me on that.Tim Hudson, San Francisco Giants SP (5%)See Mark Buehrle. It’s the same story, except Hudson just threw 7 strikeouts, which is eye-opening only because Hudson throws around three or four per game. So why 5 percent confidence when Buehrle has zero? Hudson just signed to the Giants, so go ahead and take a flier on the ballpark, new pitching coaches or some random factor revitalizing his career. Just don’t waste any money buying that flier. If a friend gets you a flier for your birthday, don’t make it awkward and return it. But it’s definitely useful if it’s free. Otherwise, let it go.James Paxton, Seattle Mariners SP (33%)A highly regarded prospect for a couple years now, Paxton was someone I had an eye on this year, but thought he was a year away from being a major impact pitcher on the mixed league scale. However, after his first start, he’s making the case that he matters now. He has all the stuff a pitcher needs to succeed in this league, but I still think it’s one of those cases where he surprises early and then after watching some tape, hitters will figure him out and he will fall out of relevancy. Still, if you would’ve asked me what my confidence in him before the season started, I would’ve said 5 percent, showing just how much this start improved my season outlook for the kid. Despite the relatively low confidence level, he’s a guy you must add to your team if my honorable mentions aren’t already taken.Honorable Mentions:Scott Kazmir, Oakland Athletics SP (100% confidence level) – I’m really not sure why this guy isn’t 100 percent owned. He had a very good bounce-back year last year after being out of baseball for a two-year term with a k/9 over 9 and now he plays in the most pitcher friendly ballpark.Michael Pineda, New York Yankees SP (100%) – Elite rookie two years ago. Gets Tommy John. Gets traded. Becomes forgotten. Has a great spring throwing 90-91 MPH. Hits 95 consistently in his first start. This is a lock until he gets hit with an innings cap.Erasmo Ramírez, Seattle Mariners SP (80%) – There was some stat that I read two years ago that made Ramirez a really deep sleeper pick in last year’s draft. He made a couple good starts and then was out for the year. Well he’s back, and had a stellar first start. Buy in.Daniel Scheiner is a sophomore majoring in music industry. His fantasy baseball draft picks run Mondays.last_img read more