High end experts and scholars gathered Theme Forum

In August 10th, 11, 26 domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the high-end mountain Documentary Festival theme forum delivered a passionate speech from different angles, structure of mountain documentary of reverie, myth and the power of the media is discussed, on the mountain the story with the world language skills are discussed, the creation different mountain documentary works were talked about……

Our province plans to large-scale training of water conservancy professionals in Tibet

this year, the provincial water resources department to solve the practical problem of grass-roots training hard, outstanding grassroots oriented, take the "order" training, large-scale training and other measures in various forms for the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu water conservancy professional training of technical personnel.

it is understood that to play the intellectual in promoting the reform and development of water resources, Sanjiang source pilot national park construction and ecological civilization in the construction of water conservancy talents supporting role in support of the Ministry of water resources, the province for the first time in Yushu, the implementation of the "training plan" talent order. Plan 2016 in ordinary colleges the college entrance examination in the early admission 40 college students from Yushu, take the "qualified + specialty" "government, college tuition, students take two years take a year tuition" in the form of water conservancy oriented training of professional and technical personnel needs, Tibet professional counterparts, rooted in the grassroots. At the same time, the office of the Ministry of water resources to provide tilt and support policies, the Ministry of water resources in 2016 education and training programs for the establishment of 18 training courses in Qinghai, plans to train the source area of Sanjiang province (sub) water conservancy personnel. read more

Eleven golden week in Xining, the focus of the business of the company’s $204 million to pay $14

During the National Day holiday, Xining festival market supply is abundant, rich in goods, the price is generally stable, showing a prosperous buying and selling. According to monitoring, from October 1st to 7, Xining City, the focus of the business to achieve sales of 204 million yuan of $14, an increase of 12.05%.

for the protection of the holiday market supply, let people spend a happy and peaceful day festival, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce in the Mid Autumn Festival this year, National Day, and Muslims overlapping Corban Festival features, arrangements for the commercial circulation enterprises to buy gifts, discounts, sweepstakes, membership and other forms of promotion of double integral activities, and the organization of marketable goods, abundant supply of goods, plenty of grain, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other daily necessities supply general merchandise, a superb collection of beautiful things to meet the consumer demand, the different levels of the organization during the festival, the festival of commodity value of Sishiyuyi yuan. read more

Cohesion powerful spiritual force to provide strong public support

"General Secretary Xi 48 word press duties of the mission of the party, is a new era of journalism" compass "and has become the wind vane", each of US journalists working guidelines and goals." The news public opinion workers through serious study, in-depth discussion, consensus, "we must firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of consciousness, as core consciousness, create a thought, temperature, quality of work, and strive to become the party and the people trust journalists." For some time, the province’s public opinion front to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping, 2· 19 important speech continued to heat up, deepening. read more

Decision of the first session of the twelfth Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress on the establishme

(adopted at the first session of the twelfth people’s Congress of Qinghai Province in January 26, 2013)

according to the "Regulations of People’s Republic of China local people’s congresses and local people’s government organization law", decided the twelfth Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress set up a law committee, a finance and Economic Committee, education science culture and public health committee, a Foreign Affairs Committee, the National Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, Agriculture Committee, the House Judiciary Committee of environmental protection. read more

For the development of well-known experts feel the pulse of the planning and construction of Xining

The next few years, more than 10 years, Xining urban development direction? How to highlight the characteristics of Xining metro construction? How to solve the traffic problems in Xining? With the acceleration of urbanization process, today’s Xining is once again at the crossroads of urban development. In November 21st, Xining city mayor Wang Yubo presided over the development of expert seminars, invited well-known experts in the province and domestic scholars and make a contribution to the construction of Xining, the old leaders concerned about the long-term development of Xining, the new concept of shared experience and the development of modern city, the new research problems facing the development of Xining, on major issues in the development of city planning and construction the pulse of Xining. Mayor Wang Yubo thought lead planning and planning to lead the construction of urban development in Xining to fully study the city’s personality in Xining, highlighting the quality of Xining city. How to fully study the Xining City personality, the pursuit of urban quality? How to make Xining in the rapid development of the city to build a more beautiful, more livable, more suitable for the industry, it is more appropriate to travel, more pleasant? This is the gist of our seminar. I think we should use advanced concepts to guide the practice, with thought to lead the planning, planning to lead the urban construction. The seminar, the experts and the old leaders speak stand high, wide vision, deep thinking, full of rational and dialectical thinking, to do the next step in Xining has a strong guiding significance. We will further sort out the good ideas, good ideas, good ideas to enrich the next step of the relevant policies and documents, and in-depth study of the actual work level, pragmatic advance. Here I talk about my ideas on the development of urban planning and construction. What is the core of urban planning? My view is that the core is thinking. From the actual situation and development in the city, which requires the general rules we fully study the development of the city, to grasp the trend of the development of the city, in the background of promoting the city, with a view of system, deepen the research of city as the industry, traffic, landscape, cultural heritage and other factors of a large production life the system related to the. Urban planning and construction is a strategic issue, which is crucial to the development of a city. Urban planning and construction is also a dynamic process of development, with the change of the times, we need to deepen the understanding of ideology, keep pace with the times, improve and upgrade. At the same time, city planning and construction is an open, interactive, practice process, various departments to the city planning and construction development concept embodied in practice, highlighting the Xining city quality through a brick, every tree and bush. To fully comply with the needs of the people, the concept of people-oriented and meticulous planning, construction, management, compliance with the good and reflect the people’s desire for the new city, new requirements. The actual situation of Xining is Xining advantage former director of Municipal People’s Congress of Xining city based Xiaofei Ma as Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, but the development speed of our city is very fast, now the city development results are from scratch, from small to large development, since the reform and opening up, Xining has changed turn the world upside down, especially in the last more than and 10 years. The provincial government and the province around the support of experts and relevant departments concerned, the significant achievements in Xining city construction and development. Xining; read more

2015 a number of key projects to start again

Strive to start into the West Railway, Qingchuan focus on promoting the new channel, built in Xining south highway, in 2015, the province will focus on national seven major investment project package, the limited funds to invest in high-precision global basis, strategic areas, transportation, water conservancy, energy, information and other fields, and then launched a number. The structure, make up the short board, increase stamina, improve people’s livelihood has an important role in the project, to promote the province’s economic and social development. The traffic, in addition to speed up the construction of the railway, the railway grid library GD Tseng, to strive to start West railway. At the same time, focus on promoting the Qingchuan channel, Xining Beltway South Ring Road, G6 high-speed Beijing Tibet tea cards to Golmud, G214 to Yushu (Republic of Xining, the ancient South Node) highway, airport, Golmud Airport expansion, the Qilian Airport and other major transport infrastructure projects. Water resources, to promote the comprehensive management of the Huangshui River, Da Ji canal, Huang water accumulation, Rasiva Gorge Reservoir Irrigation and other major water conservancy projects, basically completed the Lijia, Gongboxia, Jishixia three irrigation project. Energy, comprehensively promote the southern six counties and the Qinghai power grid network engineering, union 750 substation project, Cihaxia hydropower station, dahejia hydropower station, Xining power plant, 4 million tons of fish card coalfield grid expansion, Longyangxia Shuiguang complementary phase two, the new major energy projects 1 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants and power generation etc.. Information, accelerate the smart city, broadband villages and other key projects, the basic realization of the network village. In addition, this year the province will accelerate the construction of the core area of the East Sea, Xining city center square, Nanchuan area renovation and expansion of the North Qinghai Lake scenic area comprehensive development projects, orderly Sanjiang source two and Qilian Mountains ecological protection and comprehensive management of major ecological projects.   read more

Clear Province third major policy measures to implement the contents of the audit

promote the project landing, financial security, decentralization, policy implementation, risk prevention 5 aspects, recently, the provincial audit department clear three key audit content, arrangement of the third quarter of all localities and departments to implement the national major policies and measures for the implementation of the follow-up audit work, policies to promote the smooth implementation of government decrees, air plant.

Provincial Audit Office official told reporters that the third quarter of the audit will focus on social assistance, the basic livelihood of the people to ensure the implementation of the policy difficulties. Check the main social relief work mechanism, coordination mechanism and performance evaluation mechanism is established; check the central and local governments at all levels of subsistence allowances, medical assistance, temporary assistance, poor staff support and other social assistance funds and funding for the implementation of the work. About the central fiscal subsidies to guarantee the minimum living security is key task, tilt, financial difficulties in the distribution of the minimum living security funds grants Yijiangdaibu measures progress etc.. read more

Announcement of the Standing Committee of the fifteenth Xining Municipal People’s Congress on behalf

(adopted at the tenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress on January 9, 2013) (


Xining fifteenth people’s Congress on behalf of the number of 319, motorized 2. The fifteen people’s Congress of the third meeting on behalf of the vacancy 2. Since the closing of the third session, Han Jianhua (East District) for resignation, Liu Kailu (Huang Zhongxian), Yang Dechun (PLA) from the administrative region representative is automatically disqualified. All electoral units according to the "People’s Republic of China National People’s Congress and the local people’s Congress election law", "China people’s Liberation Army of the National People’s Congress and local people’s congresses of the measures" provisions, in accordance with the law by election out of the fifteenth Xining Municipal People’s Congress on behalf of the 5, the Datong County People’s Congress election 2 Name: Huang Huaihua, Wang Jun; Huangzhong County People’s Congress election 1: Li Lianxue; Chengdong District People’s Congress election 1: Han Shenghu; the PLA delegation by election of 1: Zhang Hongwei. read more

Health knowledge seminar held in the north of the city

the morning of July 4th, North District Health Education District of Ayutthaya seven floor conference room, held a "health is the health lectures based" people’s all-round development as the theme of the residents. Zhan Jinyuan, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, presided over by the deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, deputy director of the District People’s Congress, Zhang, Xiao Xian attended the meeting. Health knowledge
  read more

Heze when the rural women in the electricity business opportunities

rural entrepreneurship, Internet entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs, when the words met the collision, will have a huge power of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote innovation and entrepreneurial big step forward. Heze to the development of rural electricity supplier tide, promote the rural women’s employment and entrepreneurship.

with people’s consumption habits are more in love online, the electricity industry has become more and more choice for entrepreneurs, rural electricity providers have become the electricity supplier chiefs of increasing value of blue ocean". The day before the reporter to interview in Heze, where the women in the local Party committee and government and the Federation to drive support, seize the favorable opportunity to the development of rural electricity supplier, in the tide of economic transformation and upgrading of the electricity industry from the top half of the sky "". read more

July air quality in our city

Recently, reporters from the city atmosphere office was informed that in July, the County Park, I released the ambient air quality status: four district, West District, relatively good air quality, the air quality index is 4.66; the north area of the relatively poor air quality, air quality index is 7.83. Three counties, Datong County air quality is relatively good, the air quality index is 3.96; Huangzhong air quality is relatively poor, the air quality index is 5.92. Four industrial park, Nanchuan Industrial Park relatively good air quality, the air quality index is 3.87; Dongchuan Industrial Park, the relatively poor air quality, air quality index is 5.12.
read more

North of the city festival held in rural fun moon cake festival

in September 28th, in the District of Xining City Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei Xiang Qu Agricultural Park crowded, bustling. In a small rustic garden square, Tao Bei village villagers show a variety of homemade handmade cakes. On the same day, by the government of North District of Xining City, North District Animal Husbandry and Water Bureau, Baoziwan Town People’s government, the north area of Xining Township interest held agricultural science and technology limited company have jointly organized the "motherland welcome birthday, celebrate the autumn harvest" Chengbei district the first township interest Festival held here delicacy moon cake. read more

n 2016 the province’s farmers and herdsmen transformation tasks issued throughout the country

recently, the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued on the issue of the province’s farmers and herdsmen in 2016 and the transformation of the task of the financial plan notice. In 2016, the province’s new farmers and herdsmen ramshackle 65 thousand households, the province’s farmers and herdsmen rebuilding subsidies of 25 thousand yuan per household.

it is understood that in the province of new farmers and herdsmen ramshackle 65 thousand households, 10 thousand households in Xining City, East Sea city, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 26 thousand households, 9 thousand households, the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of 1 thousand and 500 households, 7 thousand and 100 households, 3 thousand and 500 households in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of 2 thousand and 600 households. Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 5 thousand and 300 households. Arrangements for the construction of energy-efficient building demonstration households 21 thousand, among them, 4040 households in Xining, Haidong City Haixi 8620 households, 420 households, 1484 households in Haibei Prefecture, Hainan Prefecture, Huangnan Prefecture, 3268 households, 1456 households, 744 households in Yushu Prefecture, 968. In 2016 the province’s farmers and herdsmen rebuilding subsidies of 25 thousand yuan per household, the central subsidy of 8 thousand and 500 yuan, the provincial subsidy of 13 thousand and 500 yuan, 3 thousand yuan of local matching. Building energy-saving demonstration households subsidies of 2 thousand and 500 yuan per household, all the central subsidy funds. read more

27 investment projects to promote the development of the park

Datong County, Beichuan Industrial Park in order to accelerate the construction of the park, reinforce the park investment platform, plans to implement 27 projects, is expected to achieve a fixed asset investment of about 1 billion 300 million yuan, the project put into production value of 1 billion 950 million yuan.

it is understood that the Beichuan Industrial Park in Datong County in "to promote investment projects, investment to promote the development of the principle of increasing the investment, innovation and development mode, the new space Park provides new opportunities for enterprise development and demand, and provides new opportunities for the development of the park and power. This year, the park has a total investment of 1 billion 120 million yuan of steel structure, meat products, plastic packaging, new building materials and other 6 construction projects; 7 of the total investment of 1 billion 587 million yuan project; 7 total investment of 1 billion 460 million yuan in the project; 5 production projects and 2 of the total investment of 180 million yuan in infrastructure construction projects. read more

Earnestly carry out the road of service guarantee


carry out public harbour traffic order Security Inspection Brigade on duty, Xining City Department of transportation yunguanchu all comrades give up holidays, go all out to protect the public harbour traffic order.

since entering in October, Xining weather gradually turn cold, sooner or later, a larger temperature difference. The inspectors did not because of the cold weather and go-slow. In striving for excellence activities under the excitation of continued duty in the city of Xining Main Street, road bus bay with full enthusiasm, guide the bus stop on passengers, passengers waiting on the safe and orderly guide, under the vehicle, and eliminate non bus vehicles parked in the harbor. read more

North new 572 small and micro enterprises

This year, the city of North District continue to increase efforts to foster and support private enterprises to expand the development of private enterprises, as of now, the city’s new district all kinds of small and micro enterprises 572, the annual target of 103%. It is understood that the private economy to cultivate become the backbone of economic and social development, improve the comprehensive competitive ability of the private economy and the ability of sustainable development, to the end of August this year, the north area of new types of 572 small and micro enterprises, and accelerate business park project construction of small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote the good prospects for the development of enterprises as soon as possible the implementation. Currently located on the west side of the Qinghai University, planning land area of 586 thousand square meters of SMEs in the early development of the park is intense preparation. In addition, the North District to increase the elimination of backward production capacity and the closure of small business efforts for Western Qinghai Iron Alloy Co. Ltd. to declare the elimination of backward production capacity plan in 2014, Xining Camsing Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other 3 companies to declare the closure of small business plan, the provincial and Municipal Economic Commission audit after Xining Camsing Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. closure of small business funding subsidies 450 thousand yuan. In addition, the establishment of a long-term mechanism for financing projects, according to the needs of enterprises held a joint meeting of banks. At present, with the number of financial institutions have been coordinated, Qinghai Hongsen bean Co. Ltd. 5 Small and micro businesses financing of nearly 70 million yuan.   read more

Our province will interpret the 2017 college entrance examination syllabus

2017 college entrance examination unified national examination outline once published, quickly aroused concern. In October 27th, a reporter on the new revision of the outline of the main contents, our province will be how to better guide the teaching and studying for an exam with the provincial admissions staff.

2017 new version of the college entrance examination syllabus compared with the previous revision of the larger, reflecting the new requirements and new ideas of reform. Especially in the 2017 college entrance examination outline of the revised document, there is a recurring and strengthening of the core concept of "moral education", is that the college entrance exam outline the educational orientation and function. This is also a very important orientation and characteristics of the 2017 college entrance examination syllabus. read more

Ma Shunqing in the province to promote the comprehensive reform, the meeting stressed the need to tu

10 month 12 days, the province’s comprehensive health care reform to promote the work will be held in Xining, listen to the relevant departments and bureaus and regional reform work report, to promote the study of the current health care reform priorities. Provincial Party committee, deputy director of the provincial health reform leading group Ma Shunqing speech, vice governor, deputy head of the provincial health reform leading group chaired by Gao Hua.

Ma Shunqing pointed out that the national health and health conference put forward new requirements for deepening the reform work, party secretary Wang Guosheng and governor Hao Peng respectively make work instructions, we must shoulder the responsibility, the momentum is, solid work, go all out to promote the reform work. To push forward the reform of the provincial public hospital comprehensive break in yaobu mechanisms, accelerate the reform of the price of medical services and public hospital compensation system; to reinforce the classification treatment system, do aid to strengthen grass-roots construction, development of remote consultation, serious disease prevention, build stronger and better conjoined; to perfect the medical security system, the implementation of the provincial overall, promote the business insurance agency orgnaization of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, deepen the reform of the medical insurance payment; to improve the drug supplies supply mechanism, promote drug strokes, regulate circulation, strengthen the drug distribution. read more