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cup is an important international event, event Chinese in players’ performance let many people look forward to, watching the masses, media reporters are expected to see the excellent performance of Chinese athletes in the high level sports events. In July 8th, the stage was called the most beautiful stage, also because of the weather events is extremely difficult, but in such a situation, the domestic players’ performance that the audience’s eyes. read more

National action health care city signs

meet to review the national health city is the priority among priorities, this year Xining Jian Wei July 31st, reporter Gen Suijian Wei review steering group of a group of inspectors found Wei Jian review is not only a department, a unit that has become a national action, every Xining in action with care this a gilded signboard.

July 31st, the steering group of a group of everywhere, whether it is community or village, can see the staff in finishing in front of three ", went all clean, no dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon. Part of the municipal units also on the city community, the joint point of the village construction work, such as the support of the contract, and some units to give financial support, and some units to help people. In the garden community, the staff told reporters: "we are helping the unit is the Municipal Bureau of justice, they help us to hire someone to clean, all the costs by them, we also equipped with a large garbage box new." In Taining, the staff of the community is also pleased to tell reporters: "we are helping the community East District District Organization Department, every day the staff came to maintain order, cleaning work, Wei Jian gave us great help." (author: Zhang Qian)
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Announcement of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment

in order to ensure the bridge cross Xining city demolition project smoothly, from December 15, 2008 to December 21, 2008 closed demolition construction, closed road construction via bus specific bypass route bus line for temporary change notice. During the closure of the construction along the various units of vehicles, please choose the road bypass. Closed construction section of the entire ban on parking. During the dismantling of inconvenience to the general public, and passing vehicles please understand, rain snow or special case postponed. read more

Datong County, Changning town four initiatives to promote the rectification work

town in Changning to promote a new round of grassroots organizations in the process of building activities, to take four measures to carry out the rectification work to improve and effectively solve the outstanding problems in the process of building grassroots organizations.

is a good grasp of the reorganization of the organization. Take the division of town cadre of village, the relevant units and other forms of assistance to provide guidance and help for the backward party branch. Tilt the policy to promote the rapid development of the village collective economy, infrastructure improved significantly. read more

Celebration of the province 51 and 51 award ceremony

4 29, Qinghai Province Radio and television studio hall ushered in a group of special guests – labor model. One day, they become Qinghai province to celebrate the "51" and "51 Double Award" awards "guest" in music and a sea of joy, feeling as the pride and glory of workers. Provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Ma Shunqing attended the award ceremony.

this is co sponsored by the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial Office of the steering committee of the construction of spiritual civilization and Qinghai radio and TV special, is a holiday gift to our province’s national and provincial model workers and laborers. From the first tier of the national, provincial model workers on behalf of, and provincial authorities, the provincial Trade and industry, the provincial prison, the provincial heavy industry machinery, textile and other trade union system of more than 400 representatives of workers and workers together to watch the show. 8 model workers on behalf of their position based on innovation to become a leader in the peer experience, wonderful stories from time to time to win applause and cheers. read more

nterview with Xue Jianhua, director of the Xining Bureau of education, Xining education next year t

teachers pay for performance – the implementation of the separation of high school – a comprehensive promotion of learning plan teaching – in the exam: to increase physical examination, cancel the information technology examination


news network, twenty thousand teachers, 300 thousand students, in the face of the shortage of educational resources, the school layout is not reasonable, high school education resources shortage and a series of problems, the Department in charge of education becomes more and more heavy burden. How can we let students enjoy high-quality education resources to meet the needs of the masses of high-quality education? read more

Built in the province’s first tunnel power corridors

April 30th, with the completion of the first tunnel power pipe gallery in Xining put into operation, the provincial capital of the Southern District of Hong Kong, Europe and the garden of the 8300 phase of the residents to move back to become the first beneficiaries of the two.

Kang Nan area cable tunnel project mainly covers East Road, South to the South and the west of beltway, road, Kunlun avenue to the north of about 40 thousand square kilometers of the scope of supply, in addition to effectively improve the power supply capacity of the 10 thousand volt power grid, but also solve the problem of regional electricity needs of 36 thousand households. read more

Human resource dispatch to achieve your wealth dream

said the dispatch of human resources, many people may not know, many companies in order to save costs, human resources and other departments have implemented outsourcing measures, the rise of the implementation of measures directly makes the dispatch of human resources in this industry, the dispatch of human resources will become a rare investment project!

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Datong travel small can make the article

is better in Datong tourism economy, recently, Datong County in the modern agriculture demonstration base held a central study group (expanded) learning conference, and invited the World Tourism City Association Expert Committee Director Wei Xiaoan held a special lecture.
, also analyzed the development trend of project of tourism economy in Laoye Mountain, Kinde along ski, kite ditch etc, put forward the corresponding marketing strategy, pointed out that in the tourism economy in Datong County, "county can make the article". In addition, the meeting also hired Wei Xiaoan as Datong County Tourism Development consultant". read more

Our province to carry out supervision and inspection of radiation clinics

for the implementation of "occupation disease prevention law" and the relevant laws and regulations, regulate the province’s medical institutions and occupation health services of medical quality and radiation protection work, strengthen the radiation treatment mechanism for radiological protection management, recently, the provincial health authority for the province’s radiation medical institutions to carry out supervision and inspection.

it is understood that the inspection involves 24 provincial radiation clinics, occupational health inspection institutions and the 2 occupational disease diagnosis agencies, engaged in radiation workers in the 611, radiation treatment equipment, 131 units. Test results show that our province medical institutions have established radiation protection management organization, formulate radiological safety management system, and obtained the "license" to carry out the radiation treatment of radiation treatment, the rate of 97.05% radiation workers; X ray room room layout is reasonable, protection facilities in place; occupation disease diagnosis mechanism of occupation health check, can obtain qualification approval to carry out occupation "in health service certificate" within the scope of the occupation health examination work standard, examination report quality is greatly improved compared with the previous year. read more

13th Five-Year start from the project start

Xining Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary meeting of the twelve session just ended, the morning of January 19th, mayor Zhang Xiaorong hosted municipal government special meeting, conscientiously implement the spirit of the committee, comprehensive arrangements for preparatory work and the project this year, "13th Five-Year". The meeting informed the progress of preparatory work for the city’s key projects progress and key construction projects in 2016 and 2015 first batch of national special construction funds to implement the project, and the scene of the preparatory work for the project carried out docking, and then confirm again. read more

Michelle City store how

ask how to evaluate the catering industry, first should use the phrase: the sea is the sea, tolerance is a virtue, to describe the development of the space industry, the catering industry is large and you cannot imagine, especially the brand features full of delicacy project. These food and beverage brand is the choice of businesses easy to start a business. Michelle City store join, distinctive brand, with authentic drinks and elegant decoration environment, bring a good place for leisure for people. Here, look at how Michelle joined with the introduction of ice?. read more

High end experts and scholars gathered Theme Forum

In August 10th, 11, 26 domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the high-end mountain Documentary Festival theme forum delivered a passionate speech from different angles, structure of mountain documentary of reverie, myth and the power of the media is discussed, on the mountain the story with the world language skills are discussed, the creation different mountain documentary works were talked about……

Our province plans to large-scale training of water conservancy professionals in Tibet

this year, the provincial water resources department to solve the practical problem of grass-roots training hard, outstanding grassroots oriented, take the "order" training, large-scale training and other measures in various forms for the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu water conservancy professional training of technical personnel.

it is understood that to play the intellectual in promoting the reform and development of water resources, Sanjiang source pilot national park construction and ecological civilization in the construction of water conservancy talents supporting role in support of the Ministry of water resources, the province for the first time in Yushu, the implementation of the "training plan" talent order. Plan 2016 in ordinary colleges the college entrance examination in the early admission 40 college students from Yushu, take the "qualified + specialty" "government, college tuition, students take two years take a year tuition" in the form of water conservancy oriented training of professional and technical personnel needs, Tibet professional counterparts, rooted in the grassroots. At the same time, the office of the Ministry of water resources to provide tilt and support policies, the Ministry of water resources in 2016 education and training programs for the establishment of 18 training courses in Qinghai, plans to train the source area of Sanjiang province (sub) water conservancy personnel. read more

Eleven golden week in Xining, the focus of the business of the company’s $204 million to pay $14

During the National Day holiday, Xining festival market supply is abundant, rich in goods, the price is generally stable, showing a prosperous buying and selling. According to monitoring, from October 1st to 7, Xining City, the focus of the business to achieve sales of 204 million yuan of $14, an increase of 12.05%.

for the protection of the holiday market supply, let people spend a happy and peaceful day festival, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce in the Mid Autumn Festival this year, National Day, and Muslims overlapping Corban Festival features, arrangements for the commercial circulation enterprises to buy gifts, discounts, sweepstakes, membership and other forms of promotion of double integral activities, and the organization of marketable goods, abundant supply of goods, plenty of grain, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other daily necessities supply general merchandise, a superb collection of beautiful things to meet the consumer demand, the different levels of the organization during the festival, the festival of commodity value of Sishiyuyi yuan. read more

Cohesion powerful spiritual force to provide strong public support

"General Secretary Xi 48 word press duties of the mission of the party, is a new era of journalism" compass "and has become the wind vane", each of US journalists working guidelines and goals." The news public opinion workers through serious study, in-depth discussion, consensus, "we must firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of consciousness, as core consciousness, create a thought, temperature, quality of work, and strive to become the party and the people trust journalists." For some time, the province’s public opinion front to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping, 2· 19 important speech continued to heat up, deepening. read more

Decision of the first session of the twelfth Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress on the establishme

(adopted at the first session of the twelfth people’s Congress of Qinghai Province in January 26, 2013)

according to the "Regulations of People’s Republic of China local people’s congresses and local people’s government organization law", decided the twelfth Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress set up a law committee, a finance and Economic Committee, education science culture and public health committee, a Foreign Affairs Committee, the National Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, Agriculture Committee, the House Judiciary Committee of environmental protection. read more

For the development of well-known experts feel the pulse of the planning and construction of Xining

The next few years, more than 10 years, Xining urban development direction? How to highlight the characteristics of Xining metro construction? How to solve the traffic problems in Xining? With the acceleration of urbanization process, today’s Xining is once again at the crossroads of urban development. In November 21st, Xining city mayor Wang Yubo presided over the development of expert seminars, invited well-known experts in the province and domestic scholars and make a contribution to the construction of Xining, the old leaders concerned about the long-term development of Xining, the new concept of shared experience and the development of modern city, the new research problems facing the development of Xining, on major issues in the development of city planning and construction the pulse of Xining. Mayor Wang Yubo thought lead planning and planning to lead the construction of urban development in Xining to fully study the city’s personality in Xining, highlighting the quality of Xining city. How to fully study the Xining City personality, the pursuit of urban quality? How to make Xining in the rapid development of the city to build a more beautiful, more livable, more suitable for the industry, it is more appropriate to travel, more pleasant? This is the gist of our seminar. I think we should use advanced concepts to guide the practice, with thought to lead the planning, planning to lead the urban construction. The seminar, the experts and the old leaders speak stand high, wide vision, deep thinking, full of rational and dialectical thinking, to do the next step in Xining has a strong guiding significance. We will further sort out the good ideas, good ideas, good ideas to enrich the next step of the relevant policies and documents, and in-depth study of the actual work level, pragmatic advance. Here I talk about my ideas on the development of urban planning and construction. What is the core of urban planning? My view is that the core is thinking. From the actual situation and development in the city, which requires the general rules we fully study the development of the city, to grasp the trend of the development of the city, in the background of promoting the city, with a view of system, deepen the research of city as the industry, traffic, landscape, cultural heritage and other factors of a large production life the system related to the. Urban planning and construction is a strategic issue, which is crucial to the development of a city. Urban planning and construction is also a dynamic process of development, with the change of the times, we need to deepen the understanding of ideology, keep pace with the times, improve and upgrade. At the same time, city planning and construction is an open, interactive, practice process, various departments to the city planning and construction development concept embodied in practice, highlighting the Xining city quality through a brick, every tree and bush. To fully comply with the needs of the people, the concept of people-oriented and meticulous planning, construction, management, compliance with the good and reflect the people’s desire for the new city, new requirements. The actual situation of Xining is Xining advantage former director of Municipal People’s Congress of Xining city based Xiaofei Ma as Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, but the development speed of our city is very fast, now the city development results are from scratch, from small to large development, since the reform and opening up, Xining has changed turn the world upside down, especially in the last more than and 10 years. The provincial government and the province around the support of experts and relevant departments concerned, the significant achievements in Xining city construction and development. Xining; read more

2015 a number of key projects to start again

Strive to start into the West Railway, Qingchuan focus on promoting the new channel, built in Xining south highway, in 2015, the province will focus on national seven major investment project package, the limited funds to invest in high-precision global basis, strategic areas, transportation, water conservancy, energy, information and other fields, and then launched a number. The structure, make up the short board, increase stamina, improve people’s livelihood has an important role in the project, to promote the province’s economic and social development. The traffic, in addition to speed up the construction of the railway, the railway grid library GD Tseng, to strive to start West railway. At the same time, focus on promoting the Qingchuan channel, Xining Beltway South Ring Road, G6 high-speed Beijing Tibet tea cards to Golmud, G214 to Yushu (Republic of Xining, the ancient South Node) highway, airport, Golmud Airport expansion, the Qilian Airport and other major transport infrastructure projects. Water resources, to promote the comprehensive management of the Huangshui River, Da Ji canal, Huang water accumulation, Rasiva Gorge Reservoir Irrigation and other major water conservancy projects, basically completed the Lijia, Gongboxia, Jishixia three irrigation project. Energy, comprehensively promote the southern six counties and the Qinghai power grid network engineering, union 750 substation project, Cihaxia hydropower station, dahejia hydropower station, Xining power plant, 4 million tons of fish card coalfield grid expansion, Longyangxia Shuiguang complementary phase two, the new major energy projects 1 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants and power generation etc.. Information, accelerate the smart city, broadband villages and other key projects, the basic realization of the network village. In addition, this year the province will accelerate the construction of the core area of the East Sea, Xining city center square, Nanchuan area renovation and expansion of the North Qinghai Lake scenic area comprehensive development projects, orderly Sanjiang source two and Qilian Mountains ecological protection and comprehensive management of major ecological projects.   read more

Clear Province third major policy measures to implement the contents of the audit

promote the project landing, financial security, decentralization, policy implementation, risk prevention 5 aspects, recently, the provincial audit department clear three key audit content, arrangement of the third quarter of all localities and departments to implement the national major policies and measures for the implementation of the follow-up audit work, policies to promote the smooth implementation of government decrees, air plant.

Provincial Audit Office official told reporters that the third quarter of the audit will focus on social assistance, the basic livelihood of the people to ensure the implementation of the policy difficulties. Check the main social relief work mechanism, coordination mechanism and performance evaluation mechanism is established; check the central and local governments at all levels of subsistence allowances, medical assistance, temporary assistance, poor staff support and other social assistance funds and funding for the implementation of the work. About the central fiscal subsidies to guarantee the minimum living security is key task, tilt, financial difficulties in the distribution of the minimum living security funds grants Yijiangdaibu measures progress etc.. read more