Blowing up the national unity in the downtown area

in order to promote the central national unity and progress to create a demonstration area, promote ethnic unity and progress, the city district government elaborate arrangements, earnestly organize the implementation, innovation activities, to create features highlights.

it is understood that the city is a multi-ethnic, multi religious coexistence of the city, where the population of 24 thousand and 700 people, there are back, Tibet, soil, Mongolia, Sala and other ethnic minorities, accounting for 29 of the total population of 8.3%. At the beginning of this year, the district proposed that "1+8+N" in the work of Party building, Party building the target responsibility assessment will create national unity and progress in the region into the demonstration area, and the organization, politics and law, discipline inspection, publicity and other work with the deployment, with the inspection, to create a task decomposition to implement unit and responsible person. read more

A large picture of the epic secret Qinghai Premiere

Six large screen picture epic "secret Qinghai", after careful cooperation of Qinghai performing arts group and Shanghai Maple culture company complex row, on March 20th at the Qinghai Grand Theatre premiere.

six large screen picture epic "secret Qinghai" is based on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the source of the Sanjiang historical and cultural background, from the birth of the first God "Queen Mother of the west", explain the profound and delicate relationship between God and God, man and God, man and nature, the interpretation of a movie about the natural world, and God is on the harmonious coexistence of the story, good show, sure to love, praise of beauty. Double row after the "secret Qinghai" actors are Qinghai local actor lineup, performing in place, creative choreography. The play is mainly through the 3D high-tech audio-visual integrated modern stage performance means, to create a magnificent painting realm. The whole dance drama is characterized by the ancient mythology and the modern philosophical thinking, and has the characteristics of stage performance art of symbolism and post modernism. After the play was staged in Qinghai Grand Theatre, the city will go to some cities tour.   read more

A city 18 groups of inspectors find fault in the North District of Xining city

with the Xining city national civilized degree index welcome inspection work entered a critical stage, in the north area of access under the relentless effort, recently, the 18 "creative city" evaluation attack inspectors group was established in Chengbei District, timely rectification of problems, to ensure that the "creative city" work responsibility implement.

from August 9th onwards, the implementation of the north area of the district leadership, units at the level of contact point chip package system, the establishment of 18 groups of inspectors, in accordance with the "evaluation system" of national civilization city index, all-round, three-dimensional to the area of the road, the area to carry out supervision work, coordinate and solve problems and difficulties, and put forward reasonable suggestions advice. read more

Enhance the consciousness of traffic safety and promote the Harmonious Campus

In order to further improve the traffic safety consciousness of the young pioneers, enhance self-protection ability, strengthen the school traffic safety propaganda, the formation of a good atmosphere, everyone to obey the traffic rules the afternoon of March 2nd, West Street Primary School, Xining city invited outside legal counselor city traffic police detachment brigade police officer asked the dragon to carry out seminars. Traffic safety knowledge in the school, the school nearly 2000 students attended the lecture read more

50 projects to promote the smooth flow of investment in Xining during the year to invest two hundred

began in 2013, what is the fastest means of transport? The answer is public transport. February 5th, the reporter learned from the Xining traffic work conference, this year, Xining will update more than and 600 buses, a one-time completion of the provincial capital of the bus replacement. At the same time, the facilities designated bus lanes, traffic monitoring, formation of bus special road network and ensure bus priority, improve the carrying capacity of the public service level, to encourage more people to travel by public transport. read more

How to make good use of provident fund

recently, with the increase in the maximum amount of provident fund loans and the introduction of a series of convenience measures related to the provident fund loans, provident fund and its loans by the general public’s attention. September 24th, the reporter on the commercial housing and second-hand housing provident fund loans related policies and public concern housing renovation can apply for provident fund loans and other issues, interviewed the Xining housing fund management center. read more

22 take 10 doctoral student enrollment examination

In May 13th, the Qinghai Normal University to study for the doctorate graduate entrance examination. The examination began in May 10th, a total of 22 candidates to participate in the doctoral graduate entrance exam, which is held for the first time the school of geography, computer science and technology, Chinese history of 3 first grade doctorate authorization discipline entrance examination candidates will participate in the professional basic courses, foreign language and the direction of the 3 exam subjects. After the end of the exam will be based on the results in 22 candidates admitted to 10 for doctoral students. read more

Clean up unreasonable charges for enterprise burden

Recently, the province on the development of the province in 2014 to reduce the burden on the work of the company’s views, will be through special clean-up related departments of administrative fees and other aspects of the ten aspects of the charges, and effectively reduce the burden on enterprises. It is reported that the burden for the enterprise to special clean-up illegal fees, reduce some fees as the focus, comprehensive clean standardize various charges related matters, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, stimulate the vitality of the market, to create a good environment. Specifically: special clean-up related departments of administrative fees, focus on cleaning up the country has been cancelled but the relevant departments still collect fees, avoid duplicate charges; special treatment of illegal charges on regional custom, such as the surrounding agricultural and pastoral areas to support the development of new rural construction funds, funds and other illegal charges; special governance of the banking institutions unreasonable charges according to the project, key management fees, loan companies reflect the settlement discipline such as special treatment; highway unreasonable fees, reduce the cost of highway transportation enterprises to implement the policy, in conjunction with the relevant departments to study and put forward to cancel part of highway toll stations, or reduce fees of opinion; special governance intermediary institutions unreasonable charges for the enterprise and Industry Association all kinds of appraisal standards activities, as well as a variety of assessments and sponsorship fees; focus on cleaning up and Administration Functions of various intermediary services charges. It also includes temporary exemption from some industries primary mineral resources compensation fees, slow (minus) to pay the electricity sector charges and reduce some fees, the railway sector to reduce the risk of lightning disaster assessment standards of the meteorological department.   read more

Learning through the spirit of the eighteen harmonious community line, the successful conclusion

December 8th, in front of the stadium in Xining, flags fluttering, laughter. Sponsored by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Qinghai daily news, the Western Metropolis Daily hosted the eighteen spirit of learning through the · harmonious community line, held here in the fifth events. In a piece of joy, the "learning through the spirit of the eighteen · harmonious community line" activities also painted a full stop.

on the same day, the neighborhood offices and community programs elected Xining city community residents to feast their eyes, singing, laughter, accompanied by applause, immersed in the joy of community residents. In the activities of the office of Qinghai, Ma Decoction of 100 families in the city in Xining city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau poor sanitation workers donated warm materials. It is understood that this event was supported by the Xining Street offices and communities, the activities of participating personnel up to more than and 300 people. "This event fully embodies the" big community "were stationed in the building, and all participating in the program are Zibianziyan, reflect the community residents in recent years changes in cultural life development, fully express the joy of community residents." Xiguan Street Party committee secretary Zhao Haitao said that the activities for community residents to provide a stage to display their own, enjoy a positive and healthy life, to meet people’s spiritual and cultural needs of community residents, to a positive role for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai. read more

Create a national unity and progress in the Western District of the city played a new national unity

West District of Xining City, is a multi-ethnic city, a total of more than 24.6 people in the region, there are Han, Hui, Tibetan, Tu, Mongolian and other ethnic groups of 34. Among them, more than 2.6 ethnic minorities, accounting for the region’s population of 10.6%. Over the years, the brothers and sisters of all ethnic groups love each other, solidarity and mutual assistance, and jointly write a new chapter in the prosperity and development of the western region. October 22nd, west district health system of national unity and progress in advanced areas to create a mobilization meeting held, marking the west area of national unity and progress in advanced areas to create work into the hospital activities in full swing. In this piece of land on the west side of the city, the brothers and sisters will join hands to create a better life. read more