Bagpipe Band enters 15th season of entertaining fans

first_imgWednesday nights, the unmistakeable sound of bagpipes echoes out of the back of Washington Hall. The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band is preparing for Saturday home football games.The band currently consists of 13 members, according to sophomore band pipe sergeant Tyler Johnson. And while the band may contain differing levels of experience, the passion that radiates off each of the members, decked out in their kilts and belts, as they lead the Irish into the stadium with their rendition of “Scotland the Brave” is undeniable. Photo courtesy of Dylan Klee The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band poses in Notre Dame Stadium on Sept. 5 prior to the Texas game. “We have nine pipers and four drummers,” Johnson said. “Most bagpipers have experience, but I do some teaching with new people who want to learn. I don’t think any of the drummers have any experience with bagpipe bands.” Sophomore Allegra Wallingford, who plays snare drum for the band, said she joined this year because she loved the idea of being a part of a Notre Dame tradition.“I joined because I love playing music and wanted a way to do that while I’m here,” she said. “I also really enjoy being part of something very traditional and playing in bagpipe band makes me feel very connected to Notre Dame.” The band’s roots can date back to the early 1950s, according to their website, when the Irish Guard was began as a bagpiper unit in the Notre Dame Marching Band. But the bagpipes did not fare well in the cold and were abandoned by the Irish Guard until the 1990s, when Paul Harren formed a band and started teaching students how to play. The band first performed at football games during the 2001 season.Sending off the football team to meet their opponents isn’t the only thing the band does on game day, Johnson said. The band’s Saturdays consist of several short performances throughout the day. “For typical football weekend with a 3:30 p.m. kickoff, we’ll start at 11:30 a.m.,” he said. “We’ll play a fifteen minute concert in front of the dorm, we’ll play marching through LaFun and then we’ll do the player walk.”Johnson said playing for a group that’s so well-known and beloved by the Notre Dame community has been a lot of fun. “I’ve been playing for twelve years — I’m the pipe sergeant of the band,” he said. “So I’ll do all the tuning and some logistic work, stuff like that. I play with a band back home, but on game days, it’s probably the best crowd I ever play for. It’s just insane the number of people who crowd around, especially because most people hate the bagpipes.”In addition to football game days, the band plays in a variety of other concerts through the year. They’ve even performed in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago, Johnson said.  “My experience has been pretty cool, being able to play for so many people and having such a receptive crowd,” he said. Tags: bagpipe band, football, Football Friday Feature, Game Daylast_img read more

Lure Butterfly Larvae

first_imgOne thing that works is to keep a patch of truly wild weeds and grasses.Georgia has more than 150 kinds of butterflies. There are more kinds of larval foodplants than there are butterflies. A hundred or so native grasses and other plantsgathered from old fields will put you off to a good start.If you prepare such a wild place, the butterflies will come. They will most likely besmall, obscure butterflies, including some skippers, satyrs and wood nymphs.But unless you get down into the weeds and crawl along looking for them, you won’t seetheir larvae.You could also plant trees that will serve as caterpillar food. The tiger swallowtailwould be nice to have. Its larvae feed on trees including tulip poplar, wild cherry, ashand sweet bay.But the tiger swallowtail has so many common trees to choose from, why should it chooseyours?That’s why I like the sugarberry. It tends to be scarce. But I have a few in my yard.Sugarberry is the host for hackberry, tawny emperor and snout butterflies, which come tomy yard each summer.But tree-feeding caterpillars are likely to be up too high to see.How about flowers?Certain flowers are advertised as larval food plants. But before you buy, askspecifically which butterflies use them.Milkweeds are a common recommendation for monarchs. But I’ll bet you’ve never seen amonarch caterpillar on milkweed in the Southeast. It does happen, but northbound springmonarchs are scarce in these parts.Up north, monarchs are common all summer. There a butterfly enthusiast can search amilkweed patch in July and have a good shot at finding monarch caterpillars.So what will work here?Forget flowers — think vegetables.Plant parsley, carrots and dill for black swallowtails. Dill is their favorite. Ifblack swallowtails pass through your garden, this will work.Maypop or passion flower is a good choice. It’s not a vegetable, but it thrives in thedisturbed soil of a vegetable garden better than in the wild.In late summer, search maypop for the spiny caterpillars of two beautiful butterflies,the gulf fritillary and the variegated fritillary.Plant beans for long-tailed skippers. This butterfly is a gem. It’s brown with dustyblue hindwings bearing long tails. Its hairless, big-headed green larva is fat in themiddle and tapers to both ends.Longtailed skipper larvae can defoliate your beans. So plant a few extra for them — orthin out the caterpillars if they’re eating too much.If you don’t mind a few pests and like moths, too, watch the tomatoes for tomato sphynxlarvae. They come by night like jumbo hummingbirds to lay their eggs.The caterpillar is green with white diagonal stripes. It has a conspicuous, butharmless, horn on the tail. It may grow to be four inches long. But it doesn’t make acocoon. It burrows into the soft soil and transforms into a chrysalis.If you want to see your caterpillars transform, gently capture a few when they arenearly full grown. Put them in a cage and feed them the source plant from which you tookthem. Then watch for the miracle. Butterflies don’t live on flowers alone.If you’re a butterfly gardener, you’ve no doubt heard the advice to plant “larvalfood plants” so your butterflies can lay eggs on them. Then watch the spectacle ofinsect metamorphosis unfold before your eyes.This advice sounds sincere and simple. But has it ever worked for you?Chances are you’ve rarely seen a sure-enough butterfly caterpillar in your garden –except maybe cabbage butterfly larvae, and who cares about them?last_img read more

Brazilian Naval Peacekeepers Conclude UNIFIL Mission After a Decade

first_imgBy United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon December 14, 2020 After almost a decade-long service with United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon’s (UNIFIL) Maritime Task Force (MTF), assisting Lebanese Navy in securing the country’s vast territorial waters, Brazilian peacekeepers concluded their mission with UNIFIL before returning home December 2, 2020.Also concluding the UNIFIL mission, together with more than 200 Brazilian sailors, was the MTF flagship, frigate BRS Independência after nine months of service.Brazilian peacekeepers led MTF, which until the latest departure had six ships and about 800 sailors, since 2011. Five ships — one each from Bangladesh, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, and Turkey — will continue to carry out the mandated tasks at sea.Brazilian Navy sailors hold their national flag flanked by the Lebanese and the U.N. flags prior to a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force in the port of Beirut on October 21, 2016. The MTF, part of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon, deployed on October 2006 within the mandate of the Security Council 1701, and it is the first and only naval task force ever to take part in in a U.N. peacekeeping mission. (Photo: AFP)As the U.N. Peacekeeping’s first and only major naval component, UNIFIL MTF was deployed on October 15, 2006, at the request of the government of Lebanon. A total of 15 countries have contributed to the MTF, which supports the Lebanese Navy in preventing the unauthorized entry of arms or related materiel by sea into Lebanon.Its mission also focuses on assisting Lebanon raise its own naval forces to control and protect Lebanon’s seaways and territorial waters. In order to achieve that, MTF carries out a range of different training courses and coordinates exercises with the Lebanese Navy to prepare it to assume all duties required for maritime security, protecting Lebanon’s sovereignty and supporting economic investment.Speaking on behalf of Italian Army Major General Stefano Del Col, UNIFIL head of Mission and Force commander, during a farewell ceremony onboard Independência on December 1, Ghana Armed Forces Brigadier General Irvine Nii-Ayitey Aryeetey, UNIFIL deputy Force commander, paid tribute to the service of the outgoing Brazilian peacekeepers.“Today, we bid farewell to the outgoing MTF ship, and it is a remarkable date for UNIFIL, MTF and, of course, for the Brazilian Navy, after almost 10 uninterrupted years in support and contribution to the cause of peace in Lebanon,” he said.“I praise you all for your tireless dedication and professionalism, especially in this year, with all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the blast here at the Beirut Port,” Brig. Gen. Aryeetey continued. “Through hard work and dedication, the Frigate Independência, representing here the Maritime Task Force and its sailors, has proven that, dominating the maritime domain can bring benefits to peacekeeping operations and economic development by ensuring a safe maritime environment.”On his part, outgoing MTF commander, Brazilian Navy Rear Admiral Sérgio Renato Berna Salgueirinho, said Brazil’s participation in the UNIFIL MTF contributed directly to the maintenance of peace “in such important mission,” adding that the departure was a “historical moment.”“This accomplishment will always be remembered in the Brazilian Navy, as well as it will be recorded in the history of UNIFIL,” he said. “Overcoming unprecedented challenges, in such a particular year for all of us, I recognize that you, men and women, peacekeeping crew members of the frigate Independência, have worked hard to fulfil this mission.”Since 2006, MTF has hailed 106,000 ships and referred about 15,000 of those vessels to the Lebanese authorities for further inspections, at sea or land. MTF’s area of maritime operations (5,000 nautical square miles or 17,171 square kilometers) is almost 16 times bigger than the area of UNIFIL area of operations on land in south Lebanon.last_img read more

Authorities: Great Neck Cardiologist Wanted Rival Doctor Killed

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York What began as a seemingly routine prescription pill investigation into a Great Neck cardiologist spiraled into a complex probe into a brazen murder-for-hire plot allegedly targeting a former business partner-turned rival doctor, authorities said Wednesday at a press conference announcing the bizarre Gold Coast feud.The 54-year-old cardiologist at the center of it all, Dr. Anthony J. Moschetto of Sands Point, was arrested Tuesday and charged with various crimes, including conspiracy, arson and criminal solicitation. Investigators discovered illegal guns and a cache of weapons, including ornate swords, daggers and axes, as a part of the probe, authorities said.“It’s unusual for an investigation to reveal such a wide array of crimes being committed by an individual who is seemingly respected by the medical community,” said acting-Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter. Moschetto, Krumpter added, “was exposed as a deplorable, despicable criminal.”Two men—41-year-old James Kalamaras of Suffolk County and 43-year-old James Chmela of Selden—whom Moschetto allegedly solicited to destroy his rival’s office building at 38 Northern Blvd. in Great Neck in February were also arrested Tuesday for arson, authorities said. Both Chmela and Kalamaras were also charged with burglary while Chmela was additionally charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal sale of a firearm.Medieval-style weapons seized by police during a murder-for-hire plot investigation involving a Gold Coast doctor and his rival. (Rashed Mian/Long Island Press)On the same day he was arrested, officers executed a search warrant at Moschetto’s home, which allegedly revealed a cache of weapons—many of them illegal—located in an apparently secret room behind a motorized bookcase that only opens when a switch is activated, authorities said.The five-month investigation, which is still ongoing, began in December when the Drug Enforcement Administration, after receiving a tip, became suspicious of unusually high prescriptions of oxycodone coming out of Moschetto’s Great Neck office, authorities said.“The investigation led to the discovery of a common link between this contraband and a then-unsolved Feb. 25 arson in Great Neck, and even a subsequent murder-for-hire plot that was foiled by this investigation,” acting-Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said Wednesday.Moschetto “was the supplier and mastermind behind this elaborate scheme,” Singas added.Authorities said they found a cache of weapons at a Great Neck doctor’s Sands Point home while executing a search warrant on Tuesday, April 14. (Rashed Mian/Long Island Press)Authorities said Moschetto and the intended victim had a business relationship and worked out of the same office.The seemingly conventional probe sparked a multi-agency investigation that authorities said also uncovered an illegal drug distribution scheme and put the brakes on the trafficking of illegal weapons.Moschetto was arrested after he was seen on video allegedly soliciting an undercover officer to murder a competing doctor, officials said. Investigators were also able to link Moschetto and the two other defendants to a failed arson attempt at the rival doctor’s office building, authorities said.No one was injured and the blaze caused minimal damage to the building because the fire was set directly below the office’s sprinkler system. The fire was extinguished quickly and Nassau County fire officials were able to obtain evidence from the scene, authorities said. At the press conference, authorities displayed surveillance photos of the arson as it was in progress.Authorities did not say why the relationship between the two doctors soured, but once it did, Moschetto moved his practice to 370 Northern Blvd. in Great Neck. Investigators also revealed that the intended victim filed a harassment complaint against Moschetto with Nassau police.“[Moschetto] wanted to put him out of business so he could get his business,” said Anne Donnelly, deputy chief of organized crime and racketeering bureau, and an assistant district attorney.The DEA’s investigation began in December with the first of six undercover drug buys, which continued until last month, the district attorney’s office said. More than 400 oxycodone pills were sold during that time as well as 198 bags of heroin, the DA’s office said. The probe also led to a more recent sale that included two assault rifles and heroin.After the alleged arson attempt, undercover officers overhead a conversation that connected the office fire to the guns and pills, Donnelly said.One of the items seized by police in the investigation of a Great Neck doctor involved in an alleged murder-for-hire plot. (Rashed Mian/Long Island Press)Discussion of the alleged murder-for-hire plot began after the failed arson attempt, authorities said. Moschetto was allegedly prepared to pay the supposed hit-man $5,000 to assault the doctor bad enough that he’d have to be hospitalized for several months and $20,000 to kill him. Moschetto, authorities said, gave a confidential informant and the undercover officer blank prescriptions and cash as payments. Guns were also offered as payment, officials said. At one point, Moschetto allegedly broached the topic of assaulting the victim’s wife if she was present during the encounter.Prosecutors said Moschetto frequently see-sawed between having his competitor injured or killed.“At the time of Dr. Moschetto’s arrest [Tuesday], his instruction had most recently reverted back to the commission of an assault against his victim,” the DA’s office said in a press release.The collection of weapons seized by police seemed better suited for a Hollywood thriller set: daggers decorated with hissing dragons, dragon-winged double-sided axes, demonic-handled knives, and blade-protruding brass knuckles similar to the claws that shoot out of the hands of “X-Men” comic hero Wolverine.“I can’t imagine what evil this man has already committed and what evil he planned in the future,” Krumpter said.Moschetto, who was also charged with criminal sale of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon, burglary, criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance, was expected to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon at First District Court in Hempstead. His attorney’s information was not immediately available.last_img read more

HTP Korcula launched a campaign: Korcula -The island made of dreams

first_imgIn this campaign, destination promotion is imperative, Lopatny points out, adding as a special emphasis on experiences, all the experience we bring home with us from vacation. Also, communication should be adjusted according to the current situation using slogans such as do not cancel the trip but postpone it. As always, storytelling plays a major role, and it is necessary to tell and interest future guests through the story. What’s important to point out is that it’s not just one video, but a rounded campaign. In the first phase, it is planned to be held for a month via social networks and is intended primarily for regional guests. “The campaign is elaborated in such a way that on Mondays posts are published related to historical facts and the rich cultural heritage of the island of Korčula entitled: Dreams made of medieval heritage. On Wednesday, the natural beauties of the island will be presented under the name: Dreams made of turquoise sea / Dreams made of sunlit beaches. On Friday, it is planned to publish information on gastro and sports activities with the title of the publication Dreams made of unique experience / Dreams made of joy and leisure. Through Instagram stories, efforts will be made to encourage guests to post materials related to the island of Korcula near KorculaTheIslandMadeOfDreams”Concludes Lopatny. Thus, HTP Korčula dd emphasizes the dreaming phase through the main communication, presented through a new campaign: orKorčula – The island made of dreams˝ “The aim of the campaign is to focus on promoting the destination and its authenticity in these challenging times when we are unable to travel, and thus stay in touch with current visitors, as well as attract new visitors to dream with us, and then visit the island of Korcula – when this will be possible due to the COVID-19 epidemic”Points out Maja Lena Lopatny from HTP Korčula dd The main narrative of communication is dreams and daydreaming Through the campaign, visitors are invited to dream about the beauties of the island of Korcula – which are presented in the campaign, as well as the message that we hope that soon we will all be able to realize those dreams, with #StayHome, #DreamNow, #TravelLater uniting in # KorculaTheIslandMadeOfDreams. As I have repeatedly pointed out, it is necessary to communicate in this crisis situation as well. At the moment, of course, you should not do the classic sale of accommodation, but communicate to guests that you are still there and give them motives for future travel in the context of the dreaming and planning phase. After last year’s investment in the first phase of the PORT 9 Resort beach, which amounted to more than two million kuna, the works of the second phase have just been completed and guests of HTP Korcula will be able to enjoy 1000 m2 of promenade, special horticultural landscaping, ambient lighting. lounge area and new attire of the traditional tavern and modern beach bar, which are located on the beach.last_img read more

Spain readies to ease lockdown, warns will need discipline

first_imgThe country’s overall death toll from the virus rose by 453 to 24,275, the health ministry said, adding that the additional cases were from the previous days in the region of Galicia.The number of diagnosed cases rose by 2,144 from Tuesday to 212,917, the world’s second-highest tally after the United States, the ministry said.”The evolution we are seeing is still very favorable and is in line with what we expected,” health emergency coordinator Fernando Simon told a news briefing on Wednesday.He said the so-called ‘R’ rate – the average number of infections that one person with the virus causes – stood at below 1, signaling a downward trend, in almost all areas of the country. Topics : Spain’s lockdown is making progress against the new coronavirus but a gradual easing from next week will require even more discipline, officials said on Wednesday, after the country recorded 325 deaths from the infection overnight.The lockdown, one of the toughest in Europe, has halted public life since March 14 and nearly paralyzed the economy.In Madrid, workers were painting “keep your distance” signs on to zebra crossings in the capital in preparation for restrictions to be gradually removed.center_img The daily number of deaths has decreased sharply from the high of 950 seen in early April.Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced late on Tuesday a four-phase plan to lift the lockdown that would culminate in a return to normality by the end of June.Foreign tourism But Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska told a news conference on Wednesday “the period of easing measures would take more discipline than lockdown” itself.Implementation will vary from province to province depending on factors such as how the rate of infection evolves, the number of intensive care beds available locally and compliance with distancing rules. These targets are yet to be announced.Health Minister Salvador Illa said the rules on visiting friends and family would be provided in the coming days.The Hotel Business Association of Madrid on Wednesday expressed its “serious concern” over the plan, as well as its “disbelief” that the government was contemplating reopening hotels “when the arrival of clients is impossible” because of closed borders and suspended flights.The government’s plan does not specify when Spain will be able to reopen its tourism industry, which is worth 12% of Gross Domestic Product.”Foreign tourism is the hardest part to manage. We look at what has happened to those ahead of us [in Asia]; when they started cross-border mobility there were outbreaks of imported cases,” said a government official who declined to be named.”We also want to take the decision at [European] Community level, especially in view of the Schengen area,” he added.Data released on Wednesday showed Spanish retail sales fell 14.1% in March from a year earlier on a calendar-adjusted basis, after rising 1.8% in February.Most stores closed during the second half of last month as part of the lockdown and have remained shut in April.last_img read more

Jose Mourinho hits back at Arsenal over Facebook jibe by claiming Gunners ‘don’t have much to celebrate’

first_imgArsenal posted: ‘It’s not easy beating Sheffield United at Bramall Lane. Here’s a reminder of how it’s done’.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe post was accompanied with a series of ‘eyes’ and ‘wink’ emojis, further indicating it was a not-so-subtle dig at their north London rivals. Mourinho has long played the pantomine villain to Arsenal fans and his move to Spurs has done little to quell their hatred of the Portuguese.Spurs host Arsenal at their new stadium for the first time on Sunday and Mourinho has stoke the fires for that game by saying Arsenal’s attempted jibe is down to the fact that the Gunners ‘don’t have much to celebrate’. Metro Sport ReporterSunday 5 Jul 2020 11:05 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.7kShares Advertisement Jose Mourinho hit back at Arsenal (Picture: Getty)Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has hit back at Arsenal after the Gunners took a swipe at their north London rivals following a 3-1 defeat to Sheffield United.Spurs’ Champions League hopes were effectively ended with a defeat at Bramall Lane on Wednesday. It was the Blades’ first win since Project Restart, ending a poor run of form for Chris Wilder’s men where they tasted defeat against Arsenal in the FA Cup as the Gunners ran out 2-1 winners.Despite having problems of their own this term, Arsenal’s social media team found time to aim a jibe at Spurs for their failure to win at Bramall Lane. ADVERTISEMENT Advertisement Comment Arteta will sample his first north London derby on Sunday (Picture: Getty)‘I think if they were top of the League or fighting for top four in a really good moment they wouldn’t enjoy the problems of others,’ said Mourinho.‘You only enjoy the problems of others when you are also in trouble. In the end it says more about them, they don’t have much to celebrate [so] they have to get every opportunity to do it. They are in a very similar situation to us in the table.‘I don’t like to connect the club with some post or tweet. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, but the person that did it probably did by themselves‘I don’t believe that was [Arsenal boss Mikel] Arteta that posted, I don’t believe it was [Granit] Xhaka or another captain that did it. It was probably some guy that was at home for three months working from home. No problem at home, but we will be waiting for them [on Sunday].’MORE: Michael Owen claims Divock Origi blocked Liverpool from completing ‘brilliant’ Timo Werner signing Jose Mourinho hits back at Arsenal over Facebook jibe by claiming Gunners ‘don’t have much to celebrate’ It’s not easy beating Sheffield United at Bramall Lane 👀Here’s a reminder of how it’s done 😉👇Geplaatst door Arsenal op Vrijdag 3 juli 2020last_img read more

North Brisbane houses snapped up with not enough to go around

first_imgOutside 6 Midson St, Petrie.“I have lots and lots of buyers I’ve spoken to in that area (but) we’ve got more buyers than we’ve got homes for,” he said. “There’s not a great deal for sale so the properties that do come to market tend to attract a fair bit of attention.” The home at 6 Midson St, Petrie.Properties like 6 Midson St are in hot demand as buyers search to get more bang for their buck.The Petrie property sold for $555,000 in March after 23 groups were shown through the home.RE/MAX Ultimate Sales associate David Merryweather said the buyers were moving from the south side of Brisbane as they saw they could get more value for money.More from newsLand grab sees 12 Sandstone Lakes homesites sell in a week21 Jun 2020Tropical haven walking distance from the surf9 Oct 2019The kitchen at 6 Midson St, Petrie.“They wanted space and they wanted a leafy suburb for when they consider starting a family down the track,” Mr Merryweather said.The couple saw potential in the property for future extensions, with a storage area beneath the perfect space to build additional bedrooms or living areas. One of the bedrooms at 6 Midson St, Petrie.Mr Merryweather also said there was nowhere near enough stock to keep up with the demand in the area, with families still wanting a decent sized yard flocking to the area.last_img read more

Why I live in … former footy player Matt Ballin talks about why he calls Queensland home

first_imgMatt Ballin during his time with the Wests Tigers. Picture: Mark Evans.1. Where do you live and why?“We live in an old Queenslander built in 1919. I love the character our home has.”2. What do you love about your home?“We have a large, front veranda that wraps around one side of our house and provides a great sunset view of the surrounding homes and beautiful jacarandas.” THE RENO YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE “We only have external access to our downstairs living area and bedroom, so in a perfect world I would have internal stairs. “We would need to sacrifice an upstairs bedroom to do this, and it’s not that much trouble to walk outside and downstairs.4. What is the best thing about your suburb?“We have a young family and the suburb and street we live in is full of families.“Most Friday afternoons everyone comes out on to the street and plays sport, has a bite to eat and a quiet beer or wine. “Everyone gets on really well and enjoys each other’s company.” THE WHITE HOUSE HAS A BRISBANE ‘MINI-ME’ Former rugby league player Matt Ballin with his wife, Shannan, and children, Mackenzie, Fletcher and Murphy. Picture: Brett Costello.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus16 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market16 hours ago 3. What would you change about your home? 5. If money was no option, what would be your fantasy home and where? “I would buy a house in Mona Vale basin in Sydney, on the beach.”6. What was the best piece of property advice you were give? Or what was the biggest lesson you have learned?“Save hard, buy a home and pay it off as fast as you can.” Former NRL player Matt Ballin. Image: AAP/Jeremy Piper.MATT BALLIN is a former professional rugby league player, father-of-three and husband to Shannan.The 34-year-old played for the Wests Tigers and Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, and has played one game for Queensland in State of Origin.He retired from the game in 2017 and now lives in Brisbane’s inner north.We asked him about his current home, his dream home and why he loves living in Queensland: GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE Matt Ballin during a Wests Tigers training session at Concord Oval. Picture: Gregg Porteous.last_img read more

Freight Derivative Trade Volumes Rise in 2018

first_imgThe overall volume of Forward Freight Agreement (FFA) trades increased in 2018, according to data compiled by the Baltic Exchange.Freight derivative volumes in the tanker market rose by 20% in 2018 hitting 321,962 lots*, volumes in the dry market were up by 1.4% to 1,196,929 lots, its strongest performance since 2008, while dry options volumes increased by 44% to 268,976 lots, finding similar levels to 2016.Closer analysis of the figures revealed that on the dry bulk side panamax volumes grew by 10% and now account for nearly half (48%) of all dry FFA trades. Capesize volumes were down slightly on 2017, dropping 4.5% to 481,725 lots.For dry options, panamax volumes grew by 65% to 82,987 lots, now accounting for nearly a third (31%) of all trades, with capesize volumes improving 37% to 182,575 lots to take a 68% share of the total. Supramax lots were down 3.5% (3,414 lots) on 2017 levels, accounting for the final 1% of the 2018 total.The Baltic Exchange added that open dry interest stood at 207,891 lots on January 2, 2019, up 25% on January 2, 2018. Dry option open interest is also up with 185,724 lots open on January 2, 2019, up 57% on January 2, 2018.For tankers, dirty trade volumes were up 53% on the previous year reaching 191,224 lots. Much of this growth took place in the final quarter of 2018 when an average of 5691 lots were traded each week. Clean volumes for the year were down 10% at 130,738 lots.Open interest for tankers stood at 50,962 lots on January 2, 2019.*One lot is defined as a day’s hire of a vessel or 1000 metric tonnes of ocean transportation of cargo.last_img read more