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automotive industry, the Internet has gradually come into our life. When the car combines with the Internet of things, what sparks will be made? Let’s follow Jasper founder and CEO Jahangir Mohammed to see the different sparks".

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carmakers are meeting the trend, while new vehicles will be equipped with value-added Internet connected devices. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the new Internet vehicle services and networking as the basis for a new ecosystem system.


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I grew up in the countryside. Without the Internet and the mobile Internet, I can’t imagine what kind of state I’m going to be now. I don’t know what my income will be like. Collage diploma, no one else is good, spell ability, than I am too strong, spell relationship is even more, is a poor place grew up in poor children. It is with the Internet that I have today’s development, although it is also very cock wire, but at least I have enough self-confidence, at least have the ability to improve themselves

I also believe that our parents think is easier to do business in our grandparents in that age, opportunities are being robbed of my grandfather’s generation; then, to our son at that time, maybe there are a lot of people say the chances are that we are a generation away, give them the chance is not many. But I would like to look at the issue from another angle, this time I think we have a lot of opportunities, especially the emergence of the Internet and mobile Internet, for many ordinary ordinary people could not have been a great opportunity, can be in a relatively fair Internet world has a fair chance to compete. We don’t even need relationships before we attach great importance to the various eat gifts to solve things, previously registered a company needs all kinds of trouble procedures, but also need a lot of money, the audit is very strict. And now you can zero the registered capital, the procedure is very simple, no longer need office field pictures and so on a lot of strict procedures, this is an opportunity, and be better, because I always believe that human development is more and more simple and beautiful.

With the rapid development of

it is because carmakers are developing can be connected through mobile operators networking platform, so that passengers is expected to achieve connected vehicle network, using computer, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer to watch movies, web browsing and access to social media. The driver, of course, would be happy to see such a wonderful driving experience from the car manufacturer.

Abstract: with the vigorous development of the automotive industry today, the Internet has gradually come into our life. What happens when cars combine with the Internet of things? What sparks? Let’s follow Jasper founder and CEO Jahangir Mohammed.

, in the world, has 23 million vehicles connected to the Internet, and is expected to grow to 152 million. Looking back on history, GM has always been a central driver of additional automotive services, such as OnStar Jetion security services. Over the past year, new U.S. vehicles are equipped with 4G mobile hotspots, and in the future, there will be more services into reality.

I always felt it very difficult to understand young people complain about this time whether business or a small business, more and more difficult, and fewer opportunities, that our fathers in the world is full of opportunities, there is gold. I think on the contrary, when our parents are not so many opportunities to do business now, business is not so easy, that era is the era of the planned economy, give them the opportunity and not so much, they might have to squat jail. At that time to eat a grasp of a lot, able to solve the food and clothing of the ordinary people is not much, regardless of the market environment and consumption ability is very backward, even the money to buy more things that are restricted, because that is the planned economy era, not the market have the final say.

not long ago, when you bought a new car, the manufacturer had little contact with you unless you were selling another car. The Internet of things is changing the status quo. The use of networking technology to the connected car makes itself the vehicle IOT ecosystem a hub to bring many benefits to consumers, including enhanced vehicle safety, provide a rich user experience and a set of new products. From the manufacturers point of view, this also helps manufacturers to establish good customer relations and increase revenue.

when my father was in high school, my grandmother needed to transfer a few cars to deliver my money to my father. It was a waste of time, trouble and tiring. The cars and roads were not as good as they are now. When I was in high school, my mother just needed to move the keys to the ATM, and the money would soon reach my account. It was simple, convenient and time-saving. And now we even do not have to go to the ATM, mobile phone can directly turn over another account, more simple and quick, this is a trend of development, will develop to what I do not know the future, but I believe there must be better than now, perhaps say a word to the money of account perhaps, just make a gesture to.

mobile hotspot

drove his car to disconnect were gone. Today, many car manufacturers introduce on-board mobile hotspot functions to provide real-time connection services for drivers and passengers. In addition, general motors and Audi vehicles through Audi Internet services for vehicles with Gemalto mobile hotspot services. Ford’s Sync 3 vehicle infotainment system, powered by BlackBerry QNX on board, has covered 30 million cars and more than 250 car models.

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