“Seafood Extravaganza” angers college

first_imgMess left in a student kitchen in Pembroke was so appalling that the scout cleaning it was “physically sick.”The state of the kitchen, described by the Home Bursar as a “squid and seafood extravaganza,” was caused by students cooking over the weekend.Lauren Clark-Hughes, a Pembroke student said, “they left a horrible mess. There is a difference between a little bit of mess and this.” Another student mentioned the “fish guts” that were left lying around after the dinner.Dr Bowyer, Pembroke’s Home Bursar urged the guilty students to admit to the mess.  He wrote in an email to the JCR, “until such time as those responsible come forward and take responsibility for the cleaning, or until I decide otherwise, the kitchen will remain closed.”The students pleaded guilty only after Dr Bowyer threatened to examine the CCTV footage and button-key logs. The kitchens were reopened after two days. The Home Bursar stated, “I am pleased to report that someone has accepted responsibility for the mess in staircase 10 and I am satisfied that it was a matter of thoughtlessness not malice…I hope ‘fish-gate’ is now behind us!”He added, “it was unfortunate that people had left the college and the kitchens in a mess.” The students were fined with an additional cleaning charge. College authorities suggested that the culprits may be students living out of college. An e-mail sent to the JCR mailing list stated, “as of now, let me also make clear that the kitchens on main site are solely for the use of main site residents and are not to be used by others. I shall advise porters and junior deans accordingly.”If no one had stepped forward, a fine was to be imposed on the JCR. A Pembroke first year described this prospect as “not fantastic.” She added, “I hope the people guilty come forward… it might have been second years who are not supposed to use our kitchens.”Caroline Daly, JCR President, commented “the mess left in staircase ten was an unfortunate incident which has now been dealt with by the Home Bursar. I am satisfied that no malice was involved in the situation and the students concerned have apologized.”last_img

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