The search engine and users are equally important to our Shanghai Phoenix station is concerned

understand the search engine and users to their own preferences, what are the common optimization work to plan the entire site, only on both sides of the work done, you can work in Shanghai dragon to reflect the true value, the above point of view from the original www.sashuiche1贵族宝贝, A5 first, please indicate.

is for our Shanghai dragon webmaster search engine and users still have great differences, the search engine can grab text, code, and the user more love is video, pictures, concise text. So we are doing the work of Shanghai Longfeng to clear objectives, such as many local websites is invisible to the user, the most common chain, chain, chain code, and structure optimization, these aspects should be biased for search engines: the video on the site, pictures, the site layout, page layout and the content, because the relationship to the site for the user experience, these aspects of the work of Shanghai dragon so it should be biased in favor of the user and do.


we do Shanghai Longfeng webmaster all understand, finally we serve the user, and the value of our work and had to go through the search engine reflected, so how to make your own website search engine users more love, love the site, a Shanghai dragon owners are most concerned about. In fact, every webmaster will encounter this problem, optimization over there is no good user experience, the optimization is not in place and no good rankings, so this will be very tangled, exactly how to

is not the original content search engine and users are of high quality of love, love you never seen browse some information and pictures, if most of the content of your site is not original, users on your site can see, can also be seen in other sites, why would he like your website, search the engine is the same, the spider to grab the contents of almost all the same, the website is certainly not good rankings. Quality over quantity, a high quality website allows users to make a good impression, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, look after the similar website will make comparison of the highest quality ".

webmaster know the content of the website should be user oriented, but also the site of a regular visitor search engine, users do not place any visible or deceive the user’s content, may be the search engine as cheating, these acts include: adding hidden text or hidden links in their web pages; join keywords correlation domain website content in web pages; deceptive redirection or jump; specific search engines make bridge pages for search engines; program generated content; has large, repeated and valueless content; with a large number of malicious ads or malicious code etc..

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