Zhou Xiang analysis of Shanghai dragon three days into the first phenomenon

may have many friends will think this point is feasible, Zhou Xiang does not deny search keywords click on the site did not help, but the use of this device is certainly not in the short term has a very good effect, but can not guarantee the former, but also Zhouxiang was found either in Alexa or in the ranking site itself does not flow change a lot, so this is not


today and ready to stay up all night, open before busy, take the time to talk about some changes and recent experience of Shanghai dragon industry for nearly a year, Zhou Xiang has been concerned about a Shanghai Longfeng technical field "before 2, three or three to ensure the first heaven." (referred to below as: Paul ago) have done research for a period of time, get a lot of experience, today and everyone to share!

three: search keyword click snapshot

this may have a lot of friends are not trying or heard, but we will question why you want to do, will have the effect? First we analysis the principle of the search engine ranking: "Shanghai Dragon – search engine optimization, Zhou Xiang has always believed that the real search engine optimization is to improve the quality of the website. Is the content and the chain, and friendly user experience, search engine according to the factor to judge the given ranking, search engines need to tell what you are doing in the process industry, what keywords, this fine day Zhouxiang will not say more, then the search engine will give the site snapshot of different related keywords!" said the snapshot, I believe many of my friends all know, with the site keyword snapshot is not the same. This snapshot is really the keyword ranking, the ranking is a snapshot arranged in the search engines, since we have just said the Shanghai dragon regular technical means to search and so on, will affect the snapshot sequence, so this session, we mentioned the brush search if there is a corresponding snapshot keywords >

this technique will be used in the white hat and black hat, one-way link import is certainly a very good help for ranking, but the stability of the link demand is very high, it is recommended that this operation is recommended only for a fixed resource has always been friends, but "before" means it is certainly not this one. Because no matter in love Shanghai or YAHOO related domain in the chain is no much increase for high quality content, that is not some, so get rid of this kind of means;

two: search keyword click on the website

first site must ensure that there is a certain foundation, also is in the top twenty or less, may have many friends will ask: "why do you want this?" Zhou Xiang said in the top twenty websites are generally there is no sandbox phenomenon, not a "stuck" phenomenon, at any time on the home page for site opportunity the quality can be improved, this depends on how you operate. Here and everyone to exchange experiences, welcome message communication

: a large number of one-way links and import high quality content


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