The inside pages included normal causes of home page snapshot not update

web pages included, the spider is normal access to the site, so the emergence of this situation is the most, is not outside. And this phenomenon and update snapshot not included in the page is not the same, this is not a right to be reduced. This phenomenon was probably due to the following reasons.


we should let the home become the real core site in the structure of the site, home page should be to most of the pages, to make the most of the web page should have links to jump to the home page. Shanghai will be assigned to the weight of that love the most, often update snapshot.

love Shanghai snapshot is a page spider on the latest information feedback, if the site a page not updated snapshot, it shows that this page you might not update itself. So the inside pages included, one of the most likely reasons for the home page snapshot not update your home page is a long time not to update the content. If your home page does not show daily updates section, no manual update on the home page, so show your home page content has not changed, the spider sees your home page content is not updated, not updated snapshot of you also reasonable.


love Shanghai for any website, the distribution will have a weight, the weight level from the page, and it will be based on the weight level, given the snapshot time. The general website is the first page of the weight is highest, so the home page will be updated snapshot generally faster, even daily updates, while the snapshot page in the general stagnation, when love Shanghai update, snapshot will page has been updated. So if you reflect on the front page of the site in the structure and not the core, as some pages to the important, love Shanghai it is assigned to the weight will be lower than some of the weight of the inside pages, that is to say, love Shanghai will treat you as the home page, a snapshot of the time stagnation.

is the cause, generally there will be such a performance: home page snapshot time and page snapshot of the time, only when the love Shanghai update page snapshot only update; snapshot pages update soon, almost daily updates.

two, the weight is lower than that of the inner reason

, a long time not update the

page content

we should be placed on the first page of the website is updated daily links, often on the home page to update, let the spider come to your website to see the new content, nature is not difficult to update snapshot.

a lot of people on the site collection page does not update the snapshot representation is not understood, ordinarily spider is generally from the home page and then into the inside pages, even pages are normally included, the home should also be normal to. But this phenomenon does exist, but many sites have encountered this phenomenon, where exactly is the problem? Here I make a brief analysis.

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