Website update scheme (with solutions and website ranking)


update is not only a very important relationship between the collection, the more important I think it is holding the updated content to participate in the rankings, said update news content more easily included, which included more easily for a reason.


accurately, search engines are at a crawl site, because the search engine in the capture of the website, the website will increase the load, the search engine does not want to grab people during the day to lead people website or website card open. So when a small number of users at the site of capture, of course is always grasp, because the site is always updated, search engine needs timely collection.

news content there is a characteristic that is timeliness, today may be falling out, tomorrow is today the best content No one shows any interest in, so today is displayed to the user, the user will see a love, and tomorrow to the user, the user will see the hate. So the search engine to make such a bold absolute, news content will reduce audit requirements, especially the love Shanghai news source! So we can see the source of the news website ranking is basically a few seconds ranking, it is also a kind of love Shanghai Aladdin channel ranking. But >

The content of

there is a group of people will think site updates have a direct relationship with the included, I also think so, do not update the site, which pages are not included here, but the other one, included and ranking has no direct relationship, this is my point of view, but we are not recognized, so many people will be go to the news every day dozens of news copy to your own website up, immediately included on the table, but the ranking does not move!

but there are a number of people, even if how to copy the contents, or to improve your website, I think this is mainly just in time, above, consider from the user’s point of view, see the article to a website every day, so what time the best website update, when it is updated before the user wants to see the most appropriate. It does not need to consider that is updated every morning, and then the new content to see in the morning, noon and night on your site can also search engine will update this love time, after all users love.


another, if you are a media information website, that your users may see a morning, noon and night at a time at a time, but if you update the user see is the morning noon or the content, users will not be love, this problem most media websites are updated once every hour or half an hour

do most of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in content and extrapolation takes the longest time, but now the chain effect more and more bad, serious and even lead to site is K, so most of the ER are the focus of Shanghai Longfeng spends on the site update. But everyone knows not to update the site, the more important purpose is to rankings and included

!In fact,

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