Five techniques on the analysis of the site keywords

(5) in search of more than 5 million, representing the high difficulty (team, is Shanghai dragon company can

(2) search is less than 1 million, representing small difficulty

published online competition data keywords as follows:

three: learn to analyze the

keyword analysisKeywords

have a little trick to tell you what is here, my teacher taught me. With the Intitle: core keywords, key words according to Page >

(1) search is less than 500 thousand, on behalf of

as everyone knows, who do, all cannot do without Shanghai dragon. Because the site is not behind closed doors, no one think Tianya, web sites do not require public access, and in the search engine is king of the times (at least for now), so we want to attract visitors, it is necessary to rely on search engines. The first step is to do search engine optimization analysis of key words, because only by choosing the right keywords, can bring the actual useful traffic to a site. Today is to analyze keywords talk about my experience and skills.


: learn

sometimes, select keywords alone in our own ideas, want to choose what, when many new Adsense just on the line on the site will easily choose keywords, leading to their site optimization for a long time will not flow, please master to check, or keyword competitiveness. Or didn’t use, then a change of keywords, but can’t escape the punishment of the search engine. So we suggest you novice webmaster friends like to use Adsense tools, website competitors, core keywords and so on are analyzed again.

keyword search volumeLearn to use

two: analysis of keywords to Shanghai dragon


keywords analysis tool, we need to learn the analysis of keywords search volume. In the search engine (such as love Shanghai) lost the core keywords, if the search engine results the greater the number of your keywords greater competition, and the same way.

occupied important position in Shanghai Longfeng in optimization have already talked about, here no longer wordy, keywords, is on your website, or for your products and services and a descriptive words, as a Shanghai dragon, can correctly select web site keywords is the most basic ability. Keywords competition degree, determines the difficulty of optimization after you. So, if it is a new station, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon recommendations to find a more knowledgeable Shanghai dragon Er to help you to select keywords, then slowly learn this word.

(4) search for more than 3 million, long continuous efforts can have a good ranking

(3) in search of more than 100, moderate

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