Shanghai love chain algorithm to update after how to carry out the construction of the chain

cheating outside the chain, the chain of garbage outside the chain is not so to cheat the other we care about, cheating the chain directly on the site’s ranking impact. Shanghai love to judge a chain is the chain of garbage or cheating in the chain, starting from the maker of the psychological needs and the dominant position, the chain is cheating maker from the intention to deceive search engines, using the technique of cheating site quickly get good rankings. Cheat the chain generally include: 1, the anchor text > cheating

2, the chain of garbage on the site was not real influence, but love Shanghai search engine shield the weights of the chain of garbage. In fact, love the stars feel this approach to love Shanghai is very humane, if the chain of garbage will be punished, so will cause unfair competition between competitors, thus disrupting the normal search search engine ranking order. At the same time, there are some junk the chain may be caused by the opponent, such as competitors for their website webmaster query tool, the resulting chain belongs to the garbage chain, love Shanghai directly cancel the chain of voting rights, not directly on the site for punishment is a very normal choice.


We’ll see

April 25th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee released on "the chain" judgment of the announcement, love the stars also detailed reading this announcement yesterday, the forum signature chain also has carried on the detailed analysis. The article published in the A5, there are many webmaster friends to contact me, on the future direction of construction of the chain carried out a detailed inquiry, today love the stars for some webmaster yesterday concern again and we explore the love Shanghai chain algorithm how to update the chain construction?

love Shanghai chain algorithm to update after how to carry out the construction of the chain

1, the search results page from the link, the concept of webmasters may suddenly cannot read, do not understand what is the meaning of love, in fact, the stars here as an example it is easy to understand. We look for some Webmaster Tools query site, it will automatically generate a string of data, and these data will be search engine features, the chain is the search results page a link, this link has been love Shanghai search engine as garbage outside the chain, the results will not to be included in the chain weight the.

first this update focuses on love Shanghai for the first time defined the garbage outside the chain and the chain cheating judgment standard, we first look at the garbage outside the chain, Shanghai official definition of love refers to the chain does not recommend the significance to the target site for the chain of garbage. As an example, such as a plain text outside the chain of two sites within the chain is not the webmaster friends really recommend, so the chain is the chain of garbage. Love Shanghai official also introduced several forms of garbage chain: 1, the search results page from the link. 2, automatic generation of webmaster service links. 3, garbage collection bad cheating station automatically generated links.

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