t included new sites to protect the original is not harmonious

has a fatal shortcoming, search engine update slow! As a result, an original content can be overwhelming to become "acquisition". And this is how to generate? The main reason is that in the promotion of the chain, is part of the "shadow". A chain is also better, but most of them are not removed from the chain? Do not respect the fruits of labor, on the Internet too much. So how to combine the original content without infringing the chain extension of


two: content update and the chain extension of

? The new

most of the webmaster, in the line on the website will be submitted in the search engine submission entrance crazy. But if fast included, useful? "

railway station construction, enhance content of original update is the first condition, and then with the chain guide the search engine index the content storage, so as to achieve the purpose of collection. However, there are many "variables" in the process, including content to be recycled, also known as the two audit, but if there is a greater removal rate is what? In addition, original content for all sites, if the acquisition is not reproduced, the original "change", resulting in weight loss. In this process, how to maintain the new content search engines will not be "harmonious", can’t be reproduced, which is effective in the shortest time, achieve rapid collection of winning effect? Or included in, the website to keep fast indexed by search engines


is a sensitive topic, high heat topic can bring high return flow for the site, so webmaster are used to update this content. But the new station is not suitable so. The new station itself is not high weight, high hot topics will update the site into a longer audit cycle, weight distribution of the content. In addition, even if such topics were finally included, but still because of the weight is not enough, which can not bring traffic, so why bother to update this content? Another point, the sensitivity of the subject is the most difficult to update, new sites, such as those related to national policy, or to pornography, and talk of "search engine" of its own content. Update this content, better luck, indexed content audit, if bad luck, I am afraid the site is not included by the "harmony" of the search engine. Not for anything else, just because of the new search engine restrictions and fetters.

on the line after the chain promotion

A: before the content of complement

: a taboo release sensitive topic

as a website, content is the main, many webmaster began to update the content in a large number of construction sites, and a few began to update. But this way although disadvantages of not much, but the cause is the "spider climb away" phenomenon, why? The contents of a small, fast index. If the contents of many words, the spider will often come to see. But before the line on the website, I recommend the best original content in more than 100 articles, of course, this is for most websites and blogs as part of is not to demand.

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