31 kindergartens in the West District of Xining city from stopping

July 8th, Xining City, the General Logistics Department of the 62201 organs of the kindergarten lively. West District preschool teacher training base activities and the first director of the forum activities held here. To carry out this activity, will promote the west area of 31 kindergartens characteristics at the same time, also build a mutual learning platform for the kindergarten, the kindergarten learn and grow together, in the process of interaction and improve together.

regional activities, body intelligence, Xuejun activity and thinking training is the General Logistics Department of the 62201 army authorities kindergarten highlights, also features. The same day, from the jurisdiction of the 30 kindergartens to observe the characteristics of these educational activities, full of praise. From the west area of a private kindergarten teacher Wang said, now a large number of kindergarten, kindergarten building has become one of the kindergarten development direction and methods to attract students, the General Logistics Department of the 62201 units in kindergarten practice is worth learning.

West District creative children’s Home Liu believes that such activities are very meaningful. Liu said, how to let the kindergarten in the fierce competition in the market to survive, is a common challenge faced by the kindergarten. At present, in addition to its own hardware environment and constantly improve the kindergarten, establish the kindergarten characteristics and other means, the soft environment is not negligible strength. Such activities, no doubt to open a window to understand the peers in the kindergarten, the kindergarten can learn from each other, and constantly improve their soft power and competitiveness. Other kindergarten leaders have said that their kindergarten is also quite characteristic, hoping to have the opportunity to recommend their own good practice.

according to the west of the District Education Bureau a responsible person, the west area of some characteristic kindergarten, the purpose of this event is to build such a platform, the kindergarten characteristics recommend out, to provide learning and exchange opportunities for the kindergarten, to promote the development of preschool education in the area. In the future, the west district will also take turns to hold such activities in other kindergartens.

According to the person in charge of

, West District attaches great importance to early childhood education. Last year, the foundation West District in the province to implement the separation of management mode of public kindergarten on October 18th, the establishment of preschool education preschool teachers training base, research base, the base set up at the level of professional preschool education research and training platform, to build public kindergarten for the lead, radiation region kindergarten education research and training the network, once again to fill the gaps in the province.


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