A city 18 groups of inspectors find fault in the North District of Xining city

with the Xining city national civilized degree index welcome inspection work entered a critical stage, in the north area of access under the relentless effort, recently, the 18 "creative city" evaluation attack inspectors group was established in Chengbei District, timely rectification of problems, to ensure that the "creative city" work responsibility implement.

from August 9th onwards, the implementation of the north area of the district leadership, units at the level of contact point chip package system, the establishment of 18 groups of inspectors, in accordance with the "evaluation system" of national civilization city index, all-round, three-dimensional to the area of the road, the area to carry out supervision work, coordinate and solve problems and difficulties, and put forward reasonable suggestions advice.

, the establishment of a comprehensive inspection group 2, go to the streets, communities, enterprises and institutions to carry out comprehensive supervision by the urban management department is composed of groups of inspectors; environmental remediation area special inspectors, littering, Jeeves, illegal structures phenomenon; composed of special rectification Group Building Institute, Institute of environmental inspectors remediation area building, health garbage removal, hospital building clean and smooth road work; industry and commerce, trade department composed of market (market) special groups of inspectors, inspectors remediation area supermarkets, market environment; public health and epidemic prevention departments of food hygiene clean health Inspectorate, focus on remediation of public service establishments "five small industries"; public transportation department the order of the special groups of inspectors to ensure that the area of the main street, crossing roads; Street office also set up groups of inspectors.

In addition, the north of the city, "

" is also composed of volunteer services, public service ads, civilized units, civilized table, file information, community work 6 special inspectors group. In addition, the two major groups of inspectors will be in the area within the scope of "prick", to capture the exposure to all kinds of dirty and messy, and the phenomenon of uncivilized behavior, feedback to the various departments and units to timely rectification. (author: Peng Na Ma Yinhong)

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