A large picture of the epic secret Qinghai Premiere

Six large screen picture epic "secret Qinghai", after careful cooperation of Qinghai performing arts group and Shanghai Maple culture company complex row, on March 20th at the Qinghai Grand Theatre premiere.

six large screen picture epic "secret Qinghai" is based on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the source of the Sanjiang historical and cultural background, from the birth of the first God "Queen Mother of the west", explain the profound and delicate relationship between God and God, man and God, man and nature, the interpretation of a movie about the natural world, and God is on the harmonious coexistence of the story, good show, sure to love, praise of beauty. Double row after the "secret Qinghai" actors are Qinghai local actor lineup, performing in place, creative choreography. The play is mainly through the 3D high-tech audio-visual integrated modern stage performance means, to create a magnificent painting realm. The whole dance drama is characterized by the ancient mythology and the modern philosophical thinking, and has the characteristics of stage performance art of symbolism and post modernism. After the play was staged in Qinghai Grand Theatre, the city will go to some cities tour.  

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