National action health care city signs

meet to review the national health city is the priority among priorities, this year Xining Jian Wei July 31st, reporter Gen Suijian Wei review steering group of a group of inspectors found Wei Jian review is not only a department, a unit that has become a national action, every Xining in action with care this a gilded signboard.

July 31st, the steering group of a group of everywhere, whether it is community or village, can see the staff in finishing in front of three ", went all clean, no dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon. Part of the municipal units also on the city community, the joint point of the village construction work, such as the support of the contract, and some units to give financial support, and some units to help people. In the garden community, the staff told reporters: "we are helping the unit is the Municipal Bureau of justice, they help us to hire someone to clean, all the costs by them, we also equipped with a large garbage box new." In Taining, the staff of the community is also pleased to tell reporters: "we are helping the community East District District Organization Department, every day the staff came to maintain order, cleaning work, Wei Jian gave us great help." (author: Zhang Qian)

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