Credit is not good for provident fund monthly repayment business

To further reduce the employee housing provident fund loan repayment pressure, housing provident fund raising service level, the day before, in the Qinghai province housing fund management center normal housing provident fund deposit workers, could be entrusted to the provincial center extraction housing provident fund account monthly deposit amount, the return of the province in the center of the housing provident fund loans directly.

in the center of the province normal housing provident fund deposit, and in the center of the province have outstanding housing provident fund loans and eligible borrowers and their spouses can handle. Month after the withdrawal of the loan application for approval by the provincial center, since the beginning of the month on the 16 day of the month from scratch.

deduct loan repayment principal order, penalty interest, overdue interest, overdue principal, the interest during the period, the principal.

for monthly extraction owing on the loan application is required to submit the "Qinghai provincial housing fund management center commissioned by the extraction owing on the loan agreement" in two copies; applicant’s valid ID card, a copy of; as also apply for a spouse, the spouse must provide the original valid identity card and a copy of the original and photocopy of marriage certificate a.During the

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