Beautiful new countryside

Under the blue sky, tile brick wall covered with exceptionally bright, New Year atmosphere of the street light standing on both sides of the road; the square, the children you come to me to play chase, the villagers of the yangko dance passion for performing high spirited; new year, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County Bei Shan Xiang Bei Shan Gen Cun 85 year old book Tian Deyi sitting in the cultural square. While enjoying the winter sunshine in the comfortable, watching listening yangko dance songs, thoughts through space, a small number of villages in the past, face full of happy smile.

old, dirt roads, walls, Adobe houses, and now, hardening the road, cultural walls, red room; old, smoke, haystacks, carts, today, sunshine, street lamps, car; the former facing loess back into the air, now farming, work or business success……

The small village of

memory, compared the reality of the village, the old man’s face smile more brilliant, people like days, wiggling yangko dance is booming, on the upgrade.

with repair roads, only 4 kilometers away from the county town of Menyuan Beishan village root First come, first served., fully enjoying the county public service, Goods are available in all varieties., medical school, shopping very easy to sit on the bus.

"with the construction of the beautiful countryside, people are thinking faster and better to encourage and change, the follow-up industry good momentum of development, the village of chemical fertilizer plant, oil plant, seed cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives, seeds, fertilizer, harvesting, acquisition of all in one service, the villagers just farming on the line, the liberation of labor you can get more income by migrant workers. And the improvement of the environment, so many people have a ride on the Menyuan tourism development, agriculture and animal husbandry to run kellogg." Tian Deyi old party secretary said happily.

Indus planted trees, own the Phoenix Village, environmental beauty, beauty, beauty of life, a vision of the future more beautiful.  

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