North of the united front of the United States and the people of the Party branch of the province to

north region of the United Front people were Party branch to celebrate eighteen big victory is held, the implementation of the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit. On the morning of October 22nd, held a branch meeting. The meeting, to further improve the level of petition work, promote the work of standardization and legalization, to build a harmonious society civilized industry, maintaining internal stability, social stability and make new contributions to the United Front work unit people were Party branch secretary Comrade Lin Yong organized a study "relevant content list" of the petition in Qinghai province.
by learning and training, my department staff aware of the importance of learning the "petition regulations" of petition cases, and petition regulations and petition cases combined, applied to practical work, to call the visit of the masses, the staff of the Department in education and guidance, so as to establish a harmony of " " the concept, through various means such as mediation to resolve disputes, reduce conflicts and make people’s life has been further improved. To fully understand the significance of the
North District, member of the Standing Committee of the United Front minister Liu Jiancheng put forward some requirements on the work of the United Front Work Department at the meeting: one is to continue to study the "assembly" local regulations of Qinghai Province, learn while improving, while learning to promote, further open thinking, change the way, strengthening the United Front work; two is to continue to do a good job the work of national unity and progress demonstration area, focus and create highlights, combined with "ten points, one of seven projects" steadily work of national unity and progress demonstration area; three is to do a good job in various sections of the year-end report. Maintain the United Front Work Department of the work forward.


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