The mascot of Xining seven Games emblem

  Xining seven games is a comprehensive sports meeting in Xining, held once every four years, in 2009 the beginning of the sixth games. This year’s seventh Xining Games hosted by Datong county. According to the Organizing Committee of the seventh session of the Xining City Games, March 1st, Datong County propaganda department for the emblem and mascot seventh sports meeting in Xining city to outside the province through newspapers, network, by collecting 1 months received outside the province submitted more than 20 pieces of designer emblem, mascot 8. April 17th, the Xining Municipal Committee of the seventh session of the Organizing Committee of the expert review, colorful hada and Ning Ning were selected for the Xining Games emblem, mascot seventh. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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