Xining West District, long system to promote the refinement of urban management

In accordance with the Xining municipal government put the city into the work of the implementation of the inspection system, so that the daily management of fine, solve the problem of the scene, to create a normalization of work requirements. Xining City, a city to act quickly, West Street Office of the west area in accordance with the principle of "one street, a long segment management, enhance the overall", took the lead in the implementation of the "Long Street" for the city, the initial formation of the grid, normalization and refinement of a new model of city management.

City, Xining City, the first to establish a point line combination mechanism to achieve management grid. According to the main street, the main road, the distribution of the main roads and the jurisdiction of the community has been divided into films, with 16 "street" and a number of "long"". Among them, the "street" by the office of cadres, "long road" by community cadres, area residents, enthusiastic street stores business representatives, the old party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members who formed a "long road" point, "Jie Long", in charge of leading the line grasping Street catch, point line interactive, cross line, line combination network, three-dimensional management model. The establishment of the street patrol mechanism to solve the problem on the spot. Improve the inspection, reporting and other related institutional measures and the length of the road every day at least 4 times in the area of responsibility, the street length of not less than 1 times a day inspection responsibility system. In accordance with the problem of "line" work procedures and time limit "for the requirements, so that the problem" but "," not overnight "," do not cross week "and other service time. Establish a contact mechanism to achieve fine management. "On the street", "long road" responsibilities in accordance with the public environment, public order and other categories were detailed and quantitative decomposition, in the daily inspection work at the same time, the bankruptcy difficult building homes, markets, public space, difficulties and problems as the focus, often in-depth plots, store operating households, the residents of the home to carry out visits, face-to-face talk activities, people needed to know the hope, ideas, looking for a shortcut, think of ways to help solve practical problems and difficulties in the implementation of city management, no loopholes, fine.

at the same time, also established a supervision and evaluation mechanism to achieve normalization of management. The establishment of the mass supervision mechanism, the "street", "long road" related information, job responsibilities, supervision of telephone in the area of publicity, accept supervision by the masses. The establishment of a joint assessment evaluation mechanism, organization of urban management, industry and commerce, food hygiene, construction, forestry and other departments, and people’s deputies and CPPCC members joint comment group, a month of "Street long" performance focused assessment, investigation and evaluation on the satisfaction of the masses, the masses of complaints made to the overall score, yellow card warning the basic qualified "Long Street", for the unqualified "Long Street" proposed rectification, evaluation results of 2 consecutive unqualified, cancel the qualification of "long street". (author: Xiao Shu Ma Jinyuan)


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