The world’s first Tibetan search engine was born in August next year on the line

With the popularity of the Internet, the search engine is becoming more and more important. Information from the provincial Commission by letter Information Development Department: the world’s first Tibetan search engine cloud search engine has been born in the province, is currently in the internal testing phase, will be formally launched in August next year. After the completion of the cloud search engine, the Tibetan information security, domestic and foreign public opinion monitoring and analysis of important public opinion to provide reliable parameters and basis to speed up the improvement of the level of information technology in tibet.

cloud hidden search engine by the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Tibetan information technology research center of research and development, is an important part of the informatization construction of our province Tibetan nationality cause "12th Five-Year" in the planning, system platform construction project started in 2013, the search engine is expected to be completed by the end of 2015, officially opened in August 2016.According to the

cloud hide search engine covering culture, health, education, science, religion, and other aspects of the characters, as of now, have been recorded in history, literature, religion, medicine, natural and various dictionaries and other 25 categories of data. Cloud search engine system reservoir project construction platform is a set of search engines, Tibetan encyclopedia, automatic question answering is one of the major Tibetan portal system engineering, provides news, web pages, pictures, video, encyclopedia, library, know 7 plates, later will also increase the reader, Machine Translation, electronic mail and other plate. Cloud hidden search engine is completed, the system of Tibetan search the correct recognition rate will reach 95%, not only to meet the needs of Tibetan netizens personalized retrieval, will also promote the full range of Tibetan information into the Internet world, the Tibetan students enjoy a variety of distance education, information education, network education, teaching mode, improve the teaching level of tibet.

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