Xining municipal government asked the candidates to create a good learning environment

May 21st, the Xining municipal government issued a notice requiring the county government and relevant departments to ensure the city entrance examination work safely and smoothly, to create a good learning environment for the majority of candidates exam.

During the college entrance examination,

senior high school entrance examination, the county government and urban management, environmental protection, construction, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments of the school, the noise disturbance, interference test construction and produce noise pollution, commercial outlets, catering and entertainment, and other places to carry out law enforcement inspection of motor vehicle maintenance and focus on remediation. It is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers, industrial noise, construction noise, cultural entertainment noise, market noise and so on. June 1st to June 21st period, the municipal government public telephone (12345) for 24 hours to accept, investigate and deal with the problem of noise pollution complaints from parents and candidates. In the college entrance examination (June 7th to 9) and the mid-term exam (from June to 23, 21), the school around the test site to prevent sticking, to eliminate all kinds of noise pollution, the candidates to create a quiet pro forma and test environment.

district and county governments and public security departments at all levels should increase the test site around the school patrol, check control efforts, the impact of the candidates to review the exam and the candidates to focus on security issues. The public security police station to fully understand the situation of the area, the surrounding environment for the investigation and clean-up of the school. Public security departments at all levels should conscientiously safeguard the entrance examination to maintain order, especially the college entrance examination, senior high school entrance examination order, to prevent all kinds of security incidents, to ensure that the candidates, parents and staff of the property and life safety, to create a safe environment for the candidates. Fire department to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the school site and the surrounding, eliminate fire hazards. Power supply departments in the college entrance examination, examination and maintenance of the line before the examination, to ensure that the college entrance examination, during the normal power supply. Radio management departments to strengthen the city’s radio signal monitoring, especially in the examination period to strengthen the examination center, radio management around the examination room. The relevant departments to carry out a solid and meticulous college entrance examination, the comprehensive improvement of the environment in the exam, together to create a safe test and test environment for candidates.

at the same time, the county government and public security, transportation and other related departments to test the school street road, in front of the school transfer students in motor vehicles, designated personnel to strengthen guidance and management in the key period, to prevent candidates of traffic accidents. Transportation sector to Xining taxi drivers issued a proposal to launch a loving taxi driver volunteers to form a taxi loving team, free of charge for the majority of candidates to provide services to facilitate the majority of candidates travel. At the same time, increase the ban propaganda propaganda, in the vicinity of the school located near the entrance of the school to set up a temporary warning signs. During the examination, the implementation of a reasonable range around the center of the school of traffic control, resolutely stop the vehicle whistle, key to clear test centers around the school of transportation; and dispatched police and the defense team set up warning area in the center of the school, which centers around the school personnel and vehicles gathered. (author: Zhao Jing)

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